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10. Force

'You're serious, aren't you?' Kiara whispered.

Dominic sighed. ‘Because of this fucking change, I’m fighting with myself on everything I do or decide and it’s tearing me apart, Kiara. It feels like I’m losing my mind.’ He said. Kiara felt sorry for him. She walked towards him and gently placed her hand on his cheek.

They both became a master in keeping themselves at bay and not let their souls merge with each other. This also kept them from feeling what the other felt and she knew it was time to release that hold.

Kiara leaned her forehead against his and closed her eyes. She breathed in and searched for him in her blood. ‘Kiara.’ He breathed as she felt him grabbing her wrist. When she found him she released the hold she had on herself.

The force that was released from her forced Dominic to do the same and their emotions and feelings washed over them like a wave. It also forced tears to fall and the sparks to intensify.

She released her breath as she opened her eyes. She looked at Dominic who looked at her with remorse in his eyes.

He finally felt what he did to her and he couldn’t believe that he did this to her. He pulled her hand away, grabbed her by her neck and kissed her deeply.

A tear rolled down her cheek as he kissed her. She felt how conflicted he was and that he was in pain. She wrapped her arms his neck as he pulled her closer to him.

The kiss was the best one they had ever since their first kiss after the Blood Moon.

After a while they both had to pull away to catch their breath. They rested their forehead against each other and remained quiet for a while. ‘I’m so sorry, Kiara.’ He whispered.

She opened her eyes and pulled away a little to look at him. The hurt was clear in his eyes and she knew they had to talk about it but she had a feeling Apollo came to him for something else. ‘What else did Apollo tell you?’ She asked. He sighed and closed his eyes for a second.

‘My mother was the same as me.’ Kiara’s eyes widened. ‘He said that I can’t do this alone and that the only person who can help me is…’ He sighed again and opened his eyes. Kiara gulped as she already knew who it was.

‘Alaric.’ He nodded.

‘What are you going to do?’

‘What choice do I have?’ He asked. Kiara also sighed and ran her hand trough her hair. ‘None, you need help.’ He nodded again.

Kiara sighed as she thought about their options. Well, option as they really had no other choice but to let Alaric come back to help Dominic. 'He will never come alone. If you're going to ask him for help he is going to want the others with him.' Kiara said with a sigh.

'Yes.' Dominic said as he sat back down on the bed. Kiara sighed again as she turned to the window. ‘Let them come back.’ She said, eventually, as she turned back to him.

‘No, Kiara…’ Dominic started as he got up again.

‘I know it’s dangerous, Nic. Trust me, I know and that's why Alaric, Jared, Blake, Emma and whomever they may bring will be staying in the dungeons. During the day they are allowed to leave while one of my uncles is with each of them at all times and during the night they will be locked up with two guards by the door. Alaric will help you find yourself and once he’s done we will decide what happens with them.’ Kiara said. Dominic sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

‘What about Zeus and Lycaon? They are still under their protection.’ Kiara also sighed.

‘I can ask my uncles or Portheus if they know something that could help but we have to do this, Nic.’ He nodded at her. ‘I know.’

Dominic walked towards her and placed his hand on the side of her neck. 'You're sure about this?'

'No but this is the only option we have.' Kiara answered truthfully. Dominic sighed and leaned with his head against hers.

'Let's go tell the others.' Dominic said as he pulled away. Kiara nodded and they both walked out of the room and went to the living room. Lia and kai were there as well as Kyle and Ryan who were talking to Corethon about something. Dominic sighed as he shared a look with Kiara.

She gave him a small nod to encourage him. 'Is everything okay?' Portheus asked as he saw the worried faces of his daughter and son-in-law.

'There has been a development and we need to discuss what the next step will change.' Dominic said in his Alpha role.

'Okay, it has to be serious if you start to talk as an Alpha.' Kyle said.

'It is, because it involves...'

'Alpha!' Daniel yelled as the door was thrown open and he ran in. He was panting as he bended forward and tried to catch his breath. 'A-alaric and the others have all gathered at the border.' He said as he looked at Dominic. Kiara felt him stiffen next to her and she knew that this wasn't a coincidence. 'He want's to talk to you. H-he says that he can help you.' Kiara and Dominic immediately looked at each other. They both were thinking the same thing.

Someone here has been spying on them.

There was no way in hell that Apollo could have told Zeus about Dominic's condition and he hadn't linked Alaric yet.

'How the fuck does he know?' Dominic asked her.

'Know what?' Helix asked as he got up from the couch and looked at them.

'Dominic's mother was the same being as he is and he's going to need the help of Alaric to become who he truly is. That was what we wanted to discuss with you but it appears that they figured out the same thing.' Kiara said as she looked at her uncle.

'There is no way in hell, you're going to allow them to stay here right?' Kai asked.

'I think I have too.' Dominic said with a sigh. 'Alaric is the only one who can help me.'

'According to whom?' Ancyor asked.

'Apollo.' Kiara said as she looked at Ancyor.

'Okay, so you truly have no choice.' Eumon said as he rubbed his neck.

'No.' Dominic said with a sigh.

'What's the plan?' Titanas asked as he walked towards Dominic.

'We let them stay in the pack but they will be locked up if they're not doing something to help me. If they are allowed to walk around they have a Pure Lycan and a guard with them and when they are locked up there will be two guards at each cell in wolf from. They can't be pursuade to do something if there wolf is the one guarding them.' Titanas nodded in understanding.

'You're sure about this?' Lia asked as she walked towards him. Dominic looked at Kiara. 'No but it's the only option we have.' He repeated Kiara's words.

'If they try anything they will be killed immediately.' Dominic said as he looked back at the group.

'Nice plan but they still have to protection of Zeus.' Ancyor said as he crossed his arms.

'Yes, but you're going to find out how to break it. Zeus may be the king of the gods but his power isn't without it's weaknesses.' Doinic said.

'May be easier said than done but I'll try to find out anything I can.' Corethon said.

'I'll help you with that.' Corethon said as he got up as well. Kiara locked eyes with him and gulped. He gave her as small smile. She returned it and gave him a small nod as well.

'Well, let's go invite dear old daddy, fucked in the head rogue Alpha, back from the dead former pack member and controlled by Lycaon mother back in.' Kyle said as he walked to the door. Kiara gulped as she looked at Portheus who also looked at her. They weren't ready for this but there was nothing they could do to stop it.

'Ki, stay here.' Kiara's eyes shot to Dominic.

'You can't be serious.' She said.

'I'm not risking it to bring you to the pack's borders with them on the other side, Kiara. Please, just stay here.' Dominic said.

'We'll look after her, my king.' Danai said as she came to stand next to Kiara. Dominic looked at her and had to do a double take to get past the fact that she called him her king. That was something he wasn't going to get used to.

Kiara looked at Danai who smiled at her and gave her a nod. She sighed in frustration as she looked back at Dominic. 'Fine but if they try anything, I'll make sure that they will be wishing for their death.' Dominic gave her a proud smile and kissed her forehead before he turned and walked out of the pack house with Titanas, Portheus, Kyle and Kai.

Yeah, she really wasn't ready for this.

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