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23. Black Shade

'I have the blood of a what!?' Dominic asked shocked as he took a step backwards.

Kiara looked at him with the same shocked expression as he had and immediately looked at Korinna, Danai, Agathi and Andromachi. The words of Selene ran through her head and she immediately knew that they were the same.

But how can that be?

Kiara looked back at Dominic with tears in her eyes.

'A hellhound.' Alaric said with a smirk. 'Your mother, her father, his mother, her father and so on, had the blood in them.'

Dominic turned as his headache became even worse and he had to shut his eyes as he tried to calm down.

'How is that possible? You said that his bloodline wasn't created by a god.' Kiara said as she took a step forward. Alaric nodded as he looked at her.

'It isn't. Hellhounds carried the blood of Cerberus. They weren't only, along with their father Cerberus, the guards of Tartaros but they are also the guards and protectors of all the supernatural creatures. Dominic's bloodline was created way back when a baby died because of a disease.' Alaric started explaining.

'Cerberus, the three headed dog of Hades, saw the soul of the baby in the Styx, the river that seperated the world of the living and the dead, and it stopped when he was in front of Cerberus. He was intrigued by the baby and leaned in to look closer. When he did, the baby opened his eyes and he cried. Cerberus could feel the dim lifeforce that was still in the baby and he knew that the child didn't deserve to die yet. He bit his own tongue and drawed blood. He let three drops of blood fall onto the soul of the baby. The baby was lifted out of the river and the blood of Cerberus started to multiply as it floated around the baby. Cerberus used his breath to sent the baby back to his body and came back to life. The blood of Cerberus became his own and the first human with hellhound blood was created.' Alaric said.

'Holy shit...' Danai whispered.

Kiara gulped as she looked from Alaric to Dominic and back. 'What does all of this mean? Is Nic a servant of Hades or anything because of this?' She asked as she felt a lump form in her throat.

Alaric snorted and shook his head. 'No, Hellhounds are dogs that have Hades as a master. Cerberus is the same. They aren't evil by nature, but their power is destruction and fire instead of life and healing.' Kiara sighed in relieve as she looked at Dominic.

'The change that Dominic is going through makes him dangerous. Just like you have with Kyriaki, Dominic could loose himself completely and become a stronger hellhound than the ones in Tartaros. He will be unpredictable and mostly violant.' Alaric said.

Kiara looked back at him as she thought back at what happened with Dominic, the first time he got a headache.

Dominic turned and looked at Alaric. 'How do I stop it?'

'You can't stop the change.' Alaric said.

'Not that, you idiot. How do I stop myself from loosing control?' Dominic said as he took a step forward.

'By learing how your change reveals itself and let it come to pass with your permission and not let it force itself upon you.' Alaric said.

'How do you know so much about this?' Portheus asked.

'Because I was the one who helped Cora through her change. Now I know I should have killed her but back then I just couldn't see her suffering anymore.' Alaric responded.

Dominic growled as he walked forward and grabbed Alaric by his throat. Alaric grabbed his wrist and looked at his son with an unimpressed look.

'Talk like that about her again and I'll...'

'You what?' Alaric interrupted him. 'You can't kill me, boy.' Dominic's vision started to become darker and the smile slowly disappeared from Alaric's face.

'Then let me demonstrate what I will do if you disobey me.' Dominic's voice had turned vicious as he threw Alaric on the ground before he turned to Blake and Jared who looked at him with a shocked expression.

Kiara looked at Alaric who looked at his son with the same shocked expression and she knew that this was what he meant with dangerous and cruel.

She looked at Dominic who walked towards Blake. Blake growled at him as Dominic stopped in front of him, but his growl was cut short as Dominic grabbed his throat. Blake glared at him.

Kiara immediately ran towards them.

'You have no idea how much I waited for this.' Dominic said as he lifted his other hand towards Blake's eyes, but before he could do anything, someone grabbed his wrist. Dominic's head shot to the side and he looked at Kiara. Slowly the sparks started to appear on his wrist.

'Nic, don't.' She said with a shocked expression in her eyes. Kiara saw the black shade in his eyes and knew that this was how his change occured.

'Do not command me, woman.' Dominic said with a growl.

'I'm not commanding you, Nic. I'm asking you not to give in to this. This isn't you and you know it.' Kiara said as a tear rolled down her cheek. 'Please, don't do this.' She whispered.

Dominic looked in her eyes and found something inside of himself. He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. He focused on her touch and the sparks immediately intensified. The pain in his head started to disappear and he found himself thinking clearely again. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

She saw that the shade had disappeared and she sighed in relieve as he removed his hand from Blake's throat. She removed her hand as well as he took a step back from both of them.

Kiara looked at Blake who also looked at her.

'Just answer this.' Kiara looked at Dominic again. 'Did you stop me for my sake or his?' Dominic asked as he saw the look Blake gave Kiara.

Kiara gave him an unbelieving look and didn't know how to respond.

Did he really just ask her that!?

'Are you kidding me right now?!' Kiara asked dumbfounded.

Dominic looked from her to Blake and clenched his jaw before he turned and walked back to Alaric.

Kiara couldn't believe him. She looked at Blake who was also looking at her. 'Don't.' She sneered at him.

'I didn't say anything.' Blake said.

'Keep it that way.' She sneered at him as she walked passed him towards the Menai. 'Thank you.' She stopped and turned to look at him. 'For saving my eyes.' He added.

'I didn't do it for you.' She said in response before she turned again.

'How sure are you about that?' He asked.

'Pretty fucking sure.' She said without looking at him as she reached the Menai females who were looking at her. She looked at Dominic and Alaric who were also looking at her.

As did everyone else.

'Screw this.' She said and immediately gave the reins to Leto. She ripped her clothes as she shifted into Leto and ran into the woods.

Dominic looked at Leto and his eyes immediately went to the fresh mark in her neck. He sighed as he ran his hands over his face and cursed himself again.

'Nice to see that you treat your mate worse than I treated mine.' Alaric said with a smirk.

Dominic growled at him. He looked at Portheus. 'Bring them back to the cells. Training will continue tomorrow.' He ordered him. Portheus game him a small nod before Dominic turned back to Alaric. 'Don't think that, just because Kiara stopped me I won't take their eyes when you disobey.'

'I don't, but I do wonder what will happen if you do.' Alaric said as his hands were bound behind his back again. Portheus pushed him forward while Kyle and Kai walked to Blake and Jared.

Dominic looked from Portheus and Alaric to them. 'Leave Blake. He'll stay outside for tonight.' He said to Kai. Kai nodded at him and moved away from Blake.

Blake glared at Dominic who walked up to him. 'Stay away from her.' Dominic said with a dangerous voice.

'And if I don't?' Blake asked.

Dominic clenched his jaw as he walked away without responding. Blake looked at him and sighed as he looked around. His eyes met Kai's and he immediately knew what he had to do.

Kai screamed as he reached for his head and Blake grinned.

It's time...

I'm so sorry for the late update!
I haven't been home yesterday and once I did, I completely forgot to update Lycanborn...
I hope you still enjoyed it!

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