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25. Demons

Kiara growled and got ready to shift again.

'Calm down, Ki. It's me.' Kai said as he walked out of the bushes. Kiara forced herself to look at his head and sighed in relieve.

'Nic send you?' She asked as she moved her hair forward to hide her naked body a little.

Kai sighed as he walked towards her. 'Your father did.' He said. Kiara gulped as she closed her eyes and let her head hang. 'Only because Alpha Dominic is looking for you himself.' Kai added. Kiara immediately looked up at him and her heart jumped in relieve.

Relieve that her mate still cared enough to look for her.

'How did you know where I was?' She asked. It wasn't a short run from the Silver Pine Woods pack to the Dark Woods one and he found her rather quickly.

Kai gave her a small smile. Normally it would comfort but the lack of his answer made her anxious.

'Kai?' She asked.

'It wasn't hard to find your scent.' Kai said casually.

Every hair on her body started to rise. Something was wrong about him. 'Then why hasn't Nic found me yet? He has better senses than you.' Kiara said as she took a step back.

'What are you doing, Ki?' Kai asked confused as he took a step towards her which caused her to take a step back again. 'It's me.' He added.

Everything inside of her told her that he wasn't the Kai she knew. She had to be able to figure it out somehow.

She's the fucking female Pure Lycan for crying out loud.

'I know, but you have to understand that it's weird. You don't know me that well.' She said, putting the plan she had in her head to action.

Kai chuckled a little and walked forward again. 'I know you well enough, Ki.'

Kiara fake chuckled with him. 'Trust me when I say that you know your unborn son better than me.' Kai laughed a little. 'True, but that doesn't stop me.'

Kiara immediately kicked his chest and he fell backwards.

'What the fuck Kiara!' Kai said as he laid on the ground and looked at her with a shocked expression.

'Kai is getting a daughter not a son and he already knew that.' Kiara spat at him as she grabbed his throat, pulled him up and pushed him to a tree. 'Who the fuck are you?' She asked as she glared at him.

Fake Kai clenched his jaw at her before he smirked. 'Someone you already know.' He said.

'I know a lot of people, be clear.' She immediately commanded. Fake Kai groaned at her command, but didn't answer.

There were only a few people who could've been gifted the ability to avoid her command, but that didn't make sense. None of them had the power to swap bodies.

'Who. Are. You?' Kiara asked as she felt Kyriaki rise and tightened her grip on his throat.

He groaned as he lifted his hand towards her wrist and gently grabbed it. 'You're right. An Alpha has better senses than a mere wolf does. Even a rogue one.' He said.

She looked at him with a shocked and hurt expression. He started to rub his thumb against her wrist. Tears gathered in her eyes as she already knew who he was.

'Blake.' She said through gritted teeth.

'Hiya, Ki.' He said.

'How is this possible? What did you do to Kai!?' She immediately asked. Blake sighed as he let his head lean against the tree. 'Kai is fine. He's in my body enduring what I should. Oh and everything is possible with friends in the right places.' He said.

She clanched her jaw and tightened her grib on his throat even more. 'Zeus.'

Blake chuckled a little with the little breath he had left. 'You would think that, but no.' He said as he looked in her eyes.

'What do you mean no?' Kiara asked as she didn't understand any of this.

'Zeus isn't the one who gave me this ability; Lycaon isn't the one who gave me this ability.' He said.

'Then who?' She asked.

There was a third god-like being after her?

'I can't tell you.' He said.

She growled dangerously as her nails elongated and pierced his skin. 'I really can't.' He said as he tried not to scream.

'Like hell you can't. Give one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now.' She sneered at him.

'Well, one, if you kill me in Kai's body we will both die. Two, because I'm not your enemy.' He said.

Kiara huffed as she shook her head in disbelieve. 'You? Not my enemy? You fucking drugged me and are working with Zeus and Lycaon to kill me!'

'I'm not. It was my assignment to make everyone believe that I was with Alaric and the others.' He said. 'I am sorry for drugging you though.' He added with a small smile.

Yep, it was official...


'Did you inhale too much wolfsbane or something?' She said with an unbelieving look. Blake chuckled a little at her stare. 'I didn't. I can't explain anything but I'm not who you think I am.'

'What? An asshole that I saw as one of my closest friends, a friend who turned on me and betrayed me?' Kiara sneered at him as tears filled her eyes.

His smile disappeared and he looked at her with an apologetic look. 'It's really not as black and white as that.' He said as he rubbed his thumb over her wrist again.

Kiara pulled her arm away and Blake stumbled a little forward. 'Enlighten me then.' She said with a hard voice.

'I wish I could, but you have to trust me.' Blake said as he stood upright.

'You really think I'm stupid enough to trust you again?' She said as she wrapped her arms around herself and glared at him.

Blake sighed and ran a hand over his face. 'No, you aren't.'

A howl filled the sky and she immediately knew that Dominic was close. Blake immediately walked towards her and grabbed her hand. 'But I really can help you. I'm sorry for what I did to you, I really am, but know that I did everything to help you.'

'How the fuck is drugging me, helping!?' She yelled as she pulled her hand out of his grasp.

Another howl filled the air. Blake gulped as he looked in the direction of it.

'If I hadn't they wouldn't have left Dominic or anyone else alive.' Blake said as he looked back at her. She gave him a questioning look while her brain was making overtime.

With everything Artemis told her and now with everything Blake was telling her, it felt like she was growing two heads just to keep up with everything.

'I can't explain anything right now, but know that I'm not the bad guy.' He said as he took another step towards her.

The sound of paws against the ground filled the air and Blake walked backwards. Kiara followed him and he gave her a shocked look.

'I can't just let you go.' She said not really sure if that was the truth.

'I need to return to my own body and I know Kai wants to get out of mine. If you decide to hear me out, you know where to find me.' He said with a small smile. 'I know you want to know the reason why you got that warm feeling when I touched you before it disappeared during the battle.' He added.

Kiara paled at his words. 'Wh...'

'Find me when you're ready.' He said before he shifted and ran back into the woods.

Kiara stood there dumbfounded, looking at the bushes where Blake had disappeared in.

Before she could follow him Mike reached the packhouse. She looked at him. Mike immediately walked towards her.

Kiara immediately wrapped her arms around herself again as Mike shifted back into Dominic. 'What were you thinking, Kiara!' He said as he continued walking towards her.

When he reached her he immediately took her in his arms. 'You can't just disappear like that. Please don't ever do that to me again.' He said with a softer voice.

Kiara didn't really know what to say. Everything still ran through her head and she was loosing herself in them.

She closed her eyes as her lip started trembling. 'Kiara?' Dominic asked and that was the only push she needed to break. She immediately wrapped her arms around his waist and burried her face in his chest as she cried. Dominic rested his chin on her head as he soothinly rubbed her back.

After a while they just stood there, holding each other and not saying anything.

'What are you doing here, Kiara?' Dominic asked softly as he looked around him.

'I-I don't know.' She said as she pulled away from him a little and looked at the packhouse.

Dominic brushed a lock of hair away from her face which caused her to look at him. 'Stop doing that.' She said with a soft voice. 'You need to stop doing that, Nic.'

Dominic sighed as he already knew that she was talking about the way he reacted when she stopped him from blinding Blake.

'Stop seeing demons when there are none. Stop doubting me.' She said as she placed a hand on his chest over his heart. 'Stop doubting yourself.' Kiara said as she looked in his eyes where tears had gathered that treathened to fall.

'You're wrong, Kiara.' He said as he slowly released her. 'There are demons and I'm one of them.' He added as a tear rolled down his cheek.

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