Black Dragon: The legend of Black Dragon

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This story is a legend of a hero who wanted to protect his kingdom from his evil brother Sundel !!!

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The Legend

There once was a young black brother who was stronger than any other man, a warrior who defeated many monsters & enemies during the 4th Starlia War, His name was James Fumetsu, but to the Military he was known as Black Dragon. During the War James was feared by many, defeating all his enemies by only using his powers. Legend has it that James Fumetsu has killed nearly 10,000,000 troops in his Star Fairy Form without getting touched. James was the most powerful being on earth due to his Brute Power & Great Strategies skills.

When the war was coming to an End James and his friends were heading to the palace to calm the throne from his evil brother Sundel, who was forcing families to send their youngest child to slavery because he feared that one of them will turn into the Ultimate Star Fairy. After persuading his brother to give up the throne so the world & the Kingdom can be a better place Sundel, who wasn't interested at all about giving up shit, refuses to give up the throne & started to attack James alone. During their Intense fight, Sundel told James How he banished his mom, Queen Cali, to the Nether world & how she can never be returned to the Kingdom..... Eventually This made James mad to the point that the entire world was covered by his Power. James transforms into a being that no one has ever seen before. His left side was like a Star Fairy form & his right side was like a Dragon~like human & his right eye was like a cobra. Sundel, out of fear, starts to run away because of James destructive powers. As Sundel was running away from the Kingdom, Amanda, whose native name is " Ife Anaya ", blocked his escape route with cement so that he won't escape the palace.

After trapping him Amanda, alongside with Cori, Aizen, Jane Cypher, Nihoni Mè, Nepton X, Jifin, & Cj, begin to ambush him, consequently, the fight ended in major defeat. Before Sundel could kill them all with his power technique, James appeared behind Sundel & teleport them both to another planet so they can have their final fight.

8 hours of fighting on planet Grek James transforms into the Ultimate Star Fairy and ended the fight with the most powerful technique that no one had never mastered " the Universal Sun Bomb". After defeating Sundel he teleported back to The Palace & told everyone that he defeated Sundel and that the war was finally over. 2 months after the war there was finally peace in the kingdom and James was announced to be the new king. After the inauguration, James said everyone in the kingdom " I want to keep peace in Star kingdom by making allies with ninja troops, & tribal leaders from different territories, I want to bring everlasting hope & Unity in the kingdom & other Kingdoms from afar. Even if We go to war with other tribes because of our advanced technologies & land, our race & strength, our culture & our relationship with Mother Africa we must always show love to each other tribal or not. And remember folks, always have the heart to protect, to love, to fight, to give, and most importantly...

Always have the heart to keep going" and to the men & young men he said " Always respect your wives & love ones with all your heart & soul. If a man tries to fight you with his bare hands make sure you have the heart & guts to fight, but if you challenge a man to fight because he angers you but he wants to have a man to man talk with you, accepted his request and talk to him. And if you want to have a hand to hand combat & the person pulls out a weapon... He's not a man but a Chicken.", " Y'all will live like men but die as Legends.", " I will end the speech with a quote from my sensei " when a person has friends who will help you achieve your goals... Will be the ones who will help you build a strong empire" thank y'all & may The Creator be with you all."

After James became king the kingdom was full of love & tranquility. James married his long-time friend Amanda & had children, one of them was named Shalim ( well his story will be told some other time ) but it seems to me that everyone had a happily ever after..... For now that is.

The End

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