The Girl Who Cried Werewolf

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After getting into a car crash Rosa Williams or should I say Amber Curains, expected to be surrounded by some pack members, she is the beta's daughter after all. Instead, she wakes up surrounded by humans. But not just any humans, her parents and friends. She was shocked and everyone thinks she's crazy. Can she convince everyone that she is,in fact, a werewolf, or will she remain as The Girl Who Cries Werewolf?

Fantasy / Drama
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Why..... are you guys humans?

"Hey," I said to my sister beside me while I stuffed my face with a glazed donut I got from humans, "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise!" Chirped Lusa happily.

"You know I don't like surprises." I groaned.

"Haha I know-" began Lusa before I yelled.


And then black. All I saw was black. I heard shouting and sirens before I fully passed out.

*time skip*

I woke up to a blinding light and quickly closed my eyes.

"Amber Curain is awake! Call her family!"

I groaned as I sat up.

I began remembering the car crash before I thought about Lola.

"Lola! Is she okay?!?" I asked looking around frantically before I saw the worried faces of my parents and Lola.

"W-why wouldn't I be okay?" Asked Lola looking around like a rouge would spring at her any moment now.

"Y-you were in the crash with me?" I said more as a question.
"No I wasn't." Said Lola now confused more than ever.

"What happened then?" I asked now just as confused as her.

"You were on your way to visit Tyler when some drunk dude-" began Lola.

"Wait," I cut her off, "Who's Tyler?"

"Your Boyfriend?" She asked.

"What's a boyfriend?" I asked. I knew they were humans version of mates but you weren't with them forever. "WAIT!" I yelled, "why do I have a boyfriend instead of a mate?"

"What's a mate? Did that car demolish your brain?" My sister asked sarcasticly.

"Wait where's the pack doctor? Where am I?" I asked, ignoring her sarcasm.

"What are you going on about?" My mom asked. My head snapped toward her, shock evident in my expression.

"M-Mom?" I asked, in the verge of tears. "Y-you can talk? But that r-rouge ripped out your vocal cords-" I began my rant.

"Honey, I'm fine. I can talk. I have my vocal cords. What's a rouge?"

"I'm starting to think you were hit and not me." I muttered under my breath. "Wait was Alpha Quin upset I never showed up?"

"Alpha Quin? What happened to my daughter? What are you some kinda wolf?" My dad joked, trying to lighten up the room.

"Yea. We all are. Are you okay?" I said with full seriousness.

My dad stared at me then started laughing.

I smelled the area for the first time. It smelt like humans and chemicals. "Why does it smell weird?" I asked not recognizing the odd smell of the chemicals.

Lola smelled the air too. "What do you mean? It smells just fine."

I stared at her in shock. "Wait are you guys humans? Wait am I? What happened to Vera? Am I injected with Wolfsbane? Why wont she reply?" I started fireing out 10 questions a second.

It was my mom who answered my questions. "Yes we are humans. Yes you are too. Who's Vera? What's Wolfsbane? I don't know why."

"V-Vera. My wolf." I whimpered. "Does t-this mean I can't shift?"

"Shift?" Lola simply asked before I fainted from shock and despair. Once again, the darkness consumed me, and the voices drifted off...

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