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The curse has started and it will only be a matter of time before it will take its first toll. Finding her mate has set more things in action than she thought. The prophecy is growing near and their time is starting to run out. What will happen when Kiara finds out that Dominic isn't who she thought he was? Will he let her in or will he let her fall? She needs her kin with every coming shackle in the chain but will she have the one who she needs before the end? Book 2 of The Pure Lycan Series (Sequel of Humanborn)

Fantasy / Romance
A. Makkelie
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1. Curse

Dominic pushed Kiara on the bed and kissed her passionately. He trailed his kisses from her mouth to her chin and neck.

Kiara moaned as Dominic kissed the spot where her neck and shoulder met.

He trailed his kisses back to her jaw and mouth and kissed her lips with passion and lust.

His hand trailed up underneath her shirt and left a trail of goose bumps on her skin.

Kiara ran her hands through his hair and kissed him with everything she got.

His hand briefly stopped underneath her bra and went back the way it came. Kiara moaned again and her back arched at his touch.

Dominic growled at the sight.

His lips found the spot on her neck again. He felt his canines elongate and grazed the spot where he still had to mark her. Kiara gasped and her back arched again. She could feel his hardness against her stomach and her own juices had already made her panties wet.

This man could drive her to the edge.

He pulled away a little and she could see his beautiful and special Alpha eyes with the blue lines in them. The eyes that showed her he was an Alpha and he was made for her.

He kissed her again and trailed his kisses to her neck and went to her chest. Kiara closed her eyes and moaned at the sparks his lips caused on her skin. He kept going down until he was almost between her breasts and suddenly stopped.

He pulled away and looked at his door.

This man could drive her to the edge, but he would never push her over...

‘Go.’ Was all she said. He kissed her again before he walked out of the room. Kiara fell back down on the bed. She ran her hand over her face and groaned again. That was the millionth time that he was called away for some Alpha business.

It’s been six months since everything happened.

The fight with Alaric, Jared and John.

Emma’s, her own mother being controlled by Lycaon, betrayal.

Zeus wanting her dead.

The vision.


She still couldn’t comprehend what had happened with Blake. She still didn’t understand why. Everyone around her told her to let it go and focus on everything that was just starting but she couldn’t.

He did everything to her just because she pushed him away when he said he was her mate?

Kiara sighed and walked to the bathroom. She needed a cold shower.

In those six months she has gotten closer to Dominic but he still didn’t let her in. They haven’t mated or marked each other yet and Leto was starting to lose it.

She was getting more and more anxious to be one with her mate but Dominic wouldn’t do it.

Sure, they had their moments like this one, but it was never more than moments. She had talked about it with Lia, but she said to have patience with him.

Right, patience...

It’s not like she has a curse on her which will, slowly, make her human again and, in the end, get killed by Zeus. Or she overcomes the curse because Dominic and her pup gets killed by Lycaon, which causes Kyriaki to take over completely and do everything that she saw in the vision.

Lia is right, she has all the time in the world...


The curse started as soon as Dominic accepted her but in those six months nothing has happened yet. She didn’t know what the curse would do to her to make her human, but so far, she didn’t feel or notice anything different.


After a short shower she dried herself and dressed in some fresh underwear, blue jeans and a green tank top. She put her hair up in a high ponytail and walked out of the room.

It was April now and the weather had gotten a lot better over the past couple of weeks.

She walked down and saw Lia and Kai making out on the couch. She couldn’t help but feel jealous of them. Why couldn't she have this?

Kiara walked to the football table where Titanas and Helix were playing against each other. Titanas saw her coming and wiggled his eyebrows at her. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. He froze and looked at her shocked. ‘You’re kidding right?’

Helix twisted one of the handles and scored a point. ‘Score!’ He screamed before he saw Titanas’ expression. He followed his gaze and looked at Kiara as she came to stand at the table.

‘Nope, I’m not kidding.’ Kiara breathed.

Titanas shook his head in disbelieve. ‘Does this guy have a rule not to have sex before marriage or something, because newsflash, werewolves don’t get married since they are basically married as soon as they mark each other.’ Kiara glared at him.

‘Seriously? You two still haven’t marked and mated?’ She looked at Helix and shook her head.

‘Wow, got to give it to him that he has a lot of self-control. His wolf must be killing him on the inside to get out and do it himself.’ Helix stated.

‘His wolf? What do you think about mine?’ Kiara pointed to herself. ‘Leto is trying to get control over me all the time!’ She stated. Someone chuckled behind her. She turned around and looked at Ancyor.

He had come to find her two months ago. He came after Helix and they didn’t know if anyone else was out there trying to find their way to Kiara.

From now on she could say that everyone of her Pure Lycan uncles were very muscled and handsome. Ancyor and Helix both had brown coloured hair and their eyes were the same as every Pure Lycan’s. Midnight blue while human and Neon dark blue with white lines in wolf form. Oh, and they all had Greek accents.

‘You’re a Pure Lycan, of course she’s driving you nuts. For a Pure Lycan marking and mating with their mate is something they have to do to merge their souls. She’s only going to get worse.’ He said.

Kiara groaned. Great, that was just what she needed.

‘For Pure Lycan’s who don’t have mates, you guys know a lot about this stuff.’ Titanas snorted at her comment.

‘You’d be surprised just how much we know.’ Kiara gave him a small smile.

‘At least we don’t have to deal with a mate who doesn’t want to mate.’ Helix stated. Kiara growled at his comment, which caused the three to chuckle.

‘Just do what I told you and you won’t have to wait anymore.’ Kiara rolled her eyes and turned to face Lia.

‘I’m not going to do that.’ Lia shook her head in disbelieve.

‘What did you tell her to do?’ Ancyor asked. Lia wanted to explain exactly what she told her a couple of days ago and it was definitely not something her uncle’s needed to know. Kiara grabbed Lia and covered her mouth with her hand.

‘Nothing. She told me nothing.’ Kiara quickly stated. The three males looked at each other and started to smile. ‘Don’t even try to mind-link her!’ Kiara yelled, but it was already too late as she saw the changes in their face.

‘Well if you are going to do that, you’re officially a slut.’ Helix said.

‘Yeah, but it will work. If she’s caught kissing another guy he will loose it and then it will be for sure that he needs to mate and mark her.’ Ancyor said. Kiara groaned and released the chuckling Lia.

‘You could try it.’ Titanas said. Kiara looked at him with shock. He couldn’t be serious.

‘You guys are insane. I’m not going to do that!’ Kiara yelled.

‘Good luck with being a virgin then.’ Lia stated. Kiara shook her head in disbelieve and walked away.

‘Your mate is a bitch.’ She said to Kai as she walked past the couch.

Kiara walked outside and walked past the village. She wanted to take a run, but she knew the minute she would let Leto take over she wouldn’t be running in the forest but towards her mate.

Kiara walked to the training grounds and saw Kyle. He was shirtless and training the teenage males. It didn’t take long for him to notice her. He sighed and walked to a chest. He grabbed some shorts for her and trew them at her as she walked past him to the tree where she always changed.

Kyle helped her release the tension she got from being with Dominic. She has been training with him alsmost everyday and she had gotten a lot better in her human form. She took off her jeans and put on the shorts. She walked out behind the tree and immediately dodged Kyle’s arm. He chuckled and they both got in their position. ‘Sorry to call him away.’

‘That’s fine. I’m used to it by now and it was going nowhere anyway.’ Kiara said while sighing. He gave her an apologetic look.

‘I want to say to give it some time, but it’s been six months already.’ Kyle said.

He attacked and she blocked his arm and kick. She grabbed his arm and turned it on his back. Kyle quickly turned with it and went to tackle her. She jumped over him and tackled him in the process. She landed on top of him and dislocated his wrist. He hissed at the pain that shot up and down his arm. Kiara got off of him.

‘I just don’t get it. It’s like he wants me but at the same time doesn’t. I just feel so lost.’ Kyle snapped his wrist back in place and also got up.

‘Did you ever try to make the move?’ Kiara gulped, but didn’t react. Yeah, she did, but it was awkward to talk about it with him. Kyle understood her silence.

He attacked again. Kiara ducked and tackled him. Kyle quickly got up and grabbed her arm and neck. Kiara pulled his wrist off of her neck and pulled her arm out of his grasp but the impact dislocated her elbow. Kiara screamed and fell to her knees. Her skin immediately turned blue.

That had never happened before.

Kyle crouched down and had the same surprised look on his face. He grabbed her arm and pushed it back. Kiara screamed at the pain and immediately knew this wasn’t right. The pain was worse than she had ever felt and it didn’t subside.

The sky turned dark and lightning filled the heavens. A tear rolled down her cheek by hearing the thunder. It was like Zeus was laughing at her. She looked at Kyle.

‘The curse.’

Hi guys,

My apologies if it’s a rough start!

It will get better I promise haha.

Have a nice day you guys!

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