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2. Toll

Kyle brought Kiara back to the packhouse where Dominic immediately ran out of. He grabbed her in a hug and looked at her blue elbow.

‘What the fuck happened?’ He growled at Kyle. Kiara sighed and placed a hand on his chest to calm him down.

‘The curse happened.’ She said while walking past him and entering the packhouse.

Titanas, Helix and Ancyor immediately were at her side and inspected her arm. Dominic pulled her against him and wrapped an arm around her waist. Titanas and Kiara locked eyes with each other.

‘We all felt your weakness when the lightning flashed through the sky. We knew it was the curse.’ Ancyor said. Helix slowly lifted her arm. Kiara bit her lip to stop herself from screaming.

‘Well it’s save to say that the curse affected your healing ability.’ He said as he slowly brought her arm back down. Kiara sighed and leaned against Dominic.

‘Of course, it did.’ Kiara sighed. ‘I’m gonna go to Doc and get this fixed.’

She wanted to walk away but Dominic didn’t let her go. She looked up at him. ‘Nic, it’s okay you can let me go.’ He sighed and reluctantly released her.

‘I’ll walk with you.’ Lia said as she and Kiara walked to the infirmary. Kiara glanced at Dominic and saw him with his head low as he ran a hand through his hair. Kiara sighed again and looked back. ‘Are you okay?’

‘You know, if I had asked money for everytime someone asked me that I would be a fucking milionair by now.’ Kiara stated. Lia snorted and rolled her eyes.

‘We are just concerned about you.’ Kiara sighed and pushed the door open.

‘I know, it’s just annoying sometimes.’ She said.

Doc immediately walked up to them and saw her arm. ‘What happened?’ She asked as she led Kiara to a bed for her to sit on. ‘I was training with Kyle...’

‘Again?’ Doc cut her off and gave her a surprised look. ‘Yeah, I needed to blow off some steam again.’ Doc nodded in understanding.

‘Anyway, when Kyle grabbed me I tried to get free and dislocated my arm in the process. When it immediately turned blue and the pain got worse than ever, I knew something was wrong. When the lightning filled the air it was clear what was wrong.’ Kiara said.

Doc examined her arm and nodded in understanding. ‘The curse took its first toll.’ She stated. Doc started bracing her arm to give it support and keep her bones in place. ‘Your healing is back to human rate. So you need to wear this for a while until your arm is healed.’

Kiara sighed and looked at her bandaged arm. She had hoped she would never experience this again but Zeus had made that impossible.

Doc gave her a sling, knotted it together in her neck and placed her arm in it. ‘This should do it. Here are some pain killers.’ She gave her the white pills and Kiara took them with some water. ‘Thanks Doc.’ Doc smiled at her.

‘That’s what I’m here for. I wouldn’t recommend mating while you are healing.’ Kiara snorted at her comment.

‘Don’t worry. That won’t happen anytime soon.’ She sadly stated as she got of the table and walked out of the infirmary with Lia. They both walked back to the living room.


‘What do you want, Kai.’ Dominic said irritated as he walked into his office.

His mate was hurt because of that fucking curse and here he was in his office instead of being with her at the infirmary. Kai gulped and gave him a report from the patrols of last night.

‘See for yourself.’ Dominic opened the folder and read the report. He growled as he saw his name and threw the folder against the door. His breathing became heavy and he was trying to keep control over Mike.

Mike has been fighting for control with him ever since he accepted Kiara as his mate but he has gotten worse now that it’s been six months and he still hadn’t marked and mated her.

He wanted to.

Hell, he wanted it more than anything else but he couldn’t do it to her.

Not now.

Not when he’s been more instable than he ever was. The only one who could have helped him with his situation was his mother…

The thought about her woke up his rage and he punched the wall with his fist. Kai bowed his head in submission. He looked at his new Gamma and was pulled out of his thoughts. He ran his bloody hand through his hair and sighed.

‘Where is he now?’ Kai looked up at his question.

‘They don’t know. He didn’t cross the border and they followed him until he suddenly disappeared.’ Kai said. Dominic threw his chair against the wall.

‘Fucking hell! How hard is it to get that fucking son of a bitch!’ He yelled at Kai. He immediately bowed his head at his Alpha again. Dominic got used to the fact that, that was the only thing anyone did the last couple of months.

‘Alpha, Blake is an rogue Alpha who has the blessing of Zeus. It isn’t easy to get someone like him.’ Kai slowly said.

‘You’re the fucking Gamma. Get him!’ Dominic yelled at him again.

‘Alpha…’ Kai started but he was stopped when Dominic grabbed his throat and pushed him against the wall. Kai looked at him in shock and saw his eyes had changed.

This was bad.

‘Get him, or you’ll become the thing you were before you got here. A fucking rogue!’ Dominic’s voice had turned vicious. Kai didn’t react but the fact that his eyes changed showed that his words had a deep effect on him.

Dominic saw the change and realized what he had said and what he was doing. He sighed and released him.

‘I’m sorry, Kai. Just get out before I say something else I don’t mean.’ Dominic pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. ‘Alpha…’ Kai started again.

‘Get out!’ Dominic commanded.

Kai had no choice but to obey and quickly walked out of the room. Dominic punched the wall again and tears ran down his cheek. He was losing himself and he didn’t know how to stop it.

Ever since he had accepted Kiara, he started to change. It was like something had awakened inside of him and was trying to fight its way out of him. He didn’t know how he could stop it and it was consuming him from the inside out.

He slid with his back against the wall to the ground and listened to the sounds outside his office.

He was pushing everyone away around him, while he needed their help more than ever.

He closed his eyes. He really needed to figure out what was happening to him and what he could do to stop it.


Her three uncles were stitting at the table and eating some sandwiches. While Kai and Kyle sat on the couches and were watching tv. Lia gave her a questioning look. Kiara rolled her eyes and pushed her towards her mate. She gave her a wink and ran to Kai. Lia placed herself on top of him again and kissed him.

Kiara wasn’t in the mood to sit with them and walked to her uncles. She sat down next to Helix and laid her head on his shoulder. ‘You okay?’ Kiara sighed as she heard Lia chuckle at his question.

‘I’m fine.’ She stated as she grabbed a grape from his plate. ‘Where’s Nic?’ Titanas pointed with his thumb at his office door.

‘He got called there by Kai about something and when you were at the infirmary we heard him yell and a few moments later Kai was thrown out of his office.’ Titanas said.

Kai was appointed the new Gamma as Kyle had become Beta of the pack after Zack was killed. They were both a litte reluctant, but they accepted their new places nonetheless. Even though Kai was a rogue before this the pack was happy to have him as a Gamma.

‘Seriously, what has gotten into him?’ Kiara asked them. They all shrugged.

‘He’s your mate, why don’t you ask him.’ Ancyor said before he took another bite form his food.

‘I have a curse, Zeus, Blake, Alaric, Emma, Lycaon, the Chain and a prophecy to deal with and everytime I try to talk to him he shuts me down. That’s why.’ Kiara said.

She thought about the Chain and her father. He’s been coming and going whenever he likes and he hasn’t been the same after what happened with her mother. She looked at her uncles and couldn’t help but wonder.

‘Now that you guys are all coming back, does that also mean that you might have a mate out there?’ She asked while looking at all three of them. She could feel the weight her question held. They wanted a mate more than anything. That much was already clear from the moment she met them.

‘We can only hope.’ Titanas answered.

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