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7 Minutes in Heaven - Reader X Hajime Hinata

It was a plain and boring Saturday in June. Summer break had already begun, yet you had barley left your house let alone see your friends. You lied lazily on your couch, your fleece blanket and popcorn your only companions as you watch horror movies to pass the time. Right as you were witnessing a terrifying jump scare, your phone dings. You screech as the sound echoes through the small house, your popcorn bowl is flung into the air. As the bowl crashes back down landing perfectly on your head, you groan in annoyance and quickly snatch your phone off the side table. You raise your eyebrows in surprise as you read the text from your old friend, Makoto Naegi.

Happy Koto- Hey Y/N! Im bringing a few friends to your place! Be there in a bit! :)

You gasp at the text and look around, luckily your house stays clean due to the fact you live alone. You grumble a few curses as you see the popcorn strewed on the floor, you rush to grab your broom and quickly sweep up the bits of food. You dump them into the trash as you look at the time, *I have got five minutes maybe..... Better go change.* You think to yourself as you look down, taking in the obvious stains on your tank top. You bolt to your room, you throw open your closet and grab the first matching clothes you see. You throw on the black ombre T-Shirt and the blue skinny jeans with holes in the knees. You hear the door bell and you practically slam into the door as you open it. You are greeted with a brightly smiling Makoto, he hugs you tightly which you gently return. As you let go you flick him on the forehead, "Aish!" He yelps as he rubs his forehead in pain, you see a few of the people behind him smirk or snicker as he looks at you in betrayal. "What was that for Y/NN?" (Your Nick Name) He says in shock and frustration, you huff at him and give him a small glare. "Bit of a better warning next time, kay?" You say as a small smile rests on your beautiful face, you cross your arms sassily and walk in side as you flip on all the lights. A boy with short brown hair and a adorable ahoge looks at Makoto, his orange eyes fix him with a glare. "You told us she knew that you were bringing us over." He says with anger in his voice, you couldn't help but admire his strange eyes. Makoto looks down with a sheepish smile as he scratches the back of his neck. "Technically she did know...." He says awkwardly as he looks at you for help, you shake your head at him with a smirk as your E/C eyes fill with mischief. A pretty girl with lavender hair and a stoic expression steps up in front of you after she gently closes your front door. She holds out her hand and says bluntly, "Im Kyoko Kirigiri, thank you for allowing us over." You offer a bright and warm smile as you take her hand in yours, you shake it enthusiastically. "Nice to meet you Kyoko. My names Y/N!" You say as you let go of her hand gently, she nods at you and walks past you all. She sits herself on your couch, her expression never changing. A tan girl with blue eyes and a brown ponytail steps up next, she smiles brightly as she grabs your hand. "Aoi Asahina is the name! Nice to meet you!" She says with a firm shake of your hand, you nod with a bright smile as she lets go and plops down next to Kyoko. A girl with light blue eyes and strawberry blonde pigtails struts up next, her long red nails and stylish outfit catch your attention as she hugs you. "I am Junko Enoshima! Love your outfit! So simple yet so stylish!" She says quickly before rushing over to Aoi and starting up a conversation. A blond boy with glasses and a suit walks in front of you next, he crosses his arms and with a cold and blunt voice states, "Byakuya Togami." Before walking to sit in one of the chairs by the couch, a bored expression on his face. A spiky black haired boy with thick, long eyebrows and piercing red eyes marches before you. He bows stiffly into a 90 degree angle to your surprise before shooting up into a straight backed posture. "Kiyotaka Ishimaru at your service Ms!" He shouts loudly, he then marches to the other chair sitting straight and stiff. You cover your mouth to hide a giggle as you watch him sit so stiffly, you hear a cough as as a gloomy looking girl with deep grey eyes and dark purple hair tied back into two braids walks up cautiously. She bows her head slightly as she mumbles out, "Toko Fukawa...." She says as she looks at you with suspicion. You give her a warm smile and to Toko's surprise, a hug. "Your welcome anytime." You say as you feel her stiffen in your embrace, she shrugs you off and sits closely to Byakuya. A strange looking boy with pinkish white hair and grey green eyes practically skips up to you. He holds out a long and slender hand taking yours gently as he practically towers over you. "Im Nagito Komaeda. Pleasure to meet a new friend." He says smiling brightly. You smile back, not noticing a certain pair of orange eyes looking at Nagito with envy. "Friends it is then!" You say with a slight giggle. He skips over to the couch but plops himself onto the floor, allowing the girls to sit comfortably. You notice the boy with orange eyes looking at you intently, you look back into his eyes while tilting your head slightly. He immediately looks away and pretends not to notice you staring, you walk up to him and grab his hand before he has a chance to notice. His ahoge stands straight up in shock as you and Makoto laugh. You shake his hand gently with a bright smile, "Hi, my names Y/N! Whats yours?" You say curiously as he looks flustered by your cute demeanor. He pulls his hand out of your grasp and coughs into his fist, "Im Hajime Hinata, sorry for the intrusion." He says quickly. You shake your head with a laugh, "Not at all! I was quite bored actually!" You giggle as Makoto swings a arm over your shoulder, he pulls out a felt bag. "7 Minutes in Heaven anyone?" Aoi and Junko perk up at the thought with smiles on there faces. "Sure!" Junko says excitedly. Toko blushes and looks at Byakuya who simply shrugs, Nagito smiles and nods his head happily as Kiyotaka stiffens with a quick look at Junko before nodding. Makoto smirks before throwing his arms up in triumph, "Majority rules! I already wrote our names down!" He looks around before his eyes land on you, a devilish smirk appears on his face as he shoves the bag at you. "Y/NN! You first!" You sigh and stick your hand in, a few pieces of paper brush past your hand as your gorgeous H/C hair frames your face. You grab a piece quickly and pull it out, you open the folded paper and your eyes widen as a fiery blush covers your face. Makoto laughs as he snatches the paper and reads it out loud, "Hajime!" Hajime stiffens and a light blush creeps up his neck, his ears turning a pink shade as he looks away. Makoto leads you both to the closet before shoving you both in, you hear a loud thud as you fall on something firm but warm. You look up slowly to see a pair of orange eyes looking at you in shock and embarrassment, you scramble off of him and stand up quickly as you scratch the back of your neck awkwardly. You hold out a hand to help him up but he knocks it away, standing up quickly he backs into a corner and leans against it. He crosses his arms and looks away as his blush deepens, remembering how much he wanted you to stay close to him he puts a hand over his mouth as his blush spreads. You giggle cutely making his heart beat quicken, he looks back and jumps a bit to see you only a few inches from him. "Such a tsundere.." You say with a smile, as he opens his mouth to fight back you grab his tie and pull him into a passionate kiss. His eyes open wide from shock but slowly flutter close as he rests his hands on your waist gently making you smile into the kiss. Just as he tilts his head and gently licks your bottom lip, the door is thrown open revealing Makoto with a camera and Toko with a disapproving look. "How indecent." Toko scolds as Makoto laughs, seeing as you practically fling off each other. "To late, already have the picture." He chuckles, showing you both the picture of you and him in the passionate kiss. A soft blush on his face and a bright one on yours, despite you making the first move. Hajime looks down as his blush deepens, but grabs your hand gently leading you to the couch. He sits down and pulls you to sit down next to him, he takes your phone from your pocket and types in his number placing his other arm behind your head. He tosses it back to you and looks away towards Makotos next victim, Toko who just so happens to get Byakuya. As you snuggle into his side, his blush grows and you place a arm softly over his stomach. As you hug him closer you look into his eyes and say, "Lets do that again sometime."

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