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17. Release

'You're sure about this?' Dominic asked Kiara as they stopped in front of the stairs to the cells where they were held.

She gulped before she turned and look at him. 'Stay here.' Dominic wanted to object but one look of her changed his mind. Kiara had to do this without him. It was her uncle who arrived with them. She is the one who needs to find out what the fuck happened that brought them together.

Dominic clenched his jaw before he nodded. Kiara looked at Portheus and Corethon who were just as tense as she was. She gave them a small nod before the three of them walked down.

With every step she took she got more anxious and angry at the same time. She, already, had to use all of her strength to contain Kyriaki who, already, started to rise within her.

Yeah, now she understood what the Menai meant with a battle within herself.

They entered the cell block and the guards growled at them before they realized who they were. They bowed their head as they saw their Luna.

'Well, well, if it isn't our lovely Pure Lycan female.' Alaric said as got up and looked at her. She didn't care to spare him a look. None of them deserved one and if she did, she would break down immediately.

Kiara stopped in front of Socleus who looked at her with tears in his eyes. Everything in her hoped that his arrival with them was a misunderstanding and bad timing.

'Explain.' Her voice was hard as she really tried to keep it together.

Socleus got up and walked to the bars. A tear rolled down his cheek as he saw the pain and hurt in her eyes. 'I have nothing to do with them, I swear.' He said.

Jared snorted. 'You're really going to believe that, Kiara?'

She clenched her jaw but didn't look at him. She was here for Socleus and no one else.

'When I woke up I was found by them. I had no clue where to look for you and this whole world was new to me. They told me that they could bring me to you and it wasn't until we're at the border that the vision of what happened to you came to me. When I realized who they were it was already too late. I swear, Kyriaki, I have nothing to do with them.' Socleus said as he grabbed the bars, the only silver that was not drenched in wolfs bane.

'You know that is pretty unbelievable, right?' Emma said. 'I mean, why would the group that work for Zeus and Lycaon want to help someone who is not on their side.' She added.

No matter how much she hated to hear the voice of her mother, she also knew that it was a valid question.

'Kyriaki, please...' Socleus said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

'Oh, my dear Socleus, dear Kiara knows better than to trust you.' Alaric said. 'She can never be sure of anything we tell her.' He laughed a little. 'Oh how we broke you.' He added.

Kiara clenched her jaw as she turned to look at Alaric. She knew her eyes had changed. He smirked at her as she walked towards his cell. Alaric also walked forward and they both stopped close to the bars. Even though Alaric was a normal wolf he didn't care about the silver.

'You are right.' She released her hold a little and her nails elongated. 'I can't trust anything you say.' She made a small cut in her own finger and kept her nail in the wound to keep it from closing. 'But there is one thing I can trust.'

'And what is that, little Lycan.' Alaric said as he got even closer.

'Your blood.' As she said is she immediately grabbed his throat, pierced his skin and felt their blood connect.

Alaric grabbed her wrist and tried to get free but she had become a lot stronger the last six months. Kiara pulled him forward. He screamed as his skin touched the bars. Kiara closed her eyes and her instincts took the reins. Images appeared in her head.

She was seeing the memories of Alaric.

She was looking through his eyes!

Kiara saw wolves she had never seen before, the others talking to him and even Zeus. She clenched her jaw as the image appeared in her head.

Alaric struggled and tried to get free again.

Kiara tightened her grip around his throat. The memories flashed through her head until she finally saw Socleus appear. She focused on it and she heard their voices in her head.

'Well, well if it isn't a Pure Lycan in the flesh.' Alaric said. Socleus glared at him as Alaric took in his entire being. 'Let me guess, you just woke up and are trying to find your beloved niece.' He added. Socleus gave him a weary look.

'How do you know that?' He asked. His voice was hoarse. Alaric chuckled and walked forward to him.

'Because I know her.' Alaric said. Socleus looked at him with a shocked expression. 'Where is she?' He asked as he quickly walked forward.

'Now, why would I tell you?' Alaric said as he crossed his arms but before anything else happens his eyes shot to a figure that appeared behind Socleus.


'Bring him to her.' Zeus' voice sounded through his head. Alaric clenched his jaw as he disappeared and looked back at Socleus.

'I don't know what your problem is but I have to find her.' Socleus said with a hard voice. Alaric sighed as he looked at the Pure Lycan and wondered why Zeus wanted him to be reunited with Kiara.

'Fine.' Alaric eventually said but he smirked as the best idea popped in his head. 'In fact, we're going as well. You can join us if you want.' Socleus gave him a shocked look as he didn't understand the sudden hospitality but he knew that beggars can't be choosers. 'Thank you.' Socleus said. Alaric nodded at him before he turned and smirked.

Alaric screamed again. Kiara opened her eyes and released the hold she had on him as she pushed him backwards. He fell hard on the ground and squirmed as he still felt his skin burn. Kiara turned and looked at Socleus. 'Release him. He's telling the truth.'

'Are you serious?' Corethon asked as he took a step towards her.

'Apparently, Zeus wanted him to be reunited with me. Socleus did nothing. Let him out.' She said as she walked forward. Her eyes were drawn to another cell and she saw Blake looking at her with a smirk. She gulped before she turned and walked to the stairs and left the cell block.

As she reached the top she saw Dominic with a worried look on his face. Before he could say anything she walked away from him. She really didn't need any worried looks right now. 'Kiara.' Dominic said as he followed her. She walked further and entered an empty cell block.

'Kiara, stop.' Dominic said as he grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. She looked at him and without second guessing she grabbed his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. He immediately kissed her back and pulled her even closer. Without breaking the kiss he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He pushed her against a wall as the kiss turned fierce.

Dominic pulled her off the wall and walked somewhere else. She didn't care where, all she needed was this.

He laid her down on something and she knew it was a cot. His hands roamed her body as did hers on his. Dominic pulled away from her lips and kissed the spot where her neck and shoulder met. Knowing that he couldn't contain himself long, he traced the kisses to her collarbone and back to her lips.

Kiara grabbed his shirt and she heard it tear as she pulled on it. They both looked at the shirt. Dominic pulled away from her and she released the grip she had on it. His eyes shot to hers and she saw them change. Dominic grabbed the holes in his shirt and ripped it apart.

Kiara's heartbeat immediately sped up as she saw the sight. Her eyes shot back to his and she knew they were changed as well. He leaned forward again and kissed her again. His hands roamed her body again until she heard another rip. She looked at her shirt before her eyes met his again. Dominic smirked as he pulled her in a sitting position and ripped the shirt from her body like he did with his.

He kissed her again as they laid back down. She felt a hard bulge in his pants and knew that she, herself, was wet already.

Dominic traced his kisses down her jawline to the spot above her bra and further down to her belly button. Her back arched at the sparks his lips left on her body.

He kissed her lips again and the need to have him was getting too much for her.

Her hands shot to his belt and he immediately stopped. Dominic looked at her hands on his belt before he gave her an apologetic look. He grabbed her wrist and gently pulled them away.

'No, Nic, don't do this.' She said as she sat up and placed a hand against his cheek.

He looked at her and saw the lust, love, need and hurt in her eyes. Dominic wanted it just as bad as she did but what will happen if they do?

He has to use all his strength not to loose the fight within himself. What will happen if he let's himself go?

And what will happen to her?

The curse started when he accepted her, what will happen his they take another step in their relationship?

He doesn't want to get hurt because of him.

Dominic sighed as he let his head hang. Kiara got closer to him again and sat on her knees in front of him as she lifted his head towards her. 'Let go.' She whispered as she rested her forehead against his.

He felt the sparks throughout his entire body as he felt the warmth of her body surrounding his. He balled his fist to keep himself from losing his control as he smelled her arousal.

'Please, be with me.' She whispered. His breathing became heavier as he felt himself starting to lose.

Kiara pulled away and looked in his eyes as she cupped his face with both hands. 'I love you, Nic.'

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