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21. Wolf Mark

Kiara sat on the porch as her eyes were fixed on the spot where Mike had run into the woods. She didn't know how long ago he left but she did know that he didn't have to stay away long before she would start looking for him.

What happened to him was still a mystery and she knew that he needed to start his training with Alaric soon.

If this could happen once, it could happen again. This time it was with her but if it were to happen with anyone else from the pack it would be way worse.

Did this happen because they mated?

Was this her fault?

The questions were pilling up and she knew she was making herself crazy.

Kiara got up to shift when a familiar scent caught her nose and Mike walked out of the forest. She immediately ran towards him and fell on her knees in front of him.

It was already dark outside but she could see the moonlight on his fur. He had been swimming to cool down.

'Let me talk to him, Mike.' Kiara said. Mike whined and she knew Dominic was telling him not to shift.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she let her head hang. Everytime they took one step forward, they were pushed three steps back.

Was this their life now?

'Nic, you need to stop shutting me out. I know you feel bad and confused for what you did, but that wasn't by choice. Something's happening to you and you can't face it alone. Be a fucking Alpha for once and come to your senses. Let others help you with yourself as a Beta, Gamma and Luna help an Alpha with leading the pack.' Kiara said as she looked back at Mike.

Mike whined again, but nothing happened. Kiara sighed as she got up and walked away from him. Before she was too far away, two arms wrapped around her and the sparks were felt all over her body.

'Run with me.' Dominic whispered in her ear. He didn't wait for her to anwser as he released her and shifted into Mike again. Kiara turned around, walked to a tree and undressed herself. When she was naked she gave the reins to Leto and shifted.

Leto walked towards Mike. He walked up to her and started to rub his body against hers, making sure that his scent was all over her own.

'He never did that before...' Kiara said in her head.

'That's because we never got the change to really be alone in out wolf from. That night meant just as much of us as it did for you guys. This just shows that, at least Mike, is willing to complete the bond.' Leto explained. Kiara didn't respond and Leto was happy with the silence. Mike licked her cheek to signal that he was done. Leto licked his cheek as well and they both started running.


Hours went by before they both stopped at the lake of the change error and Leto fell on her stomach. She was exhausted but couldn't be more happy to finally be free to run with Mike.

Mike walked around her and stopped when he stood behind her. Leto looked at him as he came to stand over her. She made the link with him. 'What are you doing?' Leto asked.

'Something, someone is screaming in my head not to do, that I should have done six months ago.' Mike answered.

Leto immediately knew what he meant and she couldn't be more than happy to comply. She threw her ass up and Mike growled lowly in her ear. 'Leto, no this is not a good idea...' Kiara said but Leto didn't listen.

She purred seductively at Mike and that was all the motivation he needed.

'No, Leto don't!' Kiara tried to object.

Mike immediately pushed himself inside of her and burried his canines in her neck. Leto howled at the pain that quickly turned into pleasure and Mike licked the wound on her neck as he gave one more push and got up of her. Leto purred satisfied as she licked his cheek. Mike laid down next to her barred his neck at her, inviting her to mark him as well. Leto immediately burried her canines in his neck and Mike growled before he also felt the pleasure. Leto licked his wound clean and licked his cheek again.

'You're mine.' Mike linked her.

'And you are mine.' Leto linked him as she laid her head on her paws in exhaustion. Mike laid his head on her neck in a protective stance and they both stayed like that for a while.


Leto felt something move and slowly opened her eyes. The sunlight shone on the lake and there was a warm breeze in the air. Mike moved away from her as he growled.

What's going on?

She looked around her and saw, heard and smelled absolutely no threat.

Mike growled again before she heard the sounds of his bones shift in his body. She immediately knew why he was growling and gave the reins to Kiara who had stayed quiet the whole time. Leto shifted as well and soon Kiara laid on the ground where Leto had been. Kiara sat up and her hand immediately shot to her neck.

'Don't worry, if the wolves mate and mark each other it doesn't count for the humans.' Dominic said irritated. 'Their mark isn't strong als long as we haven't marked each other.' He added as he got up.

'How could you just go along with it!' Dominic yelled at her. Kiara's eyes shot to his.

'You really think I just went along with it?' Kiara asked as she also got up. Dominic clenched his jaw. 'I didn't, but it's not like I can stop her from doing something we both wanted to happen six months ago!' Kiara yelled in his face as she took a step forward.


'Don't. Go to Alaric and start your training because I don't know what to do to help you anymore.' Kiara said.

Before he could say anything else, Kiara turned and shifted into Leto again. Leto looked at him and growled before she took off in the direction of the packhouse.

Dominic growled as he kicked a log, that flew through the air and collided with a tree. He sighed as he ran both of his hands through his hair before he also shifted and forced Mike to go back to the packhouse.


Kai and Kyle walked out of the packhouse and saw Mike approach them.

Mike shifted and took the pants from Kai who had already seen Kiara and knew that something happened between them again. 'You want to talk about it?' Kyle asked him as Dominic put on his pants.

All he did was growl and Kyle knew that it meant no.

'Follow me.' Dominic commanded and the three of them walked towards the dungeon. Kyle and Kai looked at each other briefly as they didn't know what the fuck was going on in their Alpha's head.

Dominic walked down and could feel the tension of his Beta and Gamma grow as they didn't know what was going on right now, but he didn't care. All he cared about was getting his shit together. What happened to him could happen again and if he hurts Kiara again and leave another scar on her body he will never forgive himself for it.

Neither will she.

They entered the cellblock and Alaric immediately walked to the bars. 'You really had to have sex in a fucking cell for all of us to hear?' He asked annoyed.

Dominic smirked as he walked to the cell of his loving father. 'You wanted to know what she would sound like when she was being ridden.' Dominic said with a shrug. Alaric clenched his jaw at him.

'We'll start the training tomorrow morning.' Dominic said before he turned around to walk out of the cell.

'You know I can't do it alone.' Alaric said.

'Sure you can, but the others wont stay down here. They will be brought up as well and bound. Try something and I'll make sure they never see the light of day again.' Dominic said as he looked over his shoulder.

Alaric chuckled. 'You can't kill us my son.'

Dominic smirked as he walked back towards his dad. 'Oh, I'm not going to kill them. I'm going to take the one of the most important things from them. Their eyes.' He said.

Alaric clenched his jaw as he glared at his son.

'Not much of a help if they can't see anymore, are they?' Dominic said with a wink before he chuckled and walked out of the cellblock.


Kiara stormed into the room and smashed the door behind her closed, well it didn't close but broke into two pieces.

Lia ran towards the door and looked at the two pieces open mouthed. She stepped over them and walked towards Kiara who sat on the bed with her head in her hands. Lia crouched down next to her and laid her hands on Kiara's knees.

'Ki, what happened?'

'Leto and Mike mated and marked each other.' Kiara said as she looked up at Lia. Lia gulped as she heard what Kiara said.

'You two really need to work things out, Kiara.' Lia said as she already knew how Dominic reacted and why Kiara was like this.

'You don't think I know that? I want to talk, but that stupid, dumb, airheaded, asshole of an Alpha is too fucking stubborn to listen to anything I say!' Kiara yelled as she got up, walked to her closet and grabbed a bathrobe to cover her naked body.

Lia sighed as she sat on the bed and looked at her Luna. 'I know, Ki, but there must be a way for you two to talk to each other. Sooner or later something will happen that will effect both of you and you need to have sorted things out by then.'

Kiara sighed as she sat down next to Lia. 'Then we don't have much time.' Lia looked at her.

'What do you mean?'

Kiara also looked at her. 'Because I'll probably go into heat within a week.'

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