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26. Sharing

‘You’re not a demon, Nic.’ Kiara said. It broke her heart to see him like this.

‘I have the blood of Cerberus, Kiara! The three headed dog that guards the Underworld.’ He said as he pointed to himself and took a step forward. ‘My blood is the same of a hellhound, a creature that kills in order of Hades!’ Her lip trembled as she saw another tear roll down his cheek.

‘You’re not a hellhound, Nic.’ She said as she grabbed the hand that he held on his own chest. ‘You’re nothing like them.’ She added.

‘Really? Because everything I did the last twenty-four hours show that I’m not what everyone thinks I am.’ He said as he looked hard in her eyes. She really hated to see him like this.

‘Neither was I when everyone first met me.’ Dominic sighed and pulled his hand out of his grasp and walked away from her. ‘And I’m the one who will kill everyone.’ She said as a tear fell down her own cheek. ‘Not you.’ She added.

He turned around to look at her. ‘You’re not evil, Nic. You can become who you are without losing yourself, I know you can.’ She said as she walked further towards him.

‘I can’t, Ki. I already lost myself twice and one of those times I hurt the one person I love.’ Nic immediately stopped as he realized what he just said. He gulped as he met her eyes and this time a tear fell down her cheek, not for sadness and hurt, but for shock.

‘Y-you love me?’ She asked to be sure if she heard him right.

Dominic looked at her and didn’t know what to say.

Did he really love her?

Is that what this feeling was?

Kiara took a few steps towards him and he gulped as he saw the pleading and hopeful look in her eyes.

Even if he did, how can they ever be together now that they knew what he was?

‘I can’t love you, Kiara. I’m no good for you and I will only drag you down with me.’ His heart ached as he saw the hope disappear in her eyes.

Kiara gulped. ‘You won’t, because you don’t get the chance to.’ She said as she remembered the vision.

Artemis told her that she needed to talk about someone with it. If it had to be someone, it had to be him as he himself is part of her future. The future that the vision showed her.

‘What do you mean?’ Dominic asked as he turned completely towards her.

Kiara wrapped her arms around herself again as she dreaded what she was going to tell him and looked to the ground. ‘You’ll be dead before you can.’ She said as tears fell down her cheeks again.

Dominic immediately walked forward to her and placed his hand underneath her chin and gently lifted her head so she was looking at him.

‘Kiara, what do you mean?’ He asked with a worried voice.

Her lip trembled as she looked at him. ‘Lycaon will kill you to get to me.’ She said as she lost the control over her shaking body. She slapped her hand in front of her own mouth and tried to stop her sobs as she let her head hang again.

Dominic looked at her with a shocked expression. How could she know that Lycaon will kill him?

He gently placed his hands on her shoulders and bowed down a little to be at the same hight as her. ‘Kiara, please tell me what the fuck you know.’ He asked as calmly as possible.

Her body shook as the sobs left her mouth. She wanted to tell him; she had to, but if she was able too was another story.

‘Kiara, you need to tell me.’ Dominic’s voice was a little harder than before and she knew that he was getting anxious to know what the fuck was going on that he didn’t know about.

She wanted to open her mouth and talk to him but she couldn’t find the words. All that came out of her mouth were sobs and whimpers.

Kiara looked up at him and saw that his eyes had changed to his Alpha eyes.

If she couldn’t tell him she needed to show him.

With trembling hands she cupped his face and rested her forehead against his. She searched within herself for the connection she already had with him and called upon it. Their minds linked with each other and connected them even more. They both gasped at the sudden connection.

She clenched her jaw as he gently grabbed her wrists for support. She focused on the one thing she saw everytime she went to sleep.

The one thing that still haunted her every night.

The vision appeared in her head and a tear fell down her cheek as she closed her eyes.

She focused on the bond and knew that he would now know as well.

Everything she saw back then; everything she tried to forget, came back in full force and she had to hold on to Dominic for dear life. She heard him gasp and she knew that he wouldn't look at her the same way he did before he knew the vision.

Before he knew about his death..

Before he knew about the death of their pup...

Before he knew what she would turn into...

She gulped as she heard Kyriaki say the last words that replayed in her head everytime she thought about the vision, before the scene stopped and their link broke.

Kiara kept still and was too afraid to look at him. To see the disgust he had for her on his face.

'Kiara.' Dominic whispered and almost instantly her body started to shake and her lip trembled at hearing his voice.

'Kiara, look at me.' Dominic said a little louder but she couldn't. She was terrified of what she would see once she did. She had always had people look at her with a condecending and resentment, but she couldn't take it from him; she couldn't take it from her mate.

He removed her hands from his face and she whimpered as she felt his hands leave her wrists.

This was it.

But instead of him leaving, he gently cupped her face and brused his thumbs over her cheekbones. 'Kiara, please look at me.' He said with a soft voice.

'Please...' She whispered. 'Reject me without forcing me to look at you.' She added as her lip trembled and she pulled her head away from him.

Dominic immediately grabbed her arm which caused her to look at him. He saw the pain and sadness in her eyes and he couldn't believe that she would think he would reject her after seeing that. Sure, it shocked him to see all of that, but it made him realize even more that he needed to be there for her. He wasn't going to let that vision come to pass.

Not if he can stop it.

He cupped her face again and stopped her from looking away. 'Don't you remember what I told you almost seven months ago?' He asked as he stepped closer to her. 'I would never reject you, Kiara.' He repeated the words he said right after the battle.

His words brought back feelings she hadn't felt in a long time and she immediately wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

Dominic repositioned his hands on her waist and pulled her closer.

She pulled away a little to look at him and catch her breath. Kiara looked in his eyes and saw the same spark he had right after he accepted her.

She laid her hands on his chest and looked at them. 'What you saw...'

'It was the vision.' He said which made her look up at him. She gulped as she nodded. He placed one hand against her cheek and looked deep in her eyes. 'We will stop it. We are the ones that will create our future, not a vision. You changed because lost both me and...' He's gaze went to her belly. He removed his hands and turned her around so he was standing behind her.

Dominic snaked his arms around her waist and laid his hands on her belly. Kiara looked at the gesture and smiled. 'You will never feel the pain of losing a pup, our pup. I promise you that.' He whispered in her ears.

Her lip trembled as she heard his words. 'You will be an amazing mother and I can't wait to have pups with you.' He whispered.

Kiara turned around in his arms and gave him a surprised look. 'But you said that you can't love me.' She said.

'That doesn't mean that I won't.' He said as he removed a strand of hair from her face. 'The vision showed us a likely future, but there are more options than just one. If it showed me one thing it's that I need step up to my role as Alpha again. To step back up to the Alpha I was. I don't know what will happen to me with the change I will endure but I know that with you by my side, as my Luna, as my mate, we both will pull through. Only then we will have a change to change the future we saw.' He said.

Her heart clenched at his words and a warm feeling spread through her entire body.

'I'm scared, Kiara.' He said with a sigh. 'I'm so scared of what I will become, of losing myself to the change, of losing you.' He said as he brushed his hand against her cheek.

'Everything I did to push you away, I did because I thought I was protecting you. I thought I was doing the right thing, not only for myself and the pack but also for you. I thought that I didn't deserve you and that there was no way for me to be with someone like you. After the curse started when I accepted you, I was so afraid to hurt you again if we mated, let alone if I marked you. I'm so afraid to let you in and let myself be vunrable to you and the pack.' He sighed as he took a strand of her hair in his hand and ran his fingers through it. Almost like he was making sure that this was all real.

Kiara didn't know what to say. She knew that this wasn't the time to talk with him, but to listen and just be there for him.

Dominic gulped as he started talking again. 'My mother had always been the one who understood me in ways that I didn't even understand myself. Now I know why. Losing her send me down a spiral that took me further away from the man I was to the man that you experienced the last six months. Everything I do feels like I'm a timebomb that will go off at any time and hurt everyone around me and I would never forgive myself if I did hurt someone, if I'd hurt you.' He confessed everything that she was trying to get out of him the last six months.

'I'm sorry for everything I did and said. You have no idea exactly how sorry I am and I will do my best to make everything up to you and the pack.' He said as his eyes met hers again.

Dominic opened and closed his mouth for multiple times like he was afraid to say something to her. He did it again until he sighed in irritation and let his head hang. 'I'm not the man you deserve, but I'll try to be for the rest of my days.' He said as he looked back up at her.

'I...' He started before he sighed again. She could tell he was in conflict with himself, but she didn't say anything. This was something he had to do without her help.

He took a deep breath before he cupped her face with both hands. 'Forget what I said before.' He started before he took another deep breath.

'I love you, Kiara.'

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