The Forgotten Wolf

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I look into his deep longing eyes, the soft brown glow of them lit tiny flames all over my tanned body. "MATE"

Fantasy / Romance
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The Choosing

Today, is the day i have been awaiting since i was 5, the day i got my wolf.

I rolled over in my grey silk sheets and looked at my phone, "6:30AM" the clock read. I slipped out of bed and headed to my bathroom to take a shower, the warm water sent sensations all over my tan body.

I got out of the shower and slipped on my finest lacie underwear, blue ripped jeans and a white tank top. I brushed my long blonde locks and headed down the many flights of stairs to the bottom of the house.

" Hello Father, ahem I mean Alpha Bowmen " I spoke formally as my father was a strict man, formality on the alpha choosing was vital in his eyes.

"Hello, my beautiful soon-to-be Alpha" he said in a soft tone, i honestly didn't expect him to be so sweet and... 'lovey-dovey'?

I opened our fridge to grab some fruit and poured myself a glass of water, i almost choked as my mom came rushing in.

"Arya, dear, Brianey is coming for your makeup at 4pm sharp, is your outfit ready for the ceremony?"

"Yes, Mom. And please, try to relax, everything will be okay." I tried to calm her down, she was just going to make me more nervous.

After every wolf is given their positions, they are able to mate, i just turned 16 and am going to be 'Alpha of Haletha Blood Pack' also known as the 'HB' pack. We are the second strongest pack, fighting for the top tier with the 'Seepet Pack'.

I sighed, i hated the Seepet Pack. I even more hated the alpha, who is just 19 years old and i have never hated a man more in my life. He was cruel and vicious, everyone outside of his pack despises him. He tortures people in the worst ways, although his name and past was unknown to anyone. All i know- and all i care for, is that he is one of the most powerful wolves, and i must outrule him.
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