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Hajimete Diamond Moon

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Growing up can be different for everyone. Especially for those who aren't welcomed into the social life of society with warm open arms. A slice of life story, told in the image of wolves. Hajimete Mi.

Fantasy / Other
Maria Arakat
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Episode 1: Masaki I part I

Temple District, Deltaire City.

Early morning sunlight peeks over the massive city known as Deltaire, a megalopolis of many trades, customs and districts.
With the blue tint on the clouds fading into an array of marigold, wisteria and jasmine, the warm gentle rays of the suns Ra, followed by Hi and Sol make their way into the vapor trail laced sky, lighting much of the city scrapers and boats on the harbor before them, as they ascend from behind Tsume ocean in the east.

A pair nightingale birds soar over dew covered trees of Aeonis Hill and land on the corner edge of a wooden roof, part of the large wood and stone house, nestled close to the top behind other dew glittered trees and a all-round stone wall.
A digital clock showing 8:59 AM in bright red turns to 9:00 AM sounding off a blaring buzz noise that repeats in a dark room with the golden rays peeking around lit but dark navy curtains. A black mound in a clothing and junk covered bed motions around before worming over next to the nightstand containing the digital noise making menace. A hand of cinnamon skin slips from under the mound and searches around an also cluttered night stand, only to end up slamming around then knocking over the buzzing wake up call to the light beige carpet floor below with silence once again taking over the room. The arm with the heavy hand limps over the side of the bed with the mound rising then deflating into motionless rest.

"Masaki! Kanjou! Boys!!! Time to get up and get ready!!!" Sounded a voice from behind the bedroom door.

A bellowing groan comes from under the comforter and stirs around to where the mounds full arm slips back under the cover and coils itself into a ball.

The door clicks, then gently slides open. Thumping footsteps come close ending at the side of the bed. A tail of sienna brown fur wags around with smiling lips forming a wide grin of canine teeth.

"Hey bro... brooo… Ma-sakiii; guess what time it is... DOG PILE!"

Not only was the comforter flipping around, but pillows, clothes, clutter and two scruffy haired boys with bushy ears and tails wrestled about while laughing and yelling.

“You little bastard! Mess with me will you?!”

Masaki was tall teen boy with messy raven black hair and iridescent blue sapphire eyes. He had the starter of the shuffle in a headlock.

"Kanjoooou.... What did I say about JUMPING ME IN MY SLEEP!?"

Kanjou was a few inches shorter than his brother and fairer in skin tone with his light messy brown hair.

"Gagurah!! Krrrrgh! I was noly p-plaging!!"

Kanjou's fuzzy ears perked down as he pulled onto his brother’s arm, which was raising him by under his neck. The door swiftly slid open.


The two paused in their poses before their eyes shifted to the door side of the room, where a stern faced woman stood with arms folded and eyebrow raised. She was below average in height, with messy dark brown hair pulled back, warm bronze skin and dark sapphire blue eyes. Her ears and tail transitioned and tipped into black, her tail bushy as it swayed back and forth in suspicion.

"Mind explaining this here, hmm?" she mused.

They looked to one another, then back at her. Instantly, the two pointed at each other.


She smirked, biting her bottom lip, keeping her icy glare making one of her two dimples appear on her right cheek.

"Well… If that's what you say... fine."

Kanjou grinned brightly. “Precisely Mum!”

Masaki face palmed, shaking his head at his brothers’ response. Their mother was not new to this sort of moment between them, as she knew to handle her children’s crazy behavior in this manner at all times, especially after 7 years of going through their antics, and obviously counting.

She sighed and repositioned from folded arms to a hand on her hip. "Right then, if you two are quite through, I suggest you get ready for school; a mind does not grow to greatness if stalling at home like a rotted potato in a pit of dirt. Now hop to it."

When she walked away, Kanjou sighs in relief then giddily looks to Masaki, who launches a stunning punch into his arm, then proceeds to shoving him off his bed to the floor, Kanjou giving a wide canine grin with swirly eyes.

Getting out of bed, Masaki yawns while stretching until hearing pops coming from his neck and back, then warily walks to the navy curtains with golden auras seeping from behind them, tossing them open with a simple swipe revealing a large window, part of a 90 degree corner window, letting in the natural light from the distant, three ascending suns flow into his room.

After running Kanjou out of the room with a, hand produced, loud fart noise and making his bed afterwards, he slid open to door of his closet and laid out his school uniform; Black suit jacket with white dress shirt, black tank, red neck-tie and black denim jeans.

Getting out of his night attire of nothing more than black jogging pants, he towels over his exposed lower parts, then goes into the hallway, only to see Kanjou in his little white towel as well causing disturbance between them. Glares then traded, and steps forward went from walking to sprinting ending with the two mashing each other into the doorframe of the bathroom, determining who enters first.

“Move out of the way, bro!” Kanjou exclaimed.

Masaki growled. “Oh fuck no you don’t!”

Masaki overpowers Kanjou, shoving him back in the hall and slamming the door shut behind him. Clicking follows.

"Gah! Damn it!" Kanjou shouted. He scrambles to the door, tries to pull it open; then bangs and scratches around frantically. “Hey! Open the door, Saki! Come on, open up!”

Masaki laughs maniacally, proceeding get ready for the day by taking a hot shower; which is something he rarely gets, due to his little brother using up the hot water almost every time he uses the shower first.

While in the process of drying off, he eventually lets an irritated Kanjou in, who gives him an evil death stare as he passes through and goes directly into the shower. As Masaki brushes his teeth, he falls apart laughing, trying his best to hold himself up by the counter when his brother shrieks in a high tone like a girl from within the shower.

"OH MY GOD! Really man! REALLY!?" Kanjou screamed.

Masaki managed to pull himself together. "WELL dear brother, you now know how it feels, when YOU use up all the hot water in the morning, dumbass!"

Kanjou let out a huff while going back into the ice cold rain. "Can I just mention that I have a real dick for an older brother?"

Masaki spits out the toothpaste in the sink and grins a canine smile once again in the mirror, chuckling.

"Hehehe, whiny idgit…"

"My name is Masaki Shimamiya, age 14. I’m a high school freshman of Deltaire Academy Central. I enjoy sleeping in, reading, sleeping some more, watching tele and practicing various styles of fighting and martial arts. I'm currently in training to become a priest as well, as I’m a successor to my family’s title you see."

After getting dressed and straightening his tie, he puts on a pose in the full body mirror before him next to his desk. After a wink and click of his tongue, he picks up his cloth sachel and heads out of his room, making way from the hallway to the foyer. Kanjou comes up behind him and swats his brothers’ tail starting a chase. Stampeding down the stairs, they narrowly dodge a tall man, also with raven hair, cinnamon skin but with dark overcast gray eyes, whom only smirked at the two flexing into the direction of the kitchen.

The boys crash land at the table, panting for air. Their mother brings over two glasses filled with chilled orange juice.

"About time you two got here, and no slouching at the table." She said before motioning her boys to sit up straight.
The man yawns as he walks in and takes a seat across from them. He’s handed the newspaper by their mother, who he pulls in to plant a kiss. “Thank you, sexy.”

She giggles softy pulling away. “Welcome mibei, your coffee is almost ready too.” She said before walking away.

He observes his love before looking back at the two drowsy looking young men across from him; then starts unfolding his paper. "Good morning boys."

They groan in unison response. "Morning, dad."

He laughs. “What, dead already? By the look of things, it sounded like you two had some good fun this morning. Tired each other out as well, yes?"

The two smiled and chuckled with Kanjou rubbing the back of his head.
Their mother sets down a steaming cup, a white porcelain mug with small child sized paw prints on either side in different colors, filled with milk infused hazelnut coffee. While taking a few swallows and firming his paper, the boys take a sip of their glasses feeling the cool liquid coat their throats. After their Father sets the mug back down and proceeds reading, Kanjou zeros in on the mug, resting at the side of the dark green table mat and lowers his glass from his lips with an awkward glance and tilted head.

"Dad, is that-?” Kanjou then sighed. “Aw man, don't tell me you're still using that old thing."

Dad lowered and peered over from the top his paper. "Hm? What are you on about?"

“The mug you’re drinking out of…?”
Father took his attention off the paper and looks at his mug, then back at the paper.
"Yeah? What about it? It’s my favorite mug."

"Yeah, but you've been drinking out of it since 1976… literally… Don't you want a new one? Like that one at Talbot’s China and Glass. You liked that one a lot, right? Why not get it and throw that one out?"

Mother started putting plates of steaming hot sausage with seasoned chopped potatoes and peppers on the table. "Oh Lovie, you know it's the very first father's day present from both you and Masaki together when you two were tiny pups. Twas your proposal too, Kan. Sheesh, I even recall having a time putting the paint on your paws due to so much giggling; and the clean up since two little pups decided to go play without cleaning off the paint, making various paw, hand and feet print tracks all on the floors around the house… and strangely even the walls."
The boys giggled at this.
"Ah, but, neither here nor there, that mug there means a lot to your dad. Especially while he was stationed in Ibaraki ‘s ground zero, and was unable to come home for Father's Day holiday for the very first time due to all the work that had to be done... you two remember. Besides it really brought comfort for him then and even now, even though he won't say it. Cheers him up even, and eased his service time back then too, right darling?"
Her mate smiled at her with a warm grin. "Couldn't have said it better, Tokiko."
The boys cringed when they saw their parents engage in nose rubbing which tied with a deep kiss. Smiling blissfully from love, Tokiko finally sat down at her seat next to sweetheart, who led prayer before beginning their breakfast and going on with casual conversation.

"My dad here, Masagi, is the Alpha High Priest of the temple our house is connected to uphill. One day, being his successor, I'm to take his place when my training is complete. He's also a Special Forces operative for the royal military, and helped out in the crisis of 1975, as well as the fallout year; two extremely difficult years in this family, along with the rest of the world at that time… but it's all well now for sure. So far, he’s been able to stay home and relax. Yet more importantly to me and Kanjou, he’s been able to keep Mama company and continues to make her happy as you can see.

Mama, the greatest woman I know and deserves all love in the world, is not only our 24 hour go to parent, but also a superior herbalist and off-site biologist. She supplies the research facility in the Botanical District with her harvest, shipping and dropping off the various plants she grows, so that the on-site researchers and scientists can convert them into quick remedies and potent medicines. In her plant listing, however, she grows the major and minor ingredients that cater to the SCIV medications. Those herbs are not only her more highly demanded inventory, but the most tedious and delicate to care for out of all the plants she maintains.

Then there's my little brother Kanjou... nothing special about this bonehead really. A 12 year old kid, halfway through middle school, who get's under my skin; and embarrasses the hell out of me whenever he feels the need. Then again it is his job to be a thorn in my neck and wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean he is my partner in crime, as we have each others backs in many situations more than one, though he’s the scrapper out of both of us as I’m the pacifist. Yet to the few that know us, our personalities are so called swapped, as one interesting fact about him is…”

“Oh Kannie, don’t forget your treatment before you leave today, baby. I’ve noticed that you’ve been forgetting to do that as of late…”

Kanjou nodded as he chewed. “Yes mum. I’ll take it in a second.”

“… he has SCIV.”
After pulling on his white sneakers, Masaki picks up his satchel. "We're gone, Mama!"

"Alright, do be careful please! And, Masaki, don't forget to wear your glasses in class dear!" Tokiko yelled from the kitchen.

Kanjou grinned widely at his brother, wagging his tail in the doorway. "Yeah, Saki McBlind!"

Masaki swings on a dodging Kanjou who sprints to the wooden gateway, then slides the front door shut before running after his stumbling goof brother to the wooden doors.

“Ah me brother, it is time to embark on the journey to the campus of learning, churning and yearning!” Kanjou said swiping the gate door open then moon walking out.

Masaki raised a brow with a smirk, closing the wooden door behind them. “Learning, churning and… yearning?"

Kanjou nodded with a wink. "Learning for me head, churning in me stomach and... heh... yearning for them fine lassies that walk around, especially the ones with legs!" he said into a mild howl and bark.

Masaki scoffed. "And what’s with that accent?”

“What? Is it not good that I take an interest in the wonderful world of human culture?” Kanjou said marching on.

“You sound like a leprechaun.” Masaki sighed.

Kanjou cracked up as he shimmied down the private road while making beats with his mouth.

“Our home rests on the side of the hill that the temple stands on top of. If it weren’t for a few trees, you could see most of the city from our study, including the palace. At night the view is amazing, especially in winter when all the trees are naked. Even as I make my way down this road, I can see everything, as well as the upcoming homes before us.”

After making their way down the dark asphalt road, they continue to make tread on the downhill street upon the white flagstone sidewalk. They stop at the sounds of calls and howls behind them only to find a large group of guys and pups coming towards them.

"Whoa, thanks for waiting up Masaki!" Waved a young man with dark brown hair and fair skin. He wore the same school uniform but with black sneakers.
"Yeah sure, Yesod. Where's Luka?" Masaki asked looking around the group.
Yesod rolled his eyes. "Oh, the grouchy fireball? He was in one of his moods again so he biked this morning, you know how that goes…"
Masaki looked up sighing and continuing on. "Ah well, more fun for us then, right?"

Laughter came over them as they began to walk together.

"You bet. Besides, he's going to miss out. Old man Hayama is handing out access today."

Masaki paused as he looked to Yesod with glowing eyes. "You mean...?"

Yesod wagged his dark down tail. "Yes… Free. Morning. Baked. Pastries… fresh from Mrs. Hayama’s well flavored oven…"

Hearing the conversation behind them, the rest of the group all paused with the thoughts of mouth watering, soft and warm pastries laced with sweet topping of various types. After a moment of zombified silence, the growling of bellies rumbled across the company making some hold their stomachs; which led to a stampede down the descending roadway before them. Masaki was able to swat Kanjou in the head for the comment earlier concerning his sight, but quickly started to succumb to the nearing smell of cake, cookies and doughnuts from the neighborhood grocery.

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