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22. Headache

Dominic's breath hitched in his throat as he heard Kiara's words.

'How can you be sure?' He heard lia ask. Dominic leaned against te wall to stay upright. Kiara going into heat would be one thing that could ruin everything.

He wouldn't be able to stop himself from marking her...

'The Menai said that the reason I didn't go into heat yet could be because I was still a virgin.' Kiara said.

'And now you're not anymore...' Lia said with a sigh. Dominic closed his eyes as he cursed himself.

He was right, something bad would happen if they mated.

Not only did he have an episode out of nowhere, she will go into heat.

Things just kept getting better and better...

'No, I'm not.' Kiara said. 'And now that Leto and Mike actually are connected already makes everything a whole lot more complicated.' He added.

'That's an understatement.' Lia said. 'What are you going to do?' She asked.

'Sleep. A lot has happened today and the only thing I want to do is sleep and wake up when this is all over.' Kiara said.

'You know that's not possible.' Lia said with a chuckle.

'I know, Lia, but sleeping is the only thing that makes me forget about everything.' Kiara said as she moved. Probably to stand up.

'Don't you dream?' Lia said as she also got up.

'No, if I do it's just nightmares.' Kiara said as her and Lia's footsteps came closer.

'Everything will be fine in the end, Ki, you'll see. I'll get someone to fix the door for you.'

'No need, Nic will do that, right?' Kiara walked out of the room and looked right at him. He clenched his jaw as he pushed himslef of the wall. Lia gave him a small smile.

'I'll see you tomorrow, Luna.' Lia said as she laid a hand on Kiara's shoulder and walked away.

Kiara looked at Dominic before she walked back into the room and laid down on bed. Dominic sighed as he followed her inside.

'We're really not going to talk about what you just said?' Kiara turned to look at him. 'Since when do you want to talk?' She sneered at him. He clenched his jaw at her but didn't react. Kiara rolled her eyes and turned back around in her bed.

She felt the bed dip down next to her as Dominic laid down. Kiara closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep.


'Morning.' Kiara said as she walked onto the trainingfield where the Menai were waiting for her. 'So you do know how to be on time!' Korinna exclaimed. Kiara growled at her and she immediately bowed her head. 'Apologies, my queen.'

'Well, well, if it isn't Korinna.' Kiara turned around and saw Portheus with Alaric behind her.

'Alaric Lupine.' Korinna said with a growl. 'Shouldn't you be rotting in the ground somewhere?' She asked.

'Shouldn't you be living with your mother as a goddess?' Alaric spat back at her. Korinna growled as she took a step forward but was stopped as Helix grabbed her arm. 'Don't let him antagonize you, Nina.' Helix said as he glared at Alaric.

Alaric smirked as he was pushed to the other side of the field. Kiara's eyes shot to Blake and Jared who were tied to a silver pole with silver chaines and wolfsbane.

Kyle walked past her and she immediately grabbed his arm. He looked at her with a questioning look. 'What's that about?' She asked, not taking her eyes off of them. Kyle followed her gaze and sighed as he already figured out that Dominic hadn't told her about this.

'If Alaric tries anything, Dominic punishes him by taking their eyes.' Kyle said as he looked back at her. Kiara looked at him with a shocked expression. 'He will what?' She whispered.

Dominic cannot be that cruel, can he?

Sure, they both did equally cruel things but this, coming from Dominic, is just another level.

Kyle clenched his jaw as he nodded at her. 'Note to self, never become an enemy of our king.' Andromachi whispered. Kiara released Kyle as she looked at Dominic who also heard that Kyle told them.

Dominic clenched his jaw as he walked towards Alaric and stopped in front of him. 'Begin.' He ordered.

Alaric raised his bound wrists and Kai cut the rope to release him. He rubbed his wrists as he sighed in relieve. 'That's better.' He said as he looked around him. 'What do you know about your mother?' Alaric asked as he looked back at his son.

Dominic clenched his jaw as he thought about his mother and pushed the hatefull feeling away, for now. 'I didn't know better than she was a normal werewolf.' Dominic answered truthfully.

'Well than she did at least something that I ordered her to do.' Alaric said.

'You ordered her to keep her geneology a secret from her own son who is the same as her?' Dominic asked dangerously.

Kiara and the others walked towards them and listed to what they were saying.

'Of course, I couldn't have a boy know that he is a stronger kind of werewolf than I was.' Alaric said as he shrugged.

Dominic huffed as he shook his head in disbelieve. 'You really are unbelieveble.'

'Thank you!' Alaric said with a smile as he looked at his son.

'What was she?' Dominic asked, ignoring his pride in something that shouldn't be. Alaric smirked at him.

'Have you shifted since you found your beloved Pure Lycan mate?' Alaric countered as he looked at Kiara. She clenched her jaw as she crossed her arms and glared at him.

'Of course I have.' Dominic said as he took a step to the side to block his view to Kiara.

Alaric nodded before he got a thoughtfull look. 'And there was nothing different about Mike?'

'What should be different about Mike?' Dominic asked.

'Did something happen that you two didn't agree on?' Alaric asked. 'Mike is changing even more than you are. He's becoming stronger like you but with him it goes even faster. Did something happen where you normally could stop him but now couldn't because he was too strong?'

Dominic gulped as he glanced behind him and looked at Kiara. They both thought about what happened yesterday.

'I take that as a yes.' Alaric said. Dominic looked back at his smirking face. 'Another question.' Alaric started as he took a step towards his son. 'Did something, other than what happened to you in the dungeon when I pushed you, happen too you that normally didn't.' Kiara's curiosity spiked with Alaric's words.

What happened in the dungeon?

Dominic clenched his jaw as he remembered his headache and what he did to Kiara the other day. 'Yes.' He said truthfully.

Alaric smirked. 'You're already further in your change than I thought you were, then.'

'What am I.' Dominic asked as he was beginning to loose his patience.

'Have patience, my son.' Sure...

'Don't you dare call me that. You're nothing more than a murderer and an asshole that will die once he has done his job. So answer my question.' Dominic sneered at him as he took a step closer to him.

Alaric looked straight at him and both of their aura's spiked up immediately. Kiara sensed the Alpha power radiating off them both but there was something different about the one coming off of Dominic. She took a step forward and saw the other Pure Lycan's do the same thing. She looked at Eumon who also looked at her. They both knew something was up.

Kiara looked back at Dominic and Alaric.

'Your temper betrays you, my son.' Alaric said mockingly. Dominic growled and he slowly felt the headache starting to come back.

'You're something that isn't made by a god, well not entirely. You're a species that is stronger than the werewolves but weaker than the Pure Lycans. A species that was created when your ancestor was born. His blood wasn't pure human and his dormant bloodline was pushed away by the one of the werewolves. No one knew about this line, not even your own ancestor did, until the changes occured when a certain change happened in their lives and their true bloodline woke up.' Alaric looked at Kiara who also looked at him.

Dominic looked over his shoulder and saw the look in Kiara's eyes. He immediately knew that she already knew this and that they both knew that the mate bond was the change that set everything in action.

'They changed,' Alaric continued which caused Dominic to look back at him. 'But they couldn't control it. They lost themselves more and more with every headache that occured until they became the one thing that was their true self completely.' Dominic clenched his jaw at his words and his headache became even worse. He groaned as he massaged his head.

Alaric smirked as he saw it. 'They became more and more dangerous and cruel. The line between right and wrong became a blur and so did the line between their human side and the supernatural side.' Kiara clenched her jaw as she looked at Jared and Blake and thought about what Kyle said.

'With every day that passed their werewolf started to become affected by the bloodline until it merged completely. They became something else, something that everyone feared, something that everyone wanted dead, simply because it was something they didn't know.' Dominic clenched his jaw at his words.

'What. am. I.' Dominic asked with a dangerous voice as his headache started to blur his vision.

'A Fireblood Wolf. A creature that has the blood of a human, werewolf and hellhound.' Alaric said.

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