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27. Rogues

Leto and Mike shifted back to their human side and Kiara's eyes immediately went to Blake who was still strung up outside. He also looked at her and she knew that she had to talk to him, to find out what the fuck he knew, but before she could do anything Kyle ran towards them. 'Alpha, there is something going on at the south border.' He said. Dominic clenched his jaw as he looked at her.

'Go be the Alpha.' She said with a small smile. He smiled before he grabbed her and kissed her deeply.

Kai walked towards them as well and tossed a blanket towards her that she wrapped around her body. 'Report if anything happens while we're at the border.' Dominic commanded him before he and Kyle shifted and ran towards the south.

Kiara looked at Kai who was looking at Blake. 'Did you feel everything when you were in his body?' He immediately looked at her with a shocked expression. 'You know?'

She chuckled a little. 'Kai, I know you better than you think. Besides, he thought that you were going to have a son instead of a daughter, so it wasn't hard to figure out.' She said as she looked at Blake who also looked at her and she saw him roll his eyes at her.

Kai snorted as he shook his head. 'I feel violated.' He said as they both started to walk towards the packhouse and closer to Blake. 'I still feel like I'm in his body enduring the immense pain he is feeling.' He added as he looked at Blake.

Kiara stopped walking and laid a hand on his shoulder. 'You're not, Kai. You're in your own body again as Blake is back in his.' She said.

Kai looked at her and nodded. 'Did you tell anyone about it?' She asked.

'No.' Kai said with a sigh. 'I wanted to find out what he was doing while he was in my body before I went to Alpha.'

Kiara nodded in understanding. 'Well he came after me, but nothing bad happened.'

Kai gave her a weary look. 'You're going to ask me to keep it quiet from Dominic and the others, aren't you?' Kiara gave him a small smile as she removed her hand.

'Kiara...' Kai whined as he ran his hands over his face.

'Do you trust me?' She asked which caused him to look at her again. 'Of course, I do.'

'Then keep this between us. I'll tell Nic when it's time for him to know.' Kiara said.

Kai sighed as he looked from her to Blake and back. 'You're playing with fire, Luna.' He said.

Kiara chuckled a little. 'That's all I ever do, apparently.' Kai snorted as he shook his head in disbelieve. 'Fine, I'll keep my mouth shut, as long as he will NEVER swap bodies with me again.' He said as he pointed towards Blake who heard everything.

Kiara looked at him. 'Anything you wanna say?' She said as she crossed her arms at him.

Blake rolled his eyes again. 'Fine, I won't swap with you again.' He said. Kai rolled his eyes as well and snorted again. 'I'll go see if Lia needs anything.' He said before he walked away.

Kiara walked towards Blake and stopped in front of him. 'Answer one thing.' Her voice was hard. 'Was everything you said, everything you did back then, a trick?'

Blake clenched his jaw as he looked at her. 'Not everything, but most parts were from the moment you first shifted.'

'And everything before that?' She asked.

'That was real.' He said as he moved a little and grimaced as the silver burned his skin.

She gulped as she saw the burns on his skin and couldn't help but wonder if he was telling the truth. 'You know that Zeus sees everything. Just like everything that you told me here and at the Dark Woods pack. Why would I trust anything you say?'

Blake chuckled a little. 'Because he can't see me anymore.' Kiara walked closer towards him. 'Stop lying. No one has the power to hide a living person from Zeus.' She spat at him.

'Kiara?' Daniel asked as he and Dave walked towards her. She looked at them and knew that she needed to be careful.

'Someone who is good at laying low does.' Blake whispered which caused her to look back at him.

'Is everything okay?' Dave asked as they reached them.

Kiara clenched her jaw as she took a few steps back. 'I should have let Dominic blind you.' She said with a dark voice before she walked away from him. He gulped as he looked at Daniel and Dave who glared at him before they followed her.

'I hope, for your own sake, you're telling the truth.' He heard Kiara's voice in his head and smiled a little as he knew that what she said was just to have Daniel and Dave thrown off of their track. 'I am.' He linked her back.

'We shall see.' She linked him before she cut the link with him and walked into the packhouse.

'Why were you talking to him?' Daniel asked which caused her to turn and look at them. 'Since when do I need to explain myself to anyone? That guy did more harm than anyone ever has in my life and he needed to know that once the protection is lifted, I will be the one who will kill him.' She said with a hard voice, not knowing if it was the truth as she didn't know if anything he was telling her could be trusted.

They both barred their neck at her. 'Apologies, Luna.' They both said.

She didn't want to be that harsh towards them but she needed to have them in the dark until she was sure of Blake's intentions.

Before she could say anything else a loud scream was heard from outside and the three of them immediately ran outside.

Kiara froze as she saw a large wolf behead one of the pack members and she immediately shifted and attacked. The wolf looked shocked at her and ran away. She ran after him and saw more wolves enter the village and starting to attack. 'Nic, the village in under attack!' She immediately yelled through the link as she jumped on the back of a wolf who lunged for a teenager and tackled him to the ground.

The wolf growled as he threw her off his back and barred his teeth at her. Before he could do anything a large black wolf attacked him and ripped out his throat. Leto looked at Mike who immediately went towards her as she got up. 'What's going on?' She immediately linked him.

They both heard a scream that was familiar, before Mike could answer and started to ran towards the pole where Blake was chained. He sat on his knees as a female was trying to help him up and rescue him.

Leto growled as she ran faster. Five wolves blocked their path but that didn't stop her, she jumped over them and landed in front of the female and Blake.

The female looked at her and couldn't believe her eyes. She released Blake who was too weak to do anything and growled as she stood protectively in front of him.

Leto didn't take the challenge lightly and barred her teeth at the female. 'Belle...' Blake said as he tried to get up. 'Stay put, Alpha. I don't care that she is the queen, she is going down if she tries to fight me.' Belle said as she got in attack stance.

Leto shifted back in Kiara as she walked closer to Belle. 'Let's see you try.' Kiara immediately said as she grabbed the girl's throat and pulled her away from Blake. Belle yelped as she fell on the ground and glared at Kiara before she got up.

She sprinted towards Kiara and threw in one attack after the other but Kiara could evade them easily. Belle started to get frustrated and threw her arm towards her again.

Kiara grabbed her wrist, pulled her towards her as she turned her around and wrapped her free arm around her neck as Belle stood with her back against her chest and growled as she saw the rest of the wolves being restrained as well. Kiara put some pressure on the wrist she was holding and Belle screamed at the pain. 'Wrong choice coming here.' Kiara said as Mike shifted back into Dominic who walked towards them.

Kiara put more pressure on her wrist and Belle screamed as her bone broke. She released the girl who fell on her knees and cried as she held her wrist.

'Any words before you die?' Dominic asked her as he glared at her.

'Fuck you.' She spat at him.

Dominic growled as she grabbed her throat and pulled her up. 'No!' Blake, Kai and Kyle screamed.

Kiara looked surprised at Kyle. She already figured out that the wolves were part of Blake's pack as she had called him Alpha and that Kai would probably know them as well, but there was no way that Kyle did, was there?

Dominic looked at Kyle who gulped as he saw the look almost everyone gave him.

'Am I missing something?' Blake asked. Kiara looked at Belle who now saw Kyle as well and she immediately knew why he stopped Dominic.

Kiara sighed and now everyone looked at her. 'They're mates.' She said as she looked at Kyle.
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