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15. Healed

Kiara sat on the porch with her eyes closed and listened to the sounds around her. She thought about Dominic and what Kai had told her after the visit from Zeus and Lycaon. She knew he must be freaked out but the fact that he hadn't returned from his run was even more concerning.

Things are not becoming any easier.

‘Mind if I join you, my Queen?’ Kiara opened her eyes and looked at Danai.

‘I told you, you don’t have to call me that. Just call me by my name.’ Danai chuckled and sat down next to her as Kiara gestured for her to take a seat.

‘I know, but you are my Queen and I want to call you that.’ Kiara chuckled and shook her head at the female next to her. 'How is your shoulder?'

Kiara moved her shoulder a little. 'As good as new.' Her arm had healed within two days. One day more than the last time. Lia said that it might be possible that when the curse takes Leto away from Kiara it will be longer than the time before. If it did, it explained why her healing took longer now.

Danai smiled at her as she whipped her hair on her back. Kiara's eyes landed on the new mark on the place where her neck and shoulder meet. ‘Congratulations on completing the bond.’

Danai smiled and turned a light shade of red. ‘Thank you. It’s so weird that I’m actually mated and marked. I never thought they would find us after everything that happened with Emma.’ She said.

‘Why?’ Kiara asked.

Danai sighed before she looked up at her and smiled. ‘My mother kept us posted on everything that was happening. We know everything that happened to you and around you so, when we heard about Emma we begged our mother not to hide us from the rest of the world. We wanted our mates more than anything and when our mother didn’t give us an answer and just disappeared we thought that she wouldn’t grant us our wish but apparently we were wrong.’ Danai said as she softly stroked the bitemark on her neck.

Kiara smiled before she looked down. ‘Selene, told me about you guys. She was the one that asked me to send the guys to find you so, she did more than just grant you your wish for not being hidden from the world.’ Kiara said as she looked back at the female.

‘Really?’ Danai asked. Kiara smiled and nodded. Danai also smiled and a comfortable silence fell over them.

‘Not to be a mood killer but did Alpha return yet?’ Danai asked.

Kiara sighed and closed her eyes. ‘No not yet.’ Kiara said as she opened her eyes and looked at her hands.

‘My Queen?’ Danai asked. Kiara sighed and looked up to see the questioning look on her face. ‘I'm worried about him. Sure we've had a tough time but I still want to help him.'

Danai gave her a small smile and nodded in understanding. ; Has he always been like this?' Danai asked.

'Kinda, he has always been hard to read and he has always been somewhat unstable but never this bad.' Kiara answered.

‘The fact that he threw you against a tree, locked you in a cell without contact for a week and gave you those scars show that his state now must be even worse.’ Danai said as she looked at the scars on her neck.

‘He threw me in the cell to protect his pack. I know it wasn’t his best decision but he never did anything to hurt me on purpose. He was kind in his own way and we became close but everything changed because of the Blood Moon.’ Kiara said.

‘He’s scared of what is happening to him and he doesn’t know how to react. He’s probably even more unstable than he has ever been before. It will only become worse until his wolf and he, himself, are ready to become who they truly are. It’s like what happened to you with Kyriaki. She didn’t break free until you were ready.’

Kiara looked at Danai who was rubbing her back. ‘I wasn’t ready. She broke free because I saw my dad kill Dominic and my emotions got the best of me.’ She said.

Danai gave her a small smile. ‘You may not see it but you were. Kyriaki is your true self. You just didn’t feel like Dominic due to the fact that you also got Leto and your abilities. You got more changes thrown at you than Dominic does and that’s why he’s more affected by it.’ Kiara thought about what she was saying.

‘So, Dominic has another personality like me?’ Kiara asked.

‘I don’t think it’s like you and Kyriaki. I think it’s like you and your conscience. You listen to it without second guessing. I think Dominic is doing exactly that and that’s why is unstable.’ Danai said.

Kiara sighed and ran both of her hands through her hair. ‘Do you know anything about his genealogy?’ She asked as she looked at Danai who was shaking her head.

‘I’m sorry I don’t. My mother never told any of us what we truly are and we've never been able to discover it because mom glamoured our true wolf from to make it look like we're normal, to keep us safe. We don't even know what we look like if we were ourselves.’ Kiara sighed and rested her head on her knees.

'That must be painful.' Kiara said.

Danai gave her a small smile before she shrugged. 'We never knew anything else. What we don't know can't hurt us.'

'Agree to disagree.' Kiara breathed.

What she doesn't know hurts her the most...

‘There’s my beautiful mate.’ Titanas said as he walked towards them, lifted Danai and kissed her deeply. Danai chuckled and playfully slapped his chest until he put her back down. ‘Titi, stop.’ Danai winked at Kiara.

Kiara pressed her lips together and looked to the ground to restrain herself from bursting into laughter at the new nickname of Titanas that Danai gave him to irritate him.

‘Okay seriously, I love you with everything that I have but please don’t call me Titi.’ He said as he put Danai back on the ground.

‘Oh come on. Our Queen likes it, right?’ Danai directed the question to Kiara and she used all her strength to keep her face straight and opened her link to the other Pure Lycans here so they could hear what they were talking about. It's kinda like their hearing is forced to direct itself to their conversation.

‘I do like it, Titi.’ Kiara said.

‘And thank you for letting everyone hear it.’ Titanas breathed as he could feel the open link. As soon as he said that everyone started laughing through the link.

Titanas glared at Kiara who was still putting every bit of her strength in her face to keep it innocent and straight. Danai and Kiara linked eyes and they both bursted out in laughter. ‘I hate you both.’ Titanas said as he walked back into the packhouse.

‘That was the best joke I played in a long time.’ Danai said in between breaths.

‘What’s so funny?’ Kiara heard Dominic’s voice and her laughter died almost immediately as shock and relieve washed over her. He looked like shit. His body was covered in dirt and sweat and he was wearing some boxer shorts. ‘Titanas has a new nickname.’ She joked.

‘No I don’t!!!’ Titanas screamed out of the packhouse.

Kiara and Danai both chuckled. 'I better go check on him.' Danai said right before she turned and walked into the packhouse.

Kiara looked at Dominic and got up. 'Are you okay?' She asked as she walked towards him. 'As good as I can be.' He said. She gave him a worried look and he knew that she already knew that he had suddenly become stronger when Alaric pushed him over the edge.

'I'm gonna go take a shower.' Dominic said before he placed a kiss on her forehead and walked past her. Only to stop when he was next to her. He looked at her shoulder before his eyes met hers. 'Healed again?'

'Yeah.' Dominic nodded in understanding before he walked further. Kiara sighed as she turned to look at him.

Yeah, things were still not the best between them.

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