The Insecure Mate

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Melody Heart is known for her spellbinding beauty. More curvier than a coca cola bottle and more fiery than a flame, she is your ideal dream girl. But she doesn't believe so. Melody is trying to forget her terrifying past and focus on her bright future. But if seems as though fate, especially the Moon Goddess, has other plans. When Melody found out that she had a mate, her totally in control world seems to spiral out of control. But, to top off all of that,the nightmares of her past seem to be coming for her. Not everyone is as they seem. Danté Mc'Callister recently turned twenty. Both him and his wolf were very agitated. They wanted to have their mate in their arms to love,spoil and cherish. Whomever it may be. When he finds out that his made is insecure,fragile and sickly, he plans on doing two things. 1. Protecting her and, 2. Showing her that true love is worth fighting for.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 | Melody


"Melody, come on or we're gonna be late!" Tasha yelled.

"I'm coming, just give me a minute!" Melody yelled back. She continued to apply her cherry scented lip gloss then took a minute to look herself over in her full-length mirror.

Melody was beyond the average eighteen-year-old girl. Melody stood at a height of 6 feet, and from what her friends stated, was curvier than a manga character. Her twenty-inch waist being possible because of her small ribs and her D-cup sized boobs were just the icing on the cake. Her hips were widely pronounced and completed her body figure.

Her curvaceous body was now engrossed in a body fitted dress that fitted like another skin. It was pastel pink and came to about her mid-thigh. It had no sleeves and had a silver belt wrapped leisurely around her waist. Her feet were wearing a thigh high strap sandals that were her favorite.

"MELODY!!!!!!!" Tasha yelled.
"I'm coming, keep your hair on woman," she retorted.

Stepping out of her room Melody ran down the hall and the stairs only to be confronted with a pissed off Natasha.

"Melody Tuné Kind Heart, give me one good reason why I shouldn't slam you beautiful face into the tiled floor repeatedly," she all but gritted out.

"I'm sorry, I just lost track of time. Come on, let's just go to the party," she said, trying to be reasonable.

"Okay, but only if I get to drive your car."

"Sure, why not."

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