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Small feet pattered on stone grounds. With the push of a tiny hand, the curtain of vines was pushed aside. A small delighted gasp left the mouth of a little girl, and her eyes grew bigger as she took in the sight before her. Perfect blue skies with fluffy clouds, emerald trees, soft grass, and in the distance, atop a tall hill, sat a gorgeous blue castle. It stood in all its glory, watching over the land, it's towers glimmering and glowing in the warm sun. Suddenly, the little girl was pushed over, she tumbled down and landed in a pile on branches at the bottom of the small hill she stood atop. Her eyes moved to a spot on her arm that hurt, there was the shape of a hand that glowed a sickly green. She groaned as cuts over her body bled from the sharp branches. "Mama!" She called helplessly. She screamed her mother's name and a tree near her blew up. She jumped and began crying, causing little shrubs to wilt. Her eyes went to her hands and they were glowing a deep bluish-purple. "Help." She cried out, and blacked out.

Fantasy / Adventure
Reem Al Lawati
Age Rating:


i. beautiful - bazzi ft. camila
“beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel
love your imperfections, every angle
tomorrow comes and goes before you know
so i just had to let you know”

ii. born to be yours - kygo & imagine dragons
“i know i’ve given up
a hundred times before
but i know a miracle
is not something to ignore”

iii. breathin - ariana grande
“some days, things just take
way too much of my energy
i wake up and the whole room’s spinning
you take my cares away
i can so over-complicate, people tell me to medicate”

iv. don’t call it love - jonas blue, edx ft. alex mills
“is it the passion, is it the pleasure?
give me a reason, you wanna hurt us
taste of our kisses, touch of our fingers
that make you wanna like you do, like you do”

v. finally free - niall horan
“when you’re right here beside me, there’s nothing else i need
your eyes keep me reminded that nothing’s out of reach
when you’re with me, it feels like i’m finally free
feels like i’m finally free”

vi. hot blood - kaleo
“they don’t know ’bout who we are
they don’t know ’bout you and i
they ain’t know ’bout the stars of your eyes
oh hot blood love is gonna get ya”

vii. hymn for the weekend - coldplay
“oh angel sent from up above
you know you make my world light up
when i down, when i was hurt
you came to lift me up”

viii. the last of the real ones - fall out boy
“i’m here in search of your glory
there’s been a million before me
that’s the kind of love
you never walk away from
you’re just the last of the real ones”

ix. on & on - cartoon ft. daniel levi
“and on and on we’ll go
through the wastelands, through the highways
’til my shadow turns to sunrays
and on and on we’ll go”

x. the phoenix - fall out boy
“hey youngblood
doesn’t it feel like our time is running out
i’m gonna change you like a remix
then i’ll raise you like a phoenix”

xi. take on the world - you me at six
“i can see, see the pain in your eyes
oh, believe, believe me and i have tried
no i won’t, i won’t pretend to know what you’ve been though
you should’ve known, i wish it was it was me, not you”

xii. team - iggy azalea
“baby i got me, baby i got me
yeah, that’s all i need
yeah, that’s all i need
baby i got me, only friend i need
playing on my team is someone like me”

xiii. young and menace - fall out boy
“oops i did it again
i forgot what i was losing my mind about
oh, i only wrote this down to make you press rewind
and send a message: i was young and a menace”

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