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16. Menai

‘I’m seriously going to kill the person who invented a computer.’ Ryan said as he, Daniel, Eumon and Corethon walked into the living room and fell down on the couches next to Kiara, Kyle, Kai and Lia.

‘You know he’s already dead right?’ Lia said as she ate a piece of popcorn.

‘Well, apparently people can be brought back from the dead so you can never be too sure.’ Daniel said as he rubbed his eyes.

‘Find anything?’ Kiara asked as she looked at Eumon and Corethon.

‘Nope.’ Corethon said before he yawned.

‘Just that the Menai will serve the Pure Lycan queen to help her fight the war within herself.’ Eumon said as he also rubbed his eyes.

Danai, Korinna, Andromachi and Agathi chuckled a little. Okay, now she needed to ask. ‘Why are you called the Menai? I mean, I know it’s you but I don’t know what the name means.’

‘The Menai are the fifty goddesses of the lunar months.’ Portheus said. ‘They represented the fifty months of the four-year Olympiad cycle.’ Kiara looked at him with a lost look.

He chuckled at her. ‘It was a basic unit in ancient Greece for a measurement of time. After that there was another unit found which was used in place of our modern counting of decades.’ He explained.

‘Right.’ Kiara said as she looked back to the others who all were trying to contain their laughter at her ignorance. ‘I wasn’t brought up like you so, they didn’t teach me about all that stuff! Give me a break.’ She yelled at them.

‘Apologies, my queen.’ Korinna said with a smile.

‘Please, just call me Kiara or Kyriaki.’ Kiara said. She knew she was one but that didn’t mean that she needed to be called that every time. Korinna gave er an apologizing smile.

‘What does it mean that you need to help me to fight a war within myself?’ Kiara asked.

‘It’s long known that the Menai will aid and help the Pure Lycan queen as long as she lives. Our mother told us that ever since we were young. We’re supposed to help you with every battle you face. Even the ones within yourself.’ Agathi explained. Dominic came to sit next to her.

'Okay...' Kiara said, still not really getting what they mean. The only war she is facing is the one with Lycaon and Zeus. Not one that is within herself.

'You still don't get it do you?' Danai asked.

'I get that you're supposed to help me and everything but I'm not fighting a war within myself. Yeah, I'm conflicted sometimes but it's not as bad as Dominic who is actually fighting with himself.' She said as she pointed her thumb towards Dominic next to her.

'Wow, thanks Ki, I care about you too.' Dominic said in a mocking tone. Kiara glared at him but couldn't hide the hurt look when he said cared.

'Really?' Andromachi asked which caused Kiara to look back at her. 'You're really never fighting with yourself on anything you do? Or with any emotions that you get?'

'Kyriaki.' Kiara said as she finally realized what they were talking about. Andromachi smiled and nodded at her.

'Yeah, well that's something I don't know what to do about but I'm not in a war with her. I'm just...'

‘A combination of three personalities.’ Agathi finished her sentence. Kiara looked at her. 'Because you have a wolf it's normal to have two but not three. That's why we're here to help you. You are Kiara, the humanborn girl. Kyriaki, the human form of the Pure Lycan female and you have Leto, your Pure Lycan wolf. Kyriaki and Kiara are basically the same. The only difference is the appearance, power and the fact that she is still tied to your emotions and not to Kiara.’ Agathi explained.

Kiara looked at her in surprise. The fact that Kyriaki only rose when she was feeling extreme emotions was known to her but she didn’t realize that Kyriaki was actually tied to that. She always thought that Kyriaki took over when she wanted justice, since she broke through when Dominic was killed by Portheus, that time with her mother, after all the killing during the Blood Moon and today when Ancyor disrespected Dominic. Now, she realized that she felt so much pain, hate and anger that it made sense.

‘But if Kyriaki is tied to my emotions how can I control her?’ Kiara asked.

‘By merging Kyriaki with Kiara.’ Danai said. ‘You and Kyriaki need to become one. If you aren’t strong enough Kyriaki will be too powerful and you will lose Kiara completely.’ Kiara gulped.

‘You need to train and learn how to channel her power. You need to merge yourself with her and that takes time. It’s going to be hard and painful but if you succeed, you will become Kyriaki without losing Kiara’s personality. When the merge is complete you have full access to your power and you will be able to break the protection of Zeus. It will also make you much stronger which is a good thing because Lycaon and Zeus won’t be able to get to you that easily anymore.’ Danai finished.

‘Will she be able to break the curse?’ Dominic asked.

‘We don’t know.’ Korinna said with a sigh. ‘Zeus’ curse is too powerful. I think she has to become a goddess to be able to break the curse on her.’

If he controls you he controls the soul of a goddess.

Artemis’ words…

The Pure Lycans will wake up to serve their queen, their goddess.

Leto’s words…

Now, praise your new goddess.

Her own words from the vision…

They all ran through her head.

‘Kiara?’ Kiara looked at Titanas who gave her a concerned and questioning look. She cleared her throat.

'However, I think it is possible for her to break the protection Zeus has bestowed on Alaric and the others.' Korinna added.

Well, that was one thing that was going to help!

‘Who is going to train me?’ Kiara asked as she tried to forget the memories that rang like a mantra through her head.

The Menai females got a big smile. ‘We are.’ Kiara chuckled as she saw the proud females.

‘Now I know why Selene told me that I need all of my kin.’ They also chuckled.

‘When do we start?’ She asked.

‘Tomorrow at the break of dawn.’ Korrina said.

Kiara sighed and fell further onto the couch. ‘Why always so fucking early?’ She said as she laid back with her head on the couch. ‘Oh boehoe, it’s not like the queen needs her beauty sleep.’ Kiara glared at Helix who sat next to his mate and flipped him off.

'No, unlike you, Helix.' Kiara spat back at him. His smirk fell as he growled lowly.

Her own smirk grew as she winked at him. 'You asked for it, Helix.' Eumon said as he chuckled.

'Well, I can honestly say that after thousands of years I still look good. You on the other hand.' Helix grimaced as he looked at Eumon completely.

'If good means looking like the backside of a Minotaur than yeah, you still look good.' Eumon said as he winked at Helix. Everyone chuckled as they saw the shocked and angry face of Helix.

'You should know what the backside of a Minotaur looks like. You have one!' Helix yelled at Eumon.

'Fucking hell, it's like were back in Greece.' Titanas breathed.

'Yeah, only this time without dad who screams at us to shut the fuck up.' Ancyor said.

'Remember when Socleus...' Corethon said his name and stopped immediately as the mood died with it. He sighed as did the others.

'Is he really helping them?' Kiara decided to ask.

'We don't know.' Portheus said truthfully. ' We don't know why he was with them.' He added.

Kiara sighed and knew it was time. 'Then it's time to find out.' She said as she looked at her dad.

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