Reasons to sleep

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In the land of dreams children find reasons to go to bed at night and sleep.

Fantasy / Children
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Meet Mr. Snores

The old man stood up, stretched and looked around him. A jellyphant floated lazily over his head. He still had so much to do. He had to pull up the potatoes before they turned to crisps in the ground. The tomatoes needed to be tied down because their wings were starting to bud and straws on the lemon tree had to be pruned or the lemonade would be too sour. There was always so much to do in dreamland but the sun was starting to set and he could already faintly see the moon in the sky.

He sighed. Tonight was going to be a hard one. Full moons always required so much more energy. When the sun went down at night and the moon came out to play with the stars it was Mr. Snores job to pull the sun back up and chase away the moon with……..his snores!

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