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18. Break of Dawn

Kiara's breath hitched as he immediately pushed her on the cot and kissed her deeply. Within no time Dominic pulled her pants off and she did the same with his. He kissed her deeply again and she felt the power that came off him grow stronger. Somehow it only made her wanting him even more. Kiara gasped as he trailed his kisses from her belly button up to her neck. He slowly grabbed her throat and squeezed a little. She grabbed his wrist and pulled it away as she sat up. They kissed as she removed her bra and pushed herself against his bare chest.

Dominic growled lowly and it sent shivers through her entire body. He roughly pushed her back down and his eyes took in every last part of her bare chest. His hands roamed her breasts as Dominic took one of her hard nipples in his mouth.

Kiara's back arched as she felt the sparks intensify. He traced his kissed to her lips and kissed her deeply. He pulled away a little as he looked in her eyes.

'You're sure?' He asked this, knowing that she was still a virgin.

She gently grabbed his neck and pulled him in for another deep kiss. That was the only answer he needed.

Dominic trailed one of his hands down to her belly and even further down into her panties.

Kiara gasped as she felt his finger play with the small bud before he went further down. He growled lowly again as he felt her juices around his finger.

He kissed her again as he gently pushed one of his fingers inside of her. Kiara's back arched and she groaned in pleasure.

This spurred Dominic on even more and without hesitation he added another finger and started to move. Kiara gasped again. Her eyes shot open and she saw a smirking Dominic.

He pulled his fingers out of her and licked them off without taking his eyes of her. She gulped as she saw the image. Her breath was shaky and she felt like she was a candy monster in a candy store. A low purr came out of her chest and it was answered with a growl from Dominic. He grabbed her panties and, literally, ripped them off her body. He growled even louder as he look her in completely.

'Yeah, stop growling and do something with me.' Kiara said as she started to loose her patience with his teasing.

He smirked and was more than happy to answer her command. He got up and took off his boxers. Kiara gulped as she saw his hard dick. He spread her legs and sat down in between them.

Kiara's heart was making overtime as did her breathing. He leaned in and she felt the tip at her entrance. She gasped as she felt his breath close to her ear.

'What did I tell you before?' He asked before he pulled away a little to look at her. 'Don't command me.' He said as he entered her in one smooth move. Kiara's back arched as she felt his long and hard dick enter her body. She expected it to hurt more but was glad that the hurt was quickly washed away by pleasure.

She opened her eyes and met Dominic's immediately. He smirked again as he pulled out completely. Kiara gasped again and groaned in pleasure and he entered her again and started to move.

This was the best feeling she had ever experienced.

His movements became faster and she had no control over anything in her body. She grabbed him again and kissed him deeply while purring with pleasure.

Kiara could feel Mike and Leto also enjoying this as much as the two of them did. Kiara grabbed him again and moved to turn over. They both yelped as they fell of the cot on the hard stone ground of the cell. Dominic groaned as he felt his back on the cold ground while Kiara laid on top of him.

'Ehm, sorry?' Kiara said.

Dominic opened his eyes and glared at her. He grabbed her waist and started to move her up and down a little. She removed his hands but continued the movements.

They both groaned in pleasure.


Kiara turned and snuggled into her warm blanket even more. It chuckled a little.

Wait, how can a blanket chuckle?

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at her blanket. Dominic gave her a warm smile. 'Morning.' He said quietly. She rubbed her eyes before she looked at the naked Dominic on a cot in a cell. Everything came back to her as did the warm feeling in her abdomen. A smile appeared on her face as she looked back at Dominic. 'Morning. That was...' She started.

'Amazing, extraordinary, fantastic, out of this world?' Dominic finished for her. She chuckled a little. 'Well, yeah.'

'Thank you.' He said with a grin. She glared at him as she saw his smug face. 'Asshole.'

'Sorry, don't have the energy. Maybe next time.' Dominic said. Kiara snorted and sat up. 'That will only happen in your dreams, Alpha.'

Dominic chuckled as he also sat up. 'What time is it?' She asked.

'Ehm, break of dawn I think.' Dominic said. Kiara immediately looked at him. 'Break of dawn?'

'Yeah, I think so why?'

'I'm supposed to be training right now, remember!' She said as she got up and immediately fell back down as her legs felt like mush. She looked at Dominic and saw that he had a smirk on his face.

'Don't even.' Kiara said as she got up again. Dominic chuckled as he also got up. Kiara wanted to walk away but she was quickly grabbed by her waist and pulled in a deep kiss.

As he released her they both looked at each other and smiled. 'Go train. I'll see you later.' Dominic said before he gave her a quick kiss again. She smiled before she turned and ran out of the cell.

Dominic looked at the torn clothes and he couldn't help but have a smile on his face. 'Well, that was something we didn't want to hear.' He heard the voice of Alaric go though the dungeon as he screamed it. His smile turned into a grin which quickly turned into worry.

He really hoped that nothing will happen to her because of this.

He sighed grabbed the clothes on the ground and walked out of the cell and dungeon.

Kyle walked up to him with a big grin on his face. Dominic rolled his eyes at his beta. 'What's up?' Dominic asked as they both walked to the packhouse.

'Nothing, just that your mate smells a awfully lot like you and sweat.' Kyle said as his grin grew even more.

Dominic decided to evade the conversation. 'Anyone else up already?' Kyle chuckled as he knew what he was doing.

'Only the Menai, no one else.' Kyle said.

Right now he couldn't be more happy about that as no one else, besides them, would have smelled her.


Kiara ran into the room and was glad that she only encountered Kyle when she came in. Seeing his grin, told her that he already knew what happened.

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Kiara turned around to go and grab some clothes but stopped as she saw herself in the mirror. Her whole body was dirty and sweaty. Kiara slowly removed the hair from both sides of her neck and sighed as she saw that he didn't mark her.

Even though he didn't, she was still more than content with what happened.

She was even more than just content.

She had never felt so happy in her life.

Kiara truly hoped that Dominic felt the same way. She turned and stepped into the shower. Every moment of last night appeared in her head as she cleaned her body and she had a smile on her face the whole time.

She tried to shake the memory out of her head for now. She needed to focus on the training that's about to happen. That's easier said than done but she needed to.

Yeah, this was going to be a weird day.

Hi guys!

So, ehm... this was the first time for me to write intimate scenes like this.

Sorry if it's a little lame or something like that.

Let me know what you think!

Have a nice day, you guys!

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