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24. Purest Bloodline

Leto fell on her stomach in the woods as her legs couldn’t go anymore. ‘I can’t go on, Ki. I’m too exhausted. We’ve been running for most of the day and I don’t even know where we are anymore.’ Leto said as her paws started to ache.

‘Shift.’ Was all Kiara said.

Leto gave the reins to Kiara and whined as she started to shift.

Soon, Kiara laid on the ground where Leto had been and she slowly sat up. A tear streamed down her face as she looked around her and indeed didn’t know where the fuck she was.

All she knew was that she wasn’t in the territory of the Silver Pine Woods Pack anymore.

Kiara got up and walked through the overgrown woods. It was late in the afternoon but it felt like it had already become dark as she went further into the woods.

‘You really shouldn’t be out here on your own, Kyriaki.’ Kiara yelped and jumped as she heard a familiar voice behind her. She quickly turned around and saw Artemis.

‘Artemis.’ Kiara said as she took a deep breath to calm herself. ‘What are you doing here?’ Kiara added.

‘Helping one of my precious Pure Lycans.’ Artemis said as she walked passed Kiara. Kiara walked with her through the woods. ‘I know you figured out what Dominic and the daughters of Selene are.’ She suddenly said.

Kiara gulped as she wrapped her arms around her bare chest and thought about everything Alaric told them this morning. ‘Yeah...’ She said.

‘Because of this Dominic won’t be the only one who will change. Zeus has a plan and I figured out a part of it.’ Artemis said. Kiara immediately looked at her. ‘What is it?’ She asked curious.

Artemis sighed as she stopped walking and turned completely to Kiara. ‘Zeus plans everything years in advance. He already knew that Selene would mate her daughters to the Pure Lycans and he saw an oppertunity. He took their powers away because that is what the Menai need to awake their true bloodline.’ Artemis said.

‘He will give their powers back at a time that works in his favor.’ Kiara said.

‘Yes and because the Menai are goddesses and have the power of one they will go through the final change as soon as they get their powers back and become a Fireblood Wolf immediately.’ Artemis said. Kiara froze as she listened to Artemis’ words.

That would be too much and they will loose themselves completely.

‘He wants them to be lost.’ Kiara breathed.

Artemis nodded at her before she started walking again. Kiara followed her immediately.

‘But why?’ Kiara asked.

‘Because they are the only ones who can help you with merging Kiara and Kyriaki. If you do merge you become much stronger and he doesn’t want that.’ Artemis said.

‘Fucking hell...’ Kiara breathed.

She had just about enough of all the plans and sceems of Zeus. She just wanted to life a normal life, damn it!

‘Kyriaki, you need to merge yourself quickly. Things are moving faster than we anticipated and there are more Pure Lycans on the earth than you know. The Chain is already completed for the first half and the second has already started.’ Kiara stopped walking again and looked at her with big eyes.

The Chain is already completed for the first half?

That meant that there were already twenty-five Pure Lycans alive!

But where the fuck are they?

‘You’re joking, right?’ Kiara said.

‘I don’t joke, Kyriaki. The Chain of the Lycan will be completed before the end of the year and the final battle will be upon us.’ Artemis said.

‘And the vision will occur.’ Kiara said in thought.

‘I know you’ve seen it.’ Artemis said which caused Kiara to look back at her. ‘Dominic was killed by Lycaon. It didn’t say that he had lost himself during his change. That must mean that he will pull through.’ She said as her hope sparked.

‘A vision is not carved in stone, Kyriaki. You already knew that as you are trying to stop it. I don’t know what you saw and I’m not going to ask you to tell me, but I can see that it still haunts you. Talk with someone about it. You and Dominic, both, need all the help you can get.’ Artemis said.

‘People have been saying that.’ Kiara breathed as she ran a hand through her hair. She closed her eyes briefly as she sighed. ‘Why did it have to be me?’ She asked as she looked back at Artemis.

Artemis gave her a small smile as she walked a little forward. ‘We can’t choose what we are born to be. Believe me when I say that I wish we could, but life doesn’t work that way. Everything happens for a reason and life decides what role every soul plays during the tides of time.’ Kiara followed her through some bushes and she saw something starting to appear slowly.

‘It may seem unfair but you were chosen to be born as the female Pure Lycan for a reason, just as Dominic was chosen to be a Fireblood Wolf and why it is already chosen that your child will become the very first Lunar Werewolf. A wolf that has the purest Pure Lycan blood and the blood of Cerberus. Two bloodlines that form the light and dark side of the moon.’ Artemis moved a branch away and Kiara froze as she saw where she was.

‘Everything that happened in your life.’ Artemis walked forward. Kiara gulped as tears gathered in her eyes before she also walked forward and looked around her. ‘The hate and pain in you felt. All the tortures you endured here at the hands of the Dark Woods pack. They all made you who you are today.’ Artemis stopped walking and looked at Kiara who looked at the place she grew up in.

The place where she was tortured for fifteen years.

The Dark Woods pack.

Kiara gulped as she looked at the skeletons that still laid on the ground.

The rogues never gave them a burial.

‘You survived fifteen years of torture. Yes, you tried to kill yourself but you still survived. Even if you didn’t want to, you still pulled yourself through.’ Kiara turned to look at Artemis as a tear rolled down her cheek.

'Stop doubting who you are, Kiara.' She gulped as Artemis used her human name for the first time.

'You are so much stronger than you believe. Everything Kyriaki did when she took over, it was not her will, it was yours. Even if it was deep down inside of you, you were the one who decided what happened to the wolves that you forced to retreat to the back of their human side minds and force them to live as a normal human does, to Ancyor who you threatened, to Jamie.' Kiara gulped as she remembered what she did to her former Alpha.

'You are the one who is calling the shots, Kyriaki is the one who has the power to put the orders into action. You two have always worked together even when you are separated.' Kiara felt Kyriaki rise inside of her. It was like she knew that Artemis was talking about her.

'The Menai can help you merge, but, in the end, only you have the power to do it.' Artemis took a step towards her.

'Zeus and Lycaon told you that they can't kill one of their own. I was the one who told you that if Lycaon controlled you, he controls the soul of a goddess. There is a reason why Kyriaki is powerful enough to sent a soul to the deepest pits of Tartaros.' Artemis said.

Kiara looked at her with an unbelieving look. 'I can't be a goddess.' She said.

'You aren't.' Artemis said. 'But you are the first humanborn who has the power of one.' Kiara paled as she took a step back in shock.

'This is not because your wolf was born with the soul of Leto's wolf. You have a deep power of your own that is equal to that of a goddess. This is why you are the Purest Bloodline. This is why Zeus and Lycaon can't kill you. They can't kill someone with the power of a goddess because that will bring a catastrophy on earth that has never seen before. The curse makes you human and takes your powers, including the Purest Bloodline power, away and only then they have a shot with killing you.' Artemis said.

Kiara turned around as everything became too much. She ran her hands trough her hair as she thought about everything. 'Is it truly all because of the fact that my destiny has become unclear?' She asked as she turned around.

'It's because they always want to have a failsafe.' Artemis said. 'Zeus taking the powers of the Menai, him sending Jamie to kill the ones around you, him sending Alaric to kill your mate to drive you crazy, he is afraid of you, Kiara. He did all those things because, for the first time in his life, he can't control someone and change a destiny.' Artemis said.

'He's doing all of this because he isn't sure if the curse will work, anymore.' Kiara immediately took a step towards her.

'What do you mean? Is there a way for me to break the curse?' Kiara asked hopeful.

'I don't know. All I know is that he is uncertain himself.' Artemis said truthfully, but that was enough for Kiara.

Now she knew that there was a bigger chance to break the curse.

'Believe in yourself, Kiara. You are capable of so much. Become who you truly are.' Artemis said as she laid a hand on her shoulder. 'Only then you, maybe, have the change to break the curse Zeus has placed on you.'

'Thank you, Artemis.' Kiara said.

'Be safe, my Lycan.' Artemis said right before a twig broke to the right.

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