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14. Strength

Dominic walked into the living room and was greeted with Kyle. He looked like shit and it was clear that he hadn’t slept yet. ‘Dude, you look like shit.’ Dominic said. Kyle tensed and immediately bowed his head. ‘Apologies Alpha.’ He said with a soft voice.

‘No, I should apologize. You weren’t the one who hurt her it was the curse.’ Kyle looked up at his Alpha and gave him a small smile. ‘How is Luna?’

‘Getting better.’ He sighed and looked at the others that were here. Portheus gave him a nod as he knew what he was thinking. ‘The curse takes a toll by ripping Leto away from Kiara.’ He said. No body said anything but he felt anger filling the room.

‘We need to find a way to break that fucking curse.’ Daniel said.

Dominic nodded at him. ‘We do, I want you and Ryan to go to the archives and help Corethon to find out anything you can about the gods, Pure Lycans and curses. Maybe there is something we can find.’ Daniel and Ryan nodded and got up.

‘I’ll go with them.’ Eumon said as he also got up. Dominic gave him a nod and the three of them walked away.

Kai walked in to the living room and sighed. ‘What’s wrong?’ Dominic asked his gamma.

‘Alaric is being an ass.’ Dominic rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He had been avoiding going down there by staying with Kiara but he knew that he had go to him. ‘Of course, he is. Let’s go pay him a visit.’ He looked at Titanas who got up and walked with him and Kai to the dungeon.

As they walked down flashes of the time Kiara was locked up appeared in his head. Everything started that day and it felt like it was a life time ago when it had just been a year. They entered the block where Alaric and the others were locked up.

Dominic looked at the cells he passed. The Pure Lycan that came with them sat in the cell that was closest to the stairway. His head hang low as he sat on the ground before he looked up when he felt the presence of his brother. Titanas glared at him as they passed him.

Next to him was Emma. She laid on the cot and glared at Dominic as he walked by. He smirked and shook his head at her. Jared leaned against the wall in the cell next to Emma and smirked at them as they walked by.

Next to Jared was Alaric and at the end was Blake. Dominic stopped in front of the cell of Alaric who smirked and got up.

‘How’s your mate? The scream she gave was one of the best things I ever heard.’ Dominic growled lowly which caused Alaric to grin at him. ‘Makes you wonder what she will sound like when you’re fucking her.’ Dominic had to use all of his strength to keep himself from killing the asshole on the spot.

‘We’re going to train tomorrow. Try anything and I’ll kill you. Even if you’re the only one who can help me.’ Dominic said, not wanting to hear more.

‘Your mother would have been so proud.’ Alaric stated. Dominic tensed and within a few seconds his anger turned into rage. He grabbed the door and ripped it away. Alaric looked at him with a shocked expression as Dominic walked into the cell. Alaric groaned as the power that radiated off of Dominic intensified and almost forced him to his knees.

Dominic grabbed his throat and squeezed. ‘I am the Alpha. You will respect me as one or I’ll make sure that you will suffer for the rest of your life. You will do as I say without objection. Bring up my mother again and I’ll make sure you feel how she felt only worse.’ Dominic dragged Alaric out of the cell and threw him in another one. Alaric groaned as he fell on the ground. Dominic closed the door and the two wolves that stood guard by Alaric’s cell took their place by the new one.

Everyone was quiet as they looked with shock at Dominic. He turned and looked at Blake who smirked at him. Dominic rolled his eyes before he walked off with Titanas and Kai.

The three walked out of the dungeon. As soon as Dominic walked out he shifted and ran off. Titanas and Kai looked at each other. ‘What did just happen?’ Kai asked.

‘We saw a piece of the strength Dominic possesses.’ Titanas said as he looked at the running wolf.

‘If he’s that strong right now...’

‘It makes you wonder what else he will be able to do once he figures out who he is.’ Titanas finished Kai’s sentence.


It was raining outside and Zeus was releasing lightning bolts by the minute. Kiara laid on her bed and looked at the wall as the light flashed outside.

Another flash filled the room. ‘I know what you two saw.’ She whispered. ‘I saw it too.’ Kiara didn’t know if either of them could even hear her but she kept talking anyway.

‘We know.’ Her breath hitched as she heard two voices. One was clearly in her head and the other…

Another flash filled the sky and she saw a silhouette on her wall. She slowly sat up and looked behind her. Again a flash filled the room and she saw a male in the room.

He looked powerful and older. His hair was grey and curly and he was holding a scepter. He was wearing a white toga and she could see the lightning in his eyes. ‘Zeus.’ She breathed. He gave her a small nod.

‘Don’t forget me, my granddaughter.’ She heard in her head again.

Both Lycaon and Zeus heard her.

A tear rolled over her cheek and Zeus grinned at the sight. ‘You are afraid.’ He said as he walked a little closer to her.

She scooted backwards and fell off the bed. She groaned and knew that this wasn't a good impression to give the king of the gods who want’s her dead. She got up and turned back towards him. As soon as she turned he was close in front of her. Kiara looked at him with a shocked look in her eyes.

Another flash filled the room. ‘Why are you afraid? You have seen the destiny that will come to pass. We should be afraid of you.’ Zeus said.

‘It won’t come to pass.’ Kiara said as the images of the vision flashed through her head. ‘You’ll kill me before I have the chance to change my destiny.’ She added as another tear rolled down her cheek.

Zeus hummed and looked at her in amazement.

‘Do you wonder why Lycaon can pull you out of your body and place you in another but cannot kill you?’ Zeus suddenly asked.

She never even realized that. Lycaon had access to her all along but he didn’t kill her while he easily could have.

‘Do you wonder why I send those pups after you instead of killing you myself?’ Zeus asked as he walked around her.

‘Yes.’ She said. Lycaon chuckled lowly in her head and somehow she could feel his presence inside of her.

Zeus stopped in front of her again. He lifted his hand and placed it on the scars Dominic gave her. He looked at it briefly when his eyes snapped back to hers as they lit up. Kiara screamed as an electric pain shot through her body. Zeus withdrew his hand and Kiara fell to her knees.

‘Do you want to kill us, little one?’ Lycaon asked in her head. ‘And don’t lie. I can tell if you do.’ He added.

‘Why do you want to kill me if there is still a chance to change the vision? If I die, the races in my blood will die as well. They didn’t do anything to offend you!’ She countered as she looked up at Zeus.

He grinned as he looked down on her. ‘We’re not going to stand by and wait for you to kill us.’ He said.

‘You already cursed me!’ She yelled at him. ‘I’m slowly becoming human again, why kill me? If I’m human the vision won’t come to pass!’ She said as she got up and looked at him.

‘You sped up you destiny, my granddaughter.’ Lycaon said. ‘The outcome of everything that we set in motion has become unclear and we don’t know how everything will turn out. We can’t risk it not going our way.’ Zeus said. Of course, it didn’t.

She wanted to know the answer to the reason why Zeus and Lycaon haven’t killed her themselves. ‘Why can’t you two kill me yourself?’ She asked with a hard voice.

‘Because we can’t kill one of our own.’ They both said in unison before another flash filled the sky and everything became dark.


‘Kiara!’ She heard her voice being called from the distance but she couldn’t reply.

‘Kiara come on!’ The voice became louder.

‘Fuck, Kiara!’ The voice was screaming her name. What was going on?


Kiara shot up and saw that she still was in the infirmary. She looked at Lia next to her who looked at her with worry clear in her eyes.

The Pure Lycans were standing around her bed and sighed in relieve. Kyle and Kai were also in the room.

Lia slowly sat down on the bed with Kiara. ‘What happened?’ Kiara asked as she ran a hand through her hair. ‘You screamed and when we came to see what was wrong you weren’t breathing. It was like you weren’t here.’ She looked at Corethon.

‘Again?’ She asked surprised.

'Yeah, it was the same as before when Lycaon pulled you out of your own body.' Doc said.

Well, that's just great...

‘What happened to you?’ Kiara looked at him and thought about the scene that had just played out.

'It wasn't like before. This time I was myself it was like a dream.' Kiara started. 'I tried to talk to both Lycaon and Zeus. I thought they wouldn’t hear me but they both responded. Lycaon in my head as usual and Zeus appeared in my room.’ Everyone in the room had paled as they all knew that this was bad.

‘I screamed because he electrocuted me. I think he was trying something but I don’t know what. Zeus said that the outcome of everything they had set in motion was unclear and that they needed everything to go as they had planned.’ It hit her as she finished the sentence.

Something she had asked herself right after the Blood Moon.

Something she knew she had the answer to.

‘Zeus and Lycaon…’ She started. ‘They were talking to me together. Like they knew everything from each other. Like they…’

‘Are working together.’ Portheus finished her sentence. ‘Fuck.’ He said as he ran his hands through his hair.

‘Dad.’ She grabbed his hands to make him look at her. ‘I asked them why they didn’t kill me themselves. They said that they can’t kill one of their own.’ His face paled.

‘What does all of this mean?’ She asked him.

‘It means that Zeus, Lycaon and you are connected somehow and they are afraid of that.’ Titanas said.

‘We need to be vigilant. I don’t think that this visit was random and without reason.’ Kyle said. Portheus nodded and thought about the information. Kiara sighed and fell back in her bed again. She was even more exhausted than she was before. ‘We’ll leave you to rest some more.’ Portheus said as he got up and gestured to the others to follow him.

Lia and Kai looked at her. 'Where's, Nic?'

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