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13. Infirmary

‘Well, that went well…’ Dominic said as they entered the packhouse after the pack meeting. He told the pack what was going on around here and the reason why the others are back and alive. Instead of being brought to justice for their crimes against the pack.

‘What did you expect? You’ve been an asshole for six months and you allowed Alaric and the others to come back because you need his help with your change.’ Dominic sighed as he heard Kiara’s words and sat down in a love seat. ‘You are their leader but they don’t have to agree with you. Knowing how the last months have been, it went better than I expected.’ Kiara said as she fell down on the couch, laid on her back and pulled her legs up.

‘That they didn’t agree with the decision I made with Alaric was clear.’ Dominic said.

‘Nic, they did more harm to the pack than any rogues ever did. It’s still fresh in their thoughts and hearts. I can tell they respect and trust you but give them time. Alaric will train and help you and after that you will show them that you still are the Alpha you were. Only stronger.’ Kiara said as she looked at him. He gave her a small smile and nodded.

‘Besides, we also have a Luna that we fully trust and will kick our ass if we disrespect you.’ Kyle said as he sat down at Kiara’s feet. Dominic snorted while Kiara glared at Kyle.

‘Ancyor is family not a pack member. So, they don’t need to fear me.’ Kiara said with a sigh.

‘They don’t fear you, Kiara. They respect you and they know that you will have their back.’ Kai said.

‘Well, I fear myself…’ She mumbled as she laid a arm over her eyes.

She felt Kyle move but didn’t think much of it until she was grabbed by her waist and pulled off of the couch. Kiara yelped as she fell on the ground and looked at Kyle that looked at her with a smirk on his face. She tilted her head to look at Dominic who was also smirking and she immediately knew that he gave Kyle permission. She rolled her eyes and got up.

‘Seriously Kyle?’ He looked at her with fake hurt. ‘What?’ His voice unnecessary high. ‘It was the couch not me!’ He stated. She grabbed a cushion and smacked his head with it. He yelped as he fell to the side. He glared at her. She dropped the cushion on the couch and put up her hands in defense. ‘What?’ She mimicked his unnecessary high voice. ‘It was the cushion not me!’

Kyle quickly got up. Kiara jumped over the couch to the other side but was stopped when Kyle grabbed her arm. A lightning flash filled the sky as he pulled her back and she screamed as she felt her shoulder dislocate and her muscles being torn. After that everything went dark.


Kiara woke up in a room with a bright light shining on her. She groaned as she turned to her side but regretted it instantly as she screamed when she felt an excruciating pain in her shoulder.

Something wrapped itself around her. It was warm and it caused sparks to erupt in her body. Kiara opened her eyes and looked at the person responsible. Dominic looked at her. ‘Welcome back.’ He said softly. She gave him a small smile before she looked around her and saw that she was in the infirmary.

Everything came back to her. She remembered Kyle grabbing her arm and the lightning flash that filled the sky. She slowly reached for her shoulder and felt the bandage. The curse had taken another toll.

‘What happened?’ She asked as she looked back at Dominic. He brushed some of her hair from her face. ‘Kyle released you immediately after he realized what happened. You passed out from the pain and I brought you here. Doc had to perform surgery on you to reattach your torn muscle in your shoulder. She said that the same thing happened as the first toll. Your healing is back to human rate.’ Kiara gulped and nodded in understanding. ‘How long was I asleep?’

‘A little over a day.’ Kiara looked at her shoulder and started to worry as she remembered that the last time it had healed the next day. The whole curse didn’t make sense.

‘How’s Kyle?’ She asked as she looked back at him. ‘He’s beating himself up for hurting you again. He went to the training grounds and hasn’t come back since. Kai went to try and talk to him but he didn’t listen.’ Dominic said before he slightly clenched his jaw. Kiara noticed it and got the feeling that hurting her wasn’t the only reason why he went to the training grounds. ‘What aren’t you telling me?’ She asked. Dominic clenched his jaw again but didn’t answer. Yeah, there was another reason.


‘What did you do, Nic?’ Kiara asked with a sigh. Dominic got up and walked to the window. ‘Dominic?’ Kiara asked but he still didn’t answer. Seriously, males are needed in the world but why do they have to be so fucking annoying?

Kiara opened her mind and searched for Mike. It didn’t take long for her to find him. ‘Hi Mike.’ Dominic turned around immediately as he heard her voice in his head. ‘Seriously, Kiara?’ He started as he took a step towards her. ‘Hello Kiara.’ She heard Mike link her and by Dominic’s face she could tell that he heard him too. ‘Of course…’ He breathed irritated.

‘What did Dominic do to Kyle after he brought me to the infirmary?’ Kiara asked while she was looking at Dominic.

‘Ehm he didn’t do anything…’ Mike linked back. Kiara looked surprised at Dominic who sighed. ‘I did.’ Mike added.

‘Mike, what did you do?’ Kiara linked with some worry in her voice. She knew what Mike did to his own mother one time and what he did to her. If he is capable of almost killing Cora and wounding her, who knows what he will be capable of when it involved someone else.

‘I lost control over Mike and he shifted and attacked Kyle. Kyle stayed human because he thought he deserved it. Mike didn’t hurt him so bad but he told Kyle that he had to stay away from the packhouse if he wanted to live.’ Dominic explained.

Kiara looked at him with big eyes. ‘What the fuck were you thinking?! It was the curse that hurt me, not Kyle!’ She yelled at Mike through the link. Both Dominic and Kiara heard him whimper. ‘My mate was hurt. I couldn’t feel her…’ Mike linked back. Dominic sighed and walked back to the bed. He sat down on the edge as he saw the shocked looked on her face.

‘You couldn’t feel Leto?’ She asked with a soft voice. Dominic shook his head. ‘As soon as the lightning flashed through the sky she was suddenly gone. Since an hour or two I can feel her again. It was like she left you and suddenly decided to come back.’ Kiara took in the information.

‘Your healing also picked up as she came back.’ Kiara looked to the door and saw Doc and Portheus who walked towards her. She thought about everything that had been said.

‘The curse rips Leto away from me.’ She said as a tear fell down her cheek. ‘That’s how my healing is going back to human rate and why you can’t feel her.’ Kiara looked at Portheus who clenched his jaw.

‘I will kill anyone who will try to take my mate away from me.’ Mike growled through the link. Dominic groaned as Mike was rising inside of him and he was fighting for control. ‘I know you will, Mike, but you can’t attack your beta. He wasn’t the one who hurt me. Tell him to come back to the packhouse and tell him that he is not to blame for what happened to me.’ Kiara said through the link. Dominic nodded at her as he linked Kyle. Kiara cut the link with Mike and sighed in exhaustion.

Doc walked up to her. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘Like shit.’ Kiara said as he laid a hand on her head and opened her eyes to look at Doc. ‘Understandable, how high would you rate your pain right now?’ She asked.

‘A six I think.’ Kiara answered. Doc hummed in response as she checked if the bandages were still in place. ‘What was the pain when you woke up?’

‘A ten.’ Doc nodded in understanding. ‘It’s a good thing that the pain already lessened. I don’t know how fast you will heal but we’ll take it hour by hour.’ Kiara nodded in understanding. Her eyes started to become heavy.

‘Sleep, Luna. No matter if you’re human, werewolf or Pure Lycan sleep is the best thing to do to heal your injuries. I’ll be back in a hour.’ Doc said with a smile. Kiara smiled at her before she closed her eyes. She felt Dominic move and sparks erupted on her head as he gave her a kiss. He pulled away and the last thing she heard was the door closing.

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