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19. Training

Once she was done she walked down stairs in her training gear and immediately bumped into Lia. Kiara looked at her with a shocked expression while Lia, herself, had the biggest smile on her face.

‘Ehm, hi?’ Kiara said as she didn’t really know what was going on right now.

‘Oh stop that crap, how was it!’ Lia yelled. Kiara felt herself starting to turn red and she knew she had to get out of this conversation right now.

‘Lia, I’m already late can we talk about this another time?’ Kiara said as she tried to get passed the pregnant female.

‘No!’ Lia said with a hurt look in her eyes.

Kiara sighed and knew that this wasn’t going anywhere. ‘I’m very sorry to do this, Lia.’ Kiara started.

‘Get out of my way.’ She commanded and almost instantly Lia stepped to the side with a growl. Kiara smiled as she winked at her before she ran passed her.

‘This isn’t over, Kiara!’ Lia yelled after her.

‘Bite me, Emilia!’ Kiara yelled back which earned another growl from Lia. She chuckled as she ran to the training grounds where the four Menai females were already waiting for her. Danai smiled as Kiara approached while the others gave her an annoyed look.

‘Is this “at the break of dawn” to you?’ Korinna asked.

Kiara gave her an apologetic look. ‘I’m sorry, I... slept through my alarm...’ She said a little too slow. Korinna narrowed her eyes at Kiara as she knew it was a lie but Kiara was glad that she didn’t comment on it.

‘A few weeks ago the full moon rose. What did you do?’ Agathi asked.

‘Sleep.’ Kiara answered as she remembered the next morning when she found out about Lia’s pregnancy. All of them immediately looked at her with surprise clear on their faces.

‘You slept through a full moon heat?’ Danai asked surprised.

‘Yeah, I don’t really go into heat with a full moon.’ Kiara said.

‘It’s weird that you haven’t gone into heat yet even though you first shifted longer than three months ago.’ Andromachi said as she gave her a thoughtful look.

‘Why is the three months so important?’ Kiara asked.

‘It’s said that a Pure Lycan female will only experience heat every three months and not every full moon.’ Korinna explained. Kiara looked at her. ‘Why?’ She asked.

‘Because the pups of the female Pure Lycan will not be born as a normal werewolf or a Pure Lycan but something in between.’ Danai said.

'A much stronger kind of werewolves; a kind that will be perfected once you give birth to your first pup.'

Selene's words rang through her head. Will her pup really be that powerful that even her nature decided that she will only go into heat every three months?

'When will it begin?' She asked quietly as she laid her hand on her abdomen and looked at it.

'It's hard to say. Your body is still adjusting to everything and Kyriaki and Kiara are also separated so maybe that's why you didn't go into heat yet.' Andromachi said.

'Or its because she hasn't been with Dominic yet.' Agathi said. Kiara's head shot up as she looked at her. 'Maybe it's because she's still a virgin.' She added.

Well, if that's the case than the next full moon will be hell.

'We can keep on guessing but that will never merge Kyriaki and Kiara together. We need to focus on what we know now. So, you slept through the full moon.' Korinna said.

Somewhere she was glad that they didn't notice the fact that she has been with Dominic last night but she also became anxious to know that she will probably go into heat in a week.

Even though they slept together doesn't mean that everything is how it should be. There was still so much that stood in between them and she didn't know what was going to happen if she does go into heat.

Korinna was right. Nothing was certain yet and all she could do right now was focus on the things she can change.

Kiara looked at her and nodded. 'Okay, well, that's not the most ideal way but we'll have to work with it.' Korinna said.

'Why does it matter if I slept through the last full moon?'

'Because the moon has effect on every living thing but it has even more effect on you. You are a Pure Lycan. Leto, your wolf, is a Pure Lycan wolf and she has is the one who makes your connection to the moon stronger. Her pelt is made out of the light of the full moon and when she runs in it, her power, and yours along with her, grows. During the full moon your connection to Kyriaki is also stronger than it is now because of that reason.' Agathi explained.

Kiara looked at her open mouthed. She never knew any of that. No wonder the pelt of a Pure Lycan is so white.

'Wow.' She said which made the Menai females chuckle. 'How will I be able to merge myself with her when my connection with her isn't as strong as with the full moon?' She added.

'I'm sorry about this.' Danai said as she walked up to Kiara. Before she could ask what for Danai grabbed a taser and placed it against her chest. She felt an excruciating pain enter her entire body. Kiara screamed as she fell to the ground and tears ran down her cheeks. Daina crouched down next to her and had an apologetic look in her eyes.

'I'm so sorry, Kiara.' She said as she tasered Kiara again.

Kiara screamed as she felt the pain and Kyriaki rose immediately. She didn't have the strength to contain her and almost instantly Kyriaki broke free. Danai immediately took a step back and bowed her head as she saw Kyriaki.

A crowd had formed around them as they all heard the screams and felt the power of Kyriaki.

Kyriaki growled dangerously as she got up from the ground and looked down on the Menai female in front of her. 'What are you doing, Menai?' She asked with her ethereal voice.

'I'm so sorry, my queen, but we needed you to rise.' Danai said with a shaky voice.

Kyriaki looked around her and her eyes landed on Dominic who looked at them with a shocked expression as Kyle and Portheus were holding him in his place.

'Is this your way of merging us?' Kyriaki asked as she looked back at Danai.

'Yes.' Danai answered.

'I'm sorry my queen but you know that the only way for you to to merge is if you both loose the walls you have built in order to protect yourself. You both need to become vunrable.' Korinna said while she kept looking to the ground.

Kyriaki chuckled a little. 'Kiara can be made vunrable but I can't.'

'If Kiara is pushed to the end, so you will become vunrable.' Agathi said.

'What the fuck does that mean?' Dominic said. Portheus and Kai had released him and he took a step forward. The Menai briefly looked at each other and they all knew that this wasn't going to be something they liked.

Portheus saw the looks and he started to get worried as well. 'Korinna, what does that mean?' He asked with a dangerous voice.

'They are going to bring Kiara to the brink of death.' Kyriaki said as she kept looking at Danai. 'That is the only way for me to become vunrable.' She said with a dangerous growl that made the Menai females shiver.

Kyriaki grabbed Danai by her throat and pulled her up. Danai yelped as she looked in the eyes of Kyriaki.

Tears streamed down her face and Kyriaki could sense the fear coming off of Danai. 'I will not let you do that! Every time you try I'll push through and stop you. If you make us both vunrable, Lycaon and Zeus have a clean shot at us. You'll be signing the death warrant of every werewolf and Pure Lycan alive.' He said with a dangerous and hard voice. Danai whimpered as the grib on her throat thightened.

'It's the only way to merge the two of you, my queen! You know that.' Korinna quickly said. Kyriaki looked at her. 'You need to be one with Kiara to stop Zeus, Lycaon and the vision.' Kyriaki clenched her jaw as she too remembered the vision.

'It's the only way.' Korinna said.

Kyriaki looked at Danai again. 'Try and you won't like the consequences.' She said as she pushed Danai towards her sisters and closed her eyes.

They all saw her appearance change back to that of Kiara. Dominic saw her fall and caught her immediately. The sparks told her who it was and she slowly opened her eyes to look at him. He sighed in relieve as he looked at her.

Portheus on the other hand growled at the Menai and was ready to rip them apart. Ancyor, Eumon, Titanas and Helix immediatly ran to stand in front of their mates and stop their brother.

Kiara looked at them as she sat up with the help of Dominic. 'Dad, calm down.' She said which immediately made him look at her. She got up and walked towards him. 'I'm fine.'

'For now.' He growled.

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