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11. Back

Ancyor shook his head in disbelieve as he looked out of the window. ‘That guys is losing it.’ Kiara looked at him a she removed the hairband from her bun and let her hair hang loose.

‘What the fuck is your problem this time.’ Kiara asked as she walked towards them.

‘You’re kidding right?’ He asked as he looked at her. ‘What did Apollo say that made it so important to have Alaric help him?’ Kiara gulped and also looked at the window.

‘Kiara, what did he say?’ Ancyor asked with a harder voice as he realized that there was something important she left out.

‘Dude, calm down.’ Helix said as he noticed the change in Ancyor.

Kiara closed her eyes as she sighed. She knew she had to tell them the reason but she also knew how Ancyor was going to react. She looked back at him. She had to tell him eventually.

‘If Dominic doesn’t get help and his change goes wrong, the curse, Zeus or Lycaon won’t kill me, he will.’ Kiara said. Yeah, this was a bad idea.

Ancyor immediately got up and walked towards her as his eyes changed. ‘He what!?’ He yelled.

‘How the fuck can you keep that from us, Kyriaki!’ Kiara growled lowly both Leto and Kyriaki rose at his disrespect. He clenched his jaw as he heard her growl.

‘Watch your tone, Ancyor.’ Kiara said. ‘Dominic doesn’t know what’s happening to him either. This was something that no one could foresee.’ She added.

Ancyor huffed as he shook his head in disbelieve. ‘Like hell he doesn’t! That guy is a ticking time bomb and he is going to destroy everything around him.’ Kyriaki rose even more and Kiara had trouble with keeping her contained. ‘Including you apparently! That guy is a good for nothing Alpha who doesn’t deserve anything else but living as a rogue and he certainly doesn’t deserve you!’

Kiara lost control and Kyriaki took over. Her appearance changed as she grabbed Ancyor and threw him out of the window.

The daughters of Selene all fell to their knees as they saw her and Helix, Corethon and Eumon looked at her with shock in their eyes.

Kyriaki walked out of the packhouse. It was still raining but she didn’t care right now. She never took her eyes off of Ancyor. He slowly sat up on his knees and looked at her. She could sense the fear coming off of him. Everyone followed her outside as did most of the pack who heard the glass break. She crouched down in front of him and looked him straight in the eyes.

They both said nothing but their eyes told everything. Kyriaki was demanding submission while Ancyor was fighting all of his instincts to give it to her. He is a Pure Lycan, he is used to demand submission instead of giving it himself.

Ancyor groaned as he lowered his eyes to the ground and bared his neck, knowing that he lost. Kyriaki chuckled softly. She placed a finger underneath his chin and lifted his head. His eyes held tears, anger and regret. ‘Remember your place.’ Her voice was both ethereal as dangerous. ‘You may be a Pure Lycan but he is my mate which makes him your king. You will respect him or I’ll make sure that you won’t come back the next time you leave your body.’ His fear intensified as a tear fell down his cheek. She smiled as she followed the tear with her eyes. ‘You think Lycaon was bad.’ Her eyes shot back to his. ‘Make an enemy of me and you’ll know I’m worse.’ He gulped as she removed her finger. She stood up and looked down on his lowered head.

Kiara felt Kyriaki retreat. Soon, she was herself again and looked with tears in her eyes at Ancyor. She didn’t want Kyriaki to take over but she agreed with everything she told him. She also knew that it was true when she said that she was worse than Lycaon. The vision has showed her that already.

‘Don’t think you are above him, Ancyor.’ She told him. He lifted his head to look at her, noticing that her voice had turned normal and her aura wasn’t so strong anymore. ‘Don’t think you are above any of the wolves here. You are a Pure Lycan but that doesn’t mean you can say anything about anyone and treat them like shit.’ A tear rolled down his cheek as he took in her words.

‘Ain’t this nice.’ Everybody looked to the right. Kiara’s breath hitched in her throat as she met his eyes. An ache went through her chest as she remembered the Blood Moon and what he did to her, what her mother told her. Her uncles got closer to her and growled at the group.

He smirked and winked at her as he saw her reaction. A tear fell down her cheek and she forced herself to look away from him. Portheus came to stand next to her. The tension was noticeable and as her eyes met her mother’s she knew what he was going through. Her mother chuckled at the sight of the tense Portheus.

Yeah, she was going to make Lycaon pay for what he did to her mother and father.

Her eyes shot to Jared and Alaric who were also smirking at her. She gulped and looked at the male that was standing next to them. Kiara’s eyes grew wide as she realized who the male was.

‘Socleus.’ She breathed. His death also appeared in her head and she had to use all her strength to not freak out again, like she did with Corethon.

Surprise washed over his face as he took a step towards her. ‘How do you know me?’

‘Ask your dad.’ She spat at him. His jaw clenched as he knew she didn’t trust him. How could she? Knowing that he came with them.

Alaric chuckled and shook his head. ‘Having trust issues with your own kin?’ She glared at him.

‘Yeah, I have you, Lycaon and Zeus to thank for that.’ Kiara said. He grinned at her. She could tell that he was enjoying this.

‘Lovely reunion but I’m gonna find the kitchen. I’m starving.’ Jared said and wanted to take a step forward when he was stopped by Ryan and Daniel who came closer and growled.

‘Hi buddies!’ He said with a smile. Kiara noticed the anger rolling off of them.

Zack and Jared were their friends. Jared turning dark and killing Zack was something that still hurt them.

‘If you thought that you were going to be able to walk around like before, you’re sadly mistaken.’ Kiara said as she came to stand in between Ryan and Daniel.

‘Escort them to the dungeons.’ Dominic ordered Ryan, Daniel and a few of his other warriors. They walked towards them, as did Eumon and Ancyor.

‘You’re really doing this?’ Emma asked Kiara. Portheus walked towards her. ‘We are.’ He said with a hard voice as he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the dungeon.

The others followed.

Kiara’s eyes met Blake’s as he was taken away and he grinned at her before he turned to look forward. Dominic walked up to her and wrapped an arm around her waist. Kiara leaned into him as she watched them being taken away.

‘Are you okay.’ Dominic asked. Kiara sighed as she closed her eyes and moved out of his arms before she looked at him. ‘People really need to stop asking me that. It’s getting really annoying.’ She said as she walked to the packhouse and walked up to her room.

Of course, she wasn’t okay. Why would people think she was right now?

Kiara fell on the bed and sighed as she looked at the rain that fell on the window.

She heard the door open and the smell of roses and peach filled her nose.


Kiara felt the bed dip next to her as Lia also laid down. Kiara turned to lie on her back. ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask it.’ Kiara snorted and shook her head. She looked at Lia and saw that her belly had started to grow already.

‘Can I ask you a question.’ Lia met Kiara’s eyes and nodded. ‘A normal wolf is, give or take, two months pregnant and a human nine months. How long is a werewolf pregnant?’ Lia looked at her belly and rubbed it softly.

‘You’d be surprised but it depends on how we get pregnant.’ She said as she looked back at Kiara who gave her a questioning look. ‘You aren’t going to talk about positions are you?’

Lia chuckled and shook her head. ‘No don’t worry. I meant in which form.’ Lia said.

‘If Alena is the one that mates with Devon than it will be two months and if we get pregnant while we are shifted we wont be able to shift back until the pup is born. The pup will be born as a wolf but will shift when he's a month old. It’s a dangerous shift and almost no pups survive it.’ Lia looked at her belly agian. ‘But Kai and I are the ones that mated and that means I will be nine months pregnant. The growth in my belly does go differently though. My pup grows faster and that’s why you can already see my belly grow. Once his body is complete his or her wolf will start to grow inside of them and join them together. That’s what makes us carry our pup for nine months and why we have a large belly for the most time during the pregnancy. My pup will be born in his or her human form and will get their wolf at fifteen like usual’ She added.

Kiara nodded in understanding. ‘I never knew that there was actually a difference.' She said as she looked at the cealing. 'Has it ever happened?’ Lia knew she was referring to a mated couple getting pregnant in wolf from.

‘Yes, a few times but the pup never survived. I think that the pup has to be incredibly strong to survive the shift at a month old maybe your pup will be able to survive it because of your Pure Lycan blood but for the rest of us it’s basically not possible. Unless your pup is blessed by Selene of course.’ Lia said.

It was quiet between them for a while. ‘Did you tell him yet?’ Kiara decided to ask but Lia didn’t answer. Kiara sighed and sat upright. ‘Lia your belly is already starting to grow and you smell is slowly getting stronger. You have to tell him.’

‘You are pregnant!?’ Kiara and Lia immediately looked at the door and saw a shocked Kyle. ‘Thanks, Ki.’ Lia said with a glare.

‘I didn’t know he was here, I swear.’ Kiara said as she held up her hands. Lia also sat upright and nodded. Kyle closed the door behind him and walked into the room. ‘And Kai doesn’t know?’ Lia shook her head as she looked at her belly.

‘She’s afraid he will get mad because she thinks he doesn’t want kids.’ Kiara said as she looked at Kyle.

‘Woman and their worrying.’ Kyle said as he ran his hands over his eyes and sighed. ‘Sorry, Lia.’ The two females looked at him with questioning looks. Kyle took a deep breath and turned to the door.

‘KAI!!!’ He screamed at the top of his lungs as he ran out of the room. Kiara and Lia covered their ears as they hurt.

‘Fuck!’ Lia screamed as she and Kiara ran after Kyle.


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