The Successor

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Chapter 2: The One Searched For

"Get off me, ass! It's just 7 AM!"

"No way! You will fall back asleep! What about me? Who will drive me to school?"

"Parents! Now. Get. Off. Me! Kenneth!"

A resounding slap was heard throughout the dim room, its physical impact apparent on the fifteen year old's cheek.

"You are the absolute worst oldest sister! You hear me Onida Red Bird!" howled Kenneth.

The sixteen year old in question simply pushed her brother off herself and hopped out of bed. Ignoring the boy, she stalked to her bathroom to prepare for the day. Meanwhile, Kenneth wobbled downstairs to prepare her breakfast in hopes of appeasing her, all the while muttering "psycho", "bitch", and the likes under his breath.

After a solid thirty minutes Onida finally emerged in her uniform and made a beeline for breakfast. She rapidly gobbled the eggs and toast while her brother watched in awe. "Your appetite is bottomless! No wonder Drew never notices you!"

At this Onida glared at him and shrieked, "What do you know? Hell! How do you even know?"

Grinning impishly, Kenneth held up Onida's beloved journal and began flipping through it. Consequently, the enraged girl pounced on him in vain. Hence, a heated chase ensued between the siblings with Onida screaming obscenities, while Kenneth simply ran and taunted:

" 'Ooooooh why won't he notice me' Oh wait, even better! 'I wish I was his personal Victoria's Secret Angel' Man, this stuff is gold!"

"Kenneth! You 5'5, ratty brown haired, mini munchkin! Give it back! Otherwise, I am sending Jody after you!"

At this, Kenneth paled and tossed the dairy back to his sister, grabbed his backpack and bolted for the car. Onida simply shook her head and mocked him under her breath. She swung her own backpack over her shoulder, grabbed the car keys and headed out.

The ride to school was mercifully silent and uneventful, much to Onida's relief. After ensuring that Kenneth didn't skip his first class, she sprinted off to her locker and was greeted by none other than Jody Avenues: slim, tall, blonde haired and blue eyed. Avenues' was the yin to Onida's yang, her counterpart and best friend since freshmen year. Both embraced each other and indulged themselves in small talk and gossip.

"So, Onida any plans for the summer? It's the 24th of June already! Just six days away from the last day of school!"

"Well, I don't know. Who knows? But, what's the rush? I mean it's not as if my life is going to be turned upside down or something like that."

Jody looked at her with a serious expression and adopted a faux mysterious tone, "You never know the ways of fate! What if, for instance, Drew Evans asks you out? Or maybe, Kenneth gets sent off to boarding school?"

"Actually, I wouldn't mind if both happened! Two birds with one stone! I get the prince and get to slay the dragon!"

Jody hunched over with laughter and shook her head at Onida's sarcastic sense of humor. However, their chat was cut short due to the bell. Accordingly, Onida and Jody meandered their way through the busy hallway and to history class.

Jody, ever the scholar, sat right at the front with all her books and notes prepped. Whereas, Onida plopped right at the very back and sluggishly pulled out her less stellar notes and books. Jody clucked her tongue and shook her head. Yes, Onida didn't like history but it was no excuse for being sloppy. Onida smiled sheepishly and stretched leisurely. All that was going through her head was how to daydream without getting caught. After all, it was the last week before summer break! Who cares about history and the boring, unattractive teacher?

The second bell rang and cued the start of the first period, but no teacher walked in. The minute turned into five, yet still no sign of the teacher. Another five minutes passed but no sign of the teacher. Predictably overjoyed, Onida sprang up and loudly declared "Hallelujah! The old geezer is out of business! Am I right or am I right guys?"

"No you are not Onida Red Bird. I suggest you sit down this instant. I will be subbing for the remainder of the week."

All eyes snapped towards the owner of deep voice, which was a lethally attractive substitute: six feet and toned, stylishly mussed black hair complemented by a defined facial structure and violet drenched eyes.

He stared down Onida, causing her to slump back in her seat, and proceeded to his desk. Admiring and envious eyes trailed the man. Some wondered if he was hired because of his looks or if they were being pranked, after all it's not as if one has a sex icon of a substitute every day!

However, Onida's thoughts hinged on pure rage. Usually, she loved an attractive male just as much as the next teenager, but his controlling attitude didn't sit well with her.

Jody turned around and shot Onida a teasing smile, and gestured to her: Onida, just look at him!

Onida shook her head and shot Jody an irritated look, which said: he's a jerk! He dared to talk back to me! Me! The star athlete of the year!

Jody rolled her eyes and mouthed the word "stubborn" to Onida. The girl in question rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at Jody, who simply turned back to her desk and observed the substitute, hence Onida silently fuming to herself and ignoring the substitute.

Said man was elegantly writing his name on the board and taking up questions the class asked of him. They ranged from general ones to rather personal ones, which went unanswered. He was pleasantly surprised with their attentiveness, yet there was always the exception. His eyes zeroed onto Onida, who looked completely lost in her thoughts.

"Onida, could you please answer my question?"

Onida snapped out of her trance and gave the man a blank look.

"What's my name, Onida?"

"How am I supposed to know that?"

"If you had been paying attention you would have."

"If you actually spoke it out loud I would have heard it!" At this, the entire class recoiled into their seats and watched with bated breath.

"Onida, watch your tone."

"I will if you stop ordering me around!"

"Clearly, you need to be told what to do since you have neither tact nor discipline, as is evident by both your behavior and history mark."

Onida's eyes flashed with rage and she snapped up from her chair, fully intending to verbally bull doze over the haughty man, but her route was cut off by the man's next remark.

"Onida, I will be tutoring you after school for history starting today, in this classroom. Principal's orders. If you have any issues with that take it up with him."

Onida's jaw went slack and she slumped back into her desk, once again, with an aghast expression painted on her face. The substitute ignored her and officially started the class. Mercifully the remainder of the class flowed smoothly much like the rest of Onida's day, which is until a certain man interrupted the flow.

"Oh my God, Jody! You won't believe what happened!" screeched Onida.

Jody put down her book and said, "Shhhh, pipe down! We are in the school library not the cafeteria."

Onida rolled her eyes and retorted, "It's after school! And, this is the most isolated area of the library too! So, where was I? Oh right! Drew asked me out!"

"Start. Explaining. Now. Onida."

Both the girls huddled together and eagerly dove into the story.

"So, I was by my locker and Drew was by his, and there weren't many other people around. I was stacking away my books when he walked to me and congratulated me for winning the tennis championship. I was thanking him and then we were just talking. And then, then, then, he asked if he wanted to go out sometime soon!"

Jody squealed out of excitement and grasped Onida's hands in her and motioned for her to continue. Onida took another deep breath and carried on, "I said sure and we exchanged numbers! It's finally happening! It took all of our junior year! That 5'11, dark haired good looker is finally coming to his senses!"

Onida joyously hugged her best friend who, paradoxically, didn't reciprocate. Onida shot her a confused look and noticed fear on her face.

"Say Onida, didn't you have to meet up with Mr. Cortez today in the history classroom?"

"Who now? We don't have a teacher called that."

"We do. He is the new substitute, Keith Cortez, a.k.a your history tutor."

Onida's pupils dilated, while her happy face morphed into one of irritation then contempt. Why should she waste her afternoon on an ill-mannered man? Without another word, she grabbed her backpack and sprinted home.

Unbeknown to Onida, Keith watched her sprint back home. He clenched his eyes in frustration. After all, if the girl couldn't even keep up with humanoid tasks how could rise to her role as the protector? Even worse, she would probably outright reject it the role and get everyone killed in the process.

Keith shook his head and silently wrote in his journal: My fears are justified. The Successor is just … so uncouth, nothing like the previous ones. I fear if she can she be trained. Thankfully, from the looks of it, she hasn't realized her power. Yet, most worrisome is that I feel no connection to her whatsoever. Likewise for Onida, I am her Watcher so she should have felt at least felt a pull, but no. What if something is wrong with her? What if something is wrong with me?

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