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20. Hormones

Kiara sat on the couch and looked at the movie Ryan picked. No one had said a thing about this morning and the normal feeling finally started to come back again.

Ryan and Daniel sat next to her while Lia, Kai and Dave sat on the other couch. She smiled as she saw Lia snuggle against Kai and she couldn't help but picture herself with Dominic like that.

If they ever talk about everything that is happening between them...

Don't get it wrong, she absolutely loved the progress but she wasn't sure if Dominic felt the same. It did look like it but he was holding back for a reason and she couldn't help but wonder what that reason was. They really needed to talk before anything else. Especially about what the Menai told her about the heat that, apparently could start with the next full moon due to the fact that she wasn't a virgin any more.


Kiara was immediately pulled out of her thoughts and looked shocked at Lia who was sitting up and yelling at the TV.

She looked at Kai who looked at his mate with the same shocked expression. He briefly looked at her before he looked back at his mate. 'The fuck did just happen?' He asked.

Lia turned to look at him and immediately her emotion changed from angry to sad. Tears streamed down her face as she cried loudly and burried her face in Kai's chest. Kiara chuckled softly as she saw te lost face of Kai. All the males looked at her with a questioning look.

'Hormones.' She whispered and they all finally realized what happened with Lia.

'Ehm...' Kai said as he didn't know what to do with his mate. Kiara grimaced as she knew that it was a bad comment to make right now.

Lia pulled away from him and looked at him with anger again. 'WHY THE FUCK AREN'T YOU COMFORTING ME!? CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I'M UPSET? ARE YOUR EYES BROKEN OR SOMETHING?' Lia yelled in his face. Kai gave her a startled look as he really didn't know what to say. 'ASSHOLE!' She yelled as she got up and ran towards the kitchen. Kai really didn't know what to do and just sat frozen.

Kiara chuckled as she saw his face. 'Kai?' He looked at her. 'Go to her and comfort her. Yes, she wil probably yell in your face but you just need to be there for her.' He nodded as he got up and walked towards the kitchen.

'Holy...' Ryan said as he sighed before he took a sip of his beer.

'Is every female like that when she's pregnant?' Daniel asked.

'The ones I knew were.' Kiara answered.

'Please don't be like that when you are pregnant.' Dominic said as he walked towards them with Kyle and placed a kiss on her head.

Kiara chuckled as she looked at him sitting down. 'Can't promise anything, Nic.' She said as she took a sip of her water bottle. Kyle cuckled before he grinned as he looked from Dominic to her and she gulped as she remembered seeing him this morning.

Dave looked from Kyle to Dominic to Kiara and back. 'Are we missing something?' He asked.

'No, you aren't.' Kiara quickly answered.

'Really?' Daniel asked as he narrowed his eyes at her and had a knowing grin on his face. She glared at him before she looked at Kyle who had an even larger grin. 'Fuck you, Kyle.' She said as she got up.

'No, that's what you did with our loving Alpha this morning.' Lia said as she and Kai walked back towards them from the kitchen.

Kiara groaned as she immediately heard the footsteps from upstairs run down. She ran towards the door but was stopped as a hand was placed on it and Portheus looked at her with a hard look.

'Hiya, dad.' She said as she stood with her back against the door and smiled innocently at Portheus.

Dominic got up but was stopped by Titanas who immediately came to stand in front of him. Kiara and Dominic looked at each other and they both knew that this was going to be bad.

'You want to tell me something, Kyriaki?' Portheus asked as he folded his arms together.

'No, nope, not really.' She said as she pressed her lips together. This was a conversation she really didn't want to have with her dad.

Lia chuckled behind Portheus. Kiara looked at her and saw that she was absolutely enjoying this. Lia winked at her while Kiara growled in return.

'No, don't look at her, I'm right here.' Portheus said that caused her to look back at him.

'I know dad, you're kinda hard to miss when you're standing in front of me.' She said.

'Don't give me that young lady.' She gave him a surprised look.

'Since when do you call me young lady?'

'Since now. Did you and Dominic mate yes or no?' Portheus asked.

She sighed. 'Yes.' Kiara answered as she knew that there was no point in hiding it. Portheus turned and walked towards Dominic who was standing with his arms crossed and his jaw clenched.

'Dad...' Kiara started but was stopped with a growl that came from Portheus. He stopped in front of Dominic and the air immediately filled with tension as the two radiated power.

They both clenched their jaw as they looked at each other.

'You have anything to say to me?' Dominic asked as he took a step forward.

'I do.' Portheus said as he also took a step closer. Kiara gulped as the tension in the air made even Leto shiver.

'Well done.' Portheus suddenly said as his glare turned into a smile. Every one in the room except her uncles looked at him dumbfounded.

'Are you fucking kidding me?' Kiara asked. Portheus chuckled and turned around.

'You'd really think I would give you a hard time over your first time with your mate?' Portheus asked.

'Well, yeah.' Kiara answered.

Portheus chuckled again. 'That's what mates, partly, are for, my kóri. It had me more upset when you two hated each other.' Kiara fell against the door and sighed in relieve.

'Honestly did not expect that.' Dominic said. Titanas chuckled as he laid a hand on his shoulder that made Dominic look at him. 'Expect even more of it. Portheus always loved to play with others like that and you're mated to his daughter which means that you're is favorite victim.' Titanas said.

'Great, so that means even more heart attacks for me.' Kiara mumbled.

'Well that was fun.' Lia said cheerfully.

Kiara looked at her and growled again. 'I swear, Emilia, if you weren't pregnant I would have made sure that you'll feel the true power of a Pure Lycan.' Lia chuckled as she faked a hurt look.

'Oeh, I'm so scared!' She said.

Kiara snorted as she shook her head. 'I really hope your daughter isn't going to take after you.' Everyone in the room froze as she said it. Kiara looked at her with big eyes.

'D-daugther?' Lia said as her hand shot to her round belly.

Kiara's eyes shot to Lia's belly and everything inside of her told her that the child was a female.

How could she know that?

'We're having a daughter?' Kai asked.

Kiara looked at him. 'I, I think so.' She said. Ancyor walked towards her. 'Listen to your instinct, then you'll know for sure.' He said with a smile.

She gulped as she did and she was immediately one-hundred percent sure they were having a girl.

'You are. It's a girl.' She said. A tear rolled down Lia's cheek as she smiled and looked at Kai. Kai also smiled as he took Lia in his arms and hugged her.

'How can I know that?' Kiara asked Ancyor.

'We all can.' Socleus answerd. 'Because we share the blood of the child we can tell what gender it is before anyone else can. You just pick it up way sooner than any of us.' He added.

Kiara nodded in understanding before she was suddenly grabbed by Lia who pulled her in a hug. 'Thank you so much, Luna.' Kiara's eyes shot immediately to Dominic who also heard what Lia said. He gulped before he smiled at her and gave her a small nod. She also smiled at him as she hugged Lia back.

Lia pulled away and turned to Kai again as she started sobbing again. Kai quickly grabbed her and comforted her. 'Why are you crying?' Kai asked.

'I don't know why.' Lia answered between her sobs. Kiara snorted as she shook her head a little.

Dominic suddenly groaned as he got a sharp pain in his head. Everyone immediately looked at him and Kiara was in front of him within seconds. 'Nic?' She asked him as she laid a hand on his shoulder.

He groaned again as he felt another sharp pain and something inside of him clicked.

'Nic?' Kiara asked again.

He growled as everything went into auto mode. He slapped her hand away and quickly grabbed her throat. Kiara yelped as she grabbed his wrist and looked at him with a shocked expression. His eyes had changed but not the way like usual.

His irisses were pitch black!

'Alpha!' Kyle yelled as he got up from the couch. Dominic growled viciously as he tightened his grib on her throat. Everyone in the room came closer to him but he didn't let go. He looked at her like he was a mad man. Kiara tried to breathe but it became harder and harder with every second.

'Nic, it's me.' She said as she let her eyes change. She saw something spark in his own and his eyes started to get its normal orange with blue lines.

Dominic realized what he was doing and immediately released her. She fell on her knees and Lia immediately fell next to her.

Kiara looked up at him and saw the shock and confusion in his eyes. She got up and took a step towards him, only for him to take a step back. 'Nic?' She asked.

Dominic clenched his jaw as he ran past her to the door and immediately shifted as he stepped outside. Kiara ran after him but the last thing she saw was Mike running into the woods.

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