Tales of Humankind

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Short stories of the once normal life of humankind. In a distant future where life is now an old tale

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A Tale Not So Old

"Emily, what was it like outside? " Anna asked her friend, curious about the world just a few years before a tragedy happened. "The outside was.. Beautiful. Full of humans wherever you go, the sun's heat touching your skin, and great clothes to buy and wear everyday. From different villages, to cities, to states, to countries, and continents, cultures all around the globe that will fascinate you. Falling in love and falling out of love, aging and gaining knowledge as years past by, it was great to let nature decide what will come to you. Anna, did you know human race once lived on a planet of their own? My, it was lovely. We weren't isolated in one building.. Unless you're crazy that is." Anna chuckled while listening to Emily's story."When we were younger, we would go to a place called school, we learn there and meet new friends, how our luck in love would be tested. We invested our whole life to this school. It was hard yet.. Fun. Once you've finished school, you'll go to an even called working. This, is how we test what we've learned in school, different fields to choose from and make a living out of it. Anna, some even got really rich because of it! "
Emily, expressed her story with joy and a glimpse of hope in her eyes." What will you do afterwards? " Anna bluntly asked. Curious about the stages of life.
" you settle down now, have a family of your own after getting married to the person you never fell out of love with. You raise children and bring them to school. This time, it is them who will learn, and you will watch them from a far." a family? " yes Anna, a family, you will spend most of your time with them. However, they cannot outlive you, they will leave you soon when you're ready to be alone. "Where are they going?" Anna asked. "To a peaceful place above us." Emily said as she pointed up the ceiling, confusing Anna as she cannot comprehend where is "up". "A place even higher than the moon and stars Anna, they watch you from above, peacefully. That was human life before all this happened." Emily said, her eyes going back to being dull. Silence occupied the tiny cell Emily and Anna stayed in. "Emily, what was it like outside?" the doll asked for a millionth time, Emily smiled as she reached to hug Anna, "Beautiful" was the last word Emily said before drifting away.
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