The (Weird) Life of A Teenage Necromancer

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Kate Morrow is your average teenager who recently got an invitation to attend GMTF (aka. Golden Minds of The Future) a top summer academic and exclusive camp which will surely look amazing on her transcript. And what's even better, her long time crush is going too! But everything is not what it seems and what's supposed to be a summer full of studying turns into a full out war she never imagined. With the discovery of her inhuman abilities she battles creatures from another dimension, struggling to survive. Wasn't being a teenager hard enough?!

Fantasy / Thriller
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Welcome to My Life

Tanya was such an asshole.

Her smirk and green eyes widened with false innocence, only served to infuriate Kate even more.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she drawled, voice dripping with liquefied Splenda. “But I was in such a hurry and I didn’t see you. I’m such a klutz!”

Kate forced a tight-lip smile. I’m not going to punch her, even though I would be doing the world a favor if I did. “Don’t worry, it’s just some spilled coffee. No harm done.”

Her emerald eyes slightly narrowed but she kept her smile plastered to her face. "Actually it’s a chocolate swirl mocha.”

“Well, I should go and clean up. See you later!” Ignoring Tanya’s comment, Kate walked past and hurried to the bathroom. Once out of their sight, she rushed to the mirror and groaned at her reflection. The peach blouse was marred by a streak of dark brown running down the front. There was no way she would be able to get the stains off and it was one of her favorites, dammit!

And how did it manage to get on my hair?!

“Stupid Tanya.” She fumed as she snatched a wet paper towel and patted at the stains to no avail. She ran her fingers through her dark locks in order to get rid of the stickiness but they only flopped in front of her gray eyes, obscuring her vision. Kate made a face at her reflection. She shouldn’t have cut it so short, couldn’t event tie it back in a ponytail. At least she still had her P.E clothes in her locker.

Trudging into her math class in her worn out dark red t-shirt, Kate wearily plopped herself into her seat which unfortunately for her, was at the front.

“Kate Morrow.”

She mentally cringed at his nasal voice. “Yeah, Mr.Lith?”

“You need to head down to room 2301 for a meeting.” He squinted at her through brown watery eyes and handed her a bright yellow note.

She stared at it curiously. “Do I have to take my stuff with me?”

“It shouldn’t take too long. ” He then turned to the class, dismissing her. “Alright kids, warm-up is on the board. Get to work.”

Kate held back her grin until she was out of the classroom.

As she walked though, her grin faded into a small frown. She had never been called out of class before. Never. Oh My Gosh I didn’t do something wrong, did I? She pictured walking into a dark room with the principal and other serious looking people sitting a table and having the principal saying “Kate, you’re in big trouble”

Or maybe even worse yet, the FBI mistook her for an evil spy who wanted to take over the world so they came to take her in order to brainwash her or hide her underground and tell everyone she went “missing”.......

Or maybe not.

Nervous and with growing panic due to her weird and huge imagination, she headed to room 2301, ready for the worst.

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