Blood Emperor's Lazy Doctor

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Living another life was already tiring for Mozen. Trying her best in a body that was not her own, morals eating at her conscience, suffering day by day as she lazily lived the life of a recluse doctor. Now after finally coming to an explosive end, instead of resting in the calm rivers of death, she's now returned yet again.

Fantasy / Romance
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Mozen, is someone who has lived twice, and is about to die twice. While waiting for her 2nd life to end, excitement coursed through her veins.

“Yes! The life of a lackluster spirit, haunting all the like in my free time. How I can’t wait!”

Much to her disappointment, she is thrust back into her first life as Hong Luo, laying upon the ground with her bones broken, and internal injuries bleeding out.

Yet does she care about her injuries? No! Does she care about how the servants just spit on her? No! Does she care about getting revenge for the injustice she experienced in both lives... No! She’s too upset to care, screaming out her indignation.

“What cruel joke is this, I’m not laughing! This lazy dolt is done with this! Why can’t I be a ghost in peace?”

A once genius doctor, reborn again into a life she’d never thought she’d return to. All she wants is to live lazily, but life isn’t letting her do so. Time after time, something or another manages to get in the way. Like a certain someone who tries to fix her bad habits.

“Why are you poking me, let me sleep!”

“Duke Ding’s servants are at the door.”

“Ugh, go give them the medical pills on the top shelf to the far right.”

“The crown prince is here.”

“Go hide my tea, and kick him out!”

“The emperor is at the back door.”

Screaming out gibberish, “Lock the door, and put up a quarantine sign!”

Laying back down hugging her pillow, Hong Luo feels movement on her bed. “Why are you in my bed.. AH don’t fall asleep, GET OUT!”

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