The Elf and Tragedy

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An Ashen elf named Felt and his companions head on adventures helping one of their fellow companions, Arnnen, with gathering magical items. Follow them on their adventures as they seek these items so Arnnen can fulfill his mysterious goal. For what purpose does he seek them? Why does he not explain himself? How will this affect those around him? Find out in this standalone story taking place in The Unbidden universe. New chapter will be released every day at 1200 EST

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Partum ortalius le’vonteros me volaniche astral arcum que’la sofr’it incipiunt!” A semi-translucent bow with flanged tips materialized in my hand as an arrow in similar appearance formed in the other.

I leapt off the large rock I stood on as a static-like cone of dark green energy reached it, dematerializing the rock into tiny particles. As I flew through the weightless realm, I contorted my body enough to land on another boulder which I used to propel myself to another, larger rock.

Once my feet touched down, I quickly nocked the arrow and drew the bow, ready to fire. Our party’s resident martial expert, Garin, was in a fisticuff duel with a twisted, inside-out fleshy version of himself. The two were floating in the middle of the battlefield trading blow for blow as though in a choreographed dance of death.

Without hesitation, I let the astral arrow fly. It traveled at an incredible speed as it struck the distorted clone with impeccable accuracy. The two had just struck a blow to each other’s face sending them spiraling away from one another. Garin twisted himself and landed on a rock just before smashing face-first into it and launched himself back at the clone.

His enemy tried to do the same, but as the arrow slammed into his neck, it sliced his head almost clean off. The near dismemberment didn’t seem to affect the creature much, but it was enough that when it mimicked Garin’s movements, it instead slammed against the rock it flew toward.

“A great shot as always!” Garin shouted as his fist, coated in martial essence, slammed into the clone’s nose.

Its head exploded like a watermelon that had been struck with a hammer. The remaining energy behind the punch struck the rock the clone slammed into, fracturing it into several large pieces and sending out a shockwave. By this point I already had another arrow nocked and ready to fire, but as I searched for another target, the static energy was in front of me. I had no time to react. I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable, but the moment it was to reach me never came.

“Chalk it up to another save by me!” our party’s gnomish wizard, Arnnen, laughed.

The sickly green energy slammed into a transparent black shield that materialized feet in front of me, sending the energy scattering upward. Unfortunately, the energy itself was some kind of creature, as it rotated and turned back downward toward me. I leapt off the rock as it devoured it, once again turning my platform into particles.

“How do we beat that!?” I shouted in exasperation while firing another arrow into the energy cloud.

“Have you tried asking politely?” Reana’s voice rang out from nearby.

Reana was another magic caster, much like myself and Arnnen, but she was much more resilient than either him and I. I fired three more arrows into the cloud as it raced toward me in the weightlessness. With a grunt, I twisted myself around so that my back now faced it.

Obtestor provari celeritate incremento mavo’sari pedibus ry’balovaeri partum!” A loud crack echoed around from the speed boost as I was launched toward a massive boulder in the distance.

“Your smart remarks do not help me,” I yelled back to her.

For some reason, this specific creature was intent on following me. Then again, Garin, Arnnen, and Raena all had their own enemies to deal with at the same time. The constant running around, or rather, leaping around, made me think the magic item we came here for wasn’t worth it. Arnnen never steered us wrong, though, so I had faith somewhere inside.

“Then how about this?” I glanced in her direction to see a massive ball of fire be hurdled at the creature.

It twisted itself while also opening up a gap in the middle of its fluid form. The fireball flew through without any effect, instead slamming into another rock and exploding against it.

“Still not helpful!” I fired another three arrows into the creature, but it truly seemed to be unaffected.

As I reached another earthen platform in my trajectory, I twisted myself, landed, and bounded off again. I kept doing this to keep the monster as far from me as possible. There had to be a way to defeat it. As I fired shots at the tentacle bat-like creatures attacking Raena, I kept thinking about what to do. Garin made sure to stay well away from me for fear of being de-atomized. Though, it was also because a new clone had sprung on him.

My bow faded after firing one more shot, the spell’s power finally running out. I clicked my tongue in annoyance. If it wasn’t for the air constantly blowing against me as I moved, I would surely have been covered in a thick coat of sweat.

“I found it!” Arnnen’s faint voice echoed, barely audible amidst the chaos of flinging spells and exploding sediment.

He appeared above me on a rock holding a maroon-colored glove with some sort of clear gemstone embedded in the center of the palm.

“’Tis great, but we still need to leave this place,” Garin commented as he round-housed another clone, severing it in half.

“We’re on it,” Raena said as she began chanting.

Arnnen joined in and less than a minute later, a portal about two feet in either direction opened up near the two casters. I bounded off another rock and flew near Garin. He kicked another clone in my direction, sending himself toward the portal.

“I will be there soon!” I shouted.

The particle creature crossed paths with the clone, instantly dematerializing it as its body passed through. It was a death that probably even destroyed your soul. I shuddered at the thought.

“Coming through,” Garin laughed as he flew through the portal.

I landed and prepared to bound toward the exit, but my foot slipped off the edge of the boulder as I pushed. I lost my balance and began tumbling uncontrollably.

“Felt!” Raena shouted, causing the portal to flicker.

I guess this is a fitting end, I laughed to myself.

There was nothing I could do in this situation unless Raena and Arnnen came to help. They could only create a portal to another dimension once every week, so if they stopped now, we’d all be trapped.

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