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Chapter 4: Bane

Two men sat in a dark room. “Well that was unexpected wasn’t it? I bet your intuition was not enough to conclude blood from the get go.” the first said. “It was a hasty but decisive move on the part of the Dark Angles. They have revealed much but also learned much already. Arco was wise to strike an early blow. They have indeed gotten into the heads of their enemies.” the second replied. “Yes, but what about Goshen? The death didn’t seem to bother him.” said the first. “He is a battle hardened general. More stubborn than even you and your antics. I will not be surprised if he crushes the Dark Angels personally on their next encounter.” replied the second. “Yes, the rage is building inside him. It could make him foolish. Isn’t this exciting! I can’t wait to see him explode!

A teen smirked in a dreary cell. He had been there for quite some time but he felt the tides were turning in his favor already. He could feel the aura pulsing through his veins. His hair was blonde and spiky. A little on the short side his body was thin but muscular. His prison clothes were tattered. The shirt was a little too big for him and the shorts only reached mid thigh. He loved attention and in this prison all eyes were on him. He had caused quite the havoc and only at the age of 17 no less. They had to switch him to this secluded cell soon after arriving because he’d strangled another prisoner who spit on him. He enjoyed prison life and the reputation that came with it. It was truly a shame that he’d be leaving so soon. Turning to the right he gazed at his artwork. It was a demon etched into the wall. Blood and bones shrouded the creature. The fire and brimstone seemed to burn to life, flash and flicker in Bane’s eyes. This was it. His own blood was hot and thick. He would no longer be the caged animal but the wild one. Outstretching his arms he fed red aura into the carving. The aura of power. “Hey! Stop that!” the guard outside the cell exclaimed, frantically fumbling with the keys. Guards down both hallways began to run towards Bane’s cell. With all the red aura engulfing the carving Bane wretched the demon statue out of the wall without moving a muscle. The statue floated over Bane effortlessly glowing bright red. The guard at the door dropped backwards letting out a yelp. The statue backed up to the end of the cell only to fly forward at full speed! With an enormous “Crash!” It rent a hole through the middle of the bars. Bane stepped through out into the hallway. Guards on both sides gradually came to a halt. They stared in bewildered horror at the spectacle. Bane looked over at them smiling. The guards said nothing, unable to move in shock. Bane sent the demon flying down the hallway at them. Before it got to them they escaped their stupor. Two ran while the other slumped to the ground curling in a ball. The man whimpered as the statue floated passed him and continued chasing the ones who ran. Right before catching them it turned flying back in Bane’s direction. The men continued running. Once reaching Bane it turned, flying down the hallway towards the other guards who had already started running. Bane couldn’t kill these men. The idea of his memory haunting them forever was too tempting. Bane continued his rampage down a number of hallways and up stairs, knocking any guards out of the way that refused to run from the demon. At last he made it to an exit. Bane readied the statue to slam through the doors. “Hold it!” yelled an angry voice from behind. Bane attempted to turn but found that he could not. Bane glanced down at his feet that were now entirely covered in a pink sludge. “Ah, someone actually interesting.” he thought to himself. It was another Jenzu user. Swiveling just his torso and head he got a good look at the man. He appeared to be just another guard. He wore heavier armor and a helmet though. The man had his gun leveled at Bane. Bane lowered the floating statue, as to cover him from behind. “Stop!” the man shouted, “Release the statue or I’ll shoot you!” Bane only smiled. In a flash the demon soared toward the man. The man began firing the machine gun and drilling the statue repeatedly. It continued at him but before reaching him the man swung his arms in a motion together. The statue slowly came to a stop. It was glued to the floor, walls, and ceiling by the pink sludge. Bound, it struggled but could not reach the man. “This is the last time I’ll warn you!” the man yelled. After wiggling for a bit longer the statue went limp. The man paused for a moment staring down the hallway at Bane. Gun still leveled he began to approach. Upon reaching the slime bound statue he stepped over the line of sludge to the right. Instantly he was slammed against the wall by the statue. The hard impact knocked the gun from his hands. It simply squoze him there for a moment before letting him fall dazed to the floor. The red aura enshrouding the demon began to flare brilliantly. Tearing through the sludge in a single sweep it soared at full speed toward Bane’s back. Crouching and ducking his head, Bane stretched out his arms and clung to the feet of the demon as it swept over him. Not stopping, the flying statue ripped banes feet right out of the pink goo and smashed through the exit doors.

“Yay! Are we here?” Mercury exclaimed gazing out the door at the city bellow. Goshen only shook his head trying to stay composed. Why did his life feel like a twenty four hour babysitting service? Having someone who had crossed him in the past released was not his idea of a good time. But, those attackers they had faced had played dirty. No one pulled something like that on Goshen and got away with it. No one. That was why he was doing this. If they were going to play dirty so was he. Even if it meant using criminals. The great thing about this tactic was that it really didn’t matter who died. Them our the criminal he’d be commanding. He hated both. At last they had made it to their destination, Antigen Prison. The helicopter began its descent. Mercury looked as if she was about to break into spontaneous dance. The chopper slowly touched ground. Not waiting for Goshen, Mercury rushed out towards three guards talking outside the prison. “BB!” She yelled, “Where is BB?” We’ve come to release him. The guards gave her a standoffish glance. She definitely stood out against the crowd with her long golden hair, light blue shirt, short shorts, and flip flops. “Sorry miss but we don’t have time for any visitors today. We have a fugitive investigation going on.” one guard said, giving her a shoo gesture. “I’m not leaving without my brother! Now where is he? I need to see him!” she said in a whiny voice. The guard opened his mouth but closed it as Goshen walked up. “Sir!” one said as the three each nodded their heads in shocked respect. “No none of that. I don’t have time for formalities today. I’ve come to see Bane.” Goshen said gruffly. Instead of replying each guard looked at each other. “Respond to a superior officer when he addresses you!” Goshen reproved. “My apologies sir. You should have been notified but we had a breach this morning. It seems that he’s gone.” one of the guards said timidly. “Gone? What are you talking about!” Goshen screamed with rage. The guard who had not yet spoken piped up, “He broke out using Jenzu somehow. The other men.. they said.. he had some kind of demon with him.” Stepping forward Goshen grabbed the man by the shirt with both hands shaking him. “Idiots! Where did he go?” “I don’t know sir. I swear I don’t know. They have the entire force investigating and searching for him.” said the guard wincing at Goshen in sheer terror. Suddenly Goshen’s demeanor changed from one of rage to understanding. Dropping the man to the ground he turned grabbed Mercury by the arm and started back towards the helicopter. “Hey! Stop pulling! I wasn’t done talking to those guys!” Mercury said as she attempted to pull away from his steel grasp. Goshen said nothing as he dragged her back into the helicopter and it took off just as quickly as they had landed. “Your bother’s not here but I have a pretty good hunch of where he is.” Goshen explained. “Where, where, where!?” Mercury pleaded. “He’s going back to get his sword. I’m sure he’s breaking into the armory.” Goshen said. “Don’t hurt him! I’ll talk to him. Don’t worry I’ll convince him to come with us.” she said firmly giving Goshen a determined look. “Well if he won’t you better paralyze him. I make no promises.” Goshen threatened. “It won’t be a problem. I used to pick on BB all the time when we were little. He acts more scary than he really is.” Mercury said. “Well the two of you have one thing in common.” he said. “What?” Mercury asked. “You both love to irritate me.” Goshen replied. He ignored Mercury’s rants after that as came to the city’s armory. Giving an order to the pilot they landed before the building. “Yep he’s here.” Goshen said. “How do you know?” Mercury asked. “No guards” Goshen replied. They found the front doors broken and stepped inside. There were long scratch marks along the wall that went down the hallway. They followed the scratch marks down a few halls until coming to the vault. The massively thick door was wide open. Inside was a mountain of diverse weapons. Anything and everything you could dream of. Guns, spears, knives, rockets, you name it. And standing before it all was Bane. He stood with his back toward them in his rag torn prison cloths. Floating above his head was his signature weapon of choice. The Ultra Sword. The Ultra Sword was massive, around six feet long from hilt to tip. It was a thick metal sword with one flat end and one deadly edge. “BB!” Mercury exclaimed as they entered the vault. She ran to her brother. “Sis, it’s been a while.” Bane said smiling. He turned, “And you’ve brought an old man with you.” Goshen’s eyes hardened as the steam began to build inside him. Mercury embraced Bane with delight. “BB no fighting! We actually came to rescue you but it looks like you did that much by yourself! We need you. Right now we’re defending a prisoner at Surestone and there’s these guys attacking that are super powerful! They’re the craziest Jenzu gang I’ve ever seen! Don’t you want to come trash them with us? It will be fun!” Mercury exclaimed in her speedy voice while hugging her bother’s arm. Bane laughed sinisterly. He gazed at Goshen smiling, “You’ve come to beg for my help have you? I shouldn’t be surprised. I always knew you were a coward.” Goshen clenched his fists and gritted his teeth in a desprate attempt to restrain his rage. “You’re lucky to be alive you snobby bratt! If I wasn’t so soft you wouldn’t want to know what you’d look like right now. I’m giving you this opportunity as an escape from your sentence. I don’t need your help! Consider yourself blessed that you sister begged me to come here and spare you you worthless scum!” Goshen roared. Bane was overjoyed to see this reaction but kept his laughter to himself. Who was Goshen fooling? He was desprate. Very desprate if he was coming to him. Still, the offer intrigued him. “Alright, alright you’ve caught my intrest. But what’s in it for me?” Bane asked. Goshen looked as if he was about to explode again, “How about I let you live and you can keep that ridiculous sword of yours.” “Hmm, not exactly what I was thinking. How about this. I kill these people for you and after, you give me your youngest daughter. What’s her name again, Valorie?” Goshen froze stunned. A chill crept down his spine at the mention of her name. How could he know? No one knew that he had a family let alone their names. This was more than a presumptuous request, it was a threat. That scum! He would make Bane wish he had never opened his big mouth later. If he really did know the location of his family their lives were in danger. He didn’t even have to attack them himself. All he had to do was let one of Goshen’s many former enemies know. Valorie had only just turned fifteen. There was no way he was going to let this dirty creep ever come near his family. However, he had to answer this question carefully. “If you keep your mouth shut and get the job done it sounds reasonable enough to me.” Goshen lied trying to sound casual. “What? You never told me you had a daughter!” Mercury exclaimed. “You never asked.” Goshen replied shortly. “Perfect, it’s settled then.” Bane said, a devious smile spreading across his face.

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