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28. Seventeen

Dominic growled again as he thightened the grib on Belle’s throat. She grabbed his wrist with her one good arm as it bevame harder for her to breathe. ‘Are you fucking kidding me!?’ Dominic said as he looked from Kiara, to Kyle, to Belle.

Kyle gulped as he had tears in his eyes and looked down. Kiara looked at Lia who knew exactly who Kyle was feeling as she herself has a mate who was a rogue.

‘Is she your mate?’ Dominic asked as he looked at Kyle. ‘Yes.’ Kyle said with a soft voice.

Kiara closed her eyes as she sighed and hoped that he was smarter than Lia was when she found out that Kai was her mate.

Dominic growled again as he released Belle who fell to her knees and gasped for air. ‘Is she one of yours or one of Alaric’s?’ Nic asked as he looked at Blake who hadn’t moved and was looking at Belle. ‘She’s one of mine. Alaric never had anything to say about my pack.’ He said as he looked at Dominic.

‘Alaric is one of the best if it involves going around someone’s back. How the fuck can you be sure?’ Portheus asked.

‘Because we would never betray the one person who saved our lives more than once.’ Belle said as she looked up at Portheus. ‘He is our Alpha for a reason and he has our loyalty until the day we die.’ She said with a determination in her voice that Kiara had grown to respect herself.

‘Then how did you know that now was the time to attack?’ Dominic asked as he crossed his arms and glared at her.

Kiara looked around her and saw that all the other rogues were still in their wolf from. Belle was the only one who was showing her human skin. Her eyes shot to one of the wolves that wasn’t far from her and saw big and old open wounds on his body. Wounds that weren’t inflicted today.

‘We were never far away from our Alpha.’ She said as she also glared at him. ‘It wasn’t hard to guess when his blood was almost the only smell that hung in the air for a day.’ She added.

Kiara looked back at Belle and knew that she was hiding something. Blake was working with Alaric which also meant that his pack was too, but why did they have those wounds?

‘And so you create a diversion at the south border and attack my pack and kill my pack members.’ Dominic said with a dark and dangerous voice.

Belle glared at him. ‘You have killed every rogue you’ve encountered. Why would we treat you any different?’ She spat at him.

‘Because it would have been your only bargaining chip to safe yourself.’ Dominic growled at her.

Kiara looked at Kyle who still held his head low and had closed his eyes.

‘I don’t care if you kill me. We came here to safe our Alpha or die with him.’ Belle said.

That caused Kyle to look up at Dominic immediately and Kiara saw the fear in his eyes. The fear that his Alpha would kill his destined mate.

Dominic sighed as he clenched his jaw. He was conflicted about what he should do. Belle needed to be punished but he didn't want to hurt the mate of his Beta.

A gust of wind blew past Kiara and she stiffened immediately as she looked at the treeline. She slowly walked forward without taking her eyes off the place. That scent...

'Kiara?' Lia asked as she looked at her, but Kiara didn't react. Everyone looked at her.

Tears had gathered in her eyes as her breathing had become shallow. Another gust of wind blew past her and her uncles knew immediately what was going on and followed her a little forward.

'Guys what's going on?' Dominic asked as he looked at them.

As soon as he said that, a white wolf walked out of the treeline towards them. Her lip trembled as she immediately knew who he was. More white wolves followed behind him and her breath hitched as she saw almost seventeen white wolves walking towards them with a few other colored wolves.

Belle and the rogues behind her whimpered as they saw them.

The first one shifted into his human skin. Tears fell down her cheeks as she saw him. The others shifted as well as they walked towards her and she could see their relieved gazes towards her.

'Holy shit.' Lia breathed as she saw the many Pure Lycans.

Kiara walked further towards them as Portheus, Eumon, Ancyor, Titanas, Helix, Corethon and Socleus stayed behind. Portheus smiled as he already knew why she was crying.

He looked at her and smiled as he saw her. 'Acontes.' She breathed.

His smile fell as he looked at her with surprise clear on his face. 'You already know who I am?' He asked.

Kiara smiled as she saw the surprise on his face. 'You haven't seen everything yet.' It wasn't a question. He shook his head as conformation.

Another tear rolled down her cheek as she gave him a small smile. 'I saw and felt you die by the hands of the hunters.' She said which caused all of them to look at her with a shocked expression.

Kiara looked at his ribs and saw the scar of the arrow. She raised her hand and touched the scar with her fingers. Acontes looked at it and saw another tear roll down her cheek.

'You may have felt it but I'm here and very much alive.' He said which caused her to look back at his eyes.

He gave her a small smile and she immediately wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. Acontes looked at Portheus who smiled and nodded at him. He smiled as well as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back.

'How are you all here?' Socleus asked as he walked forward a little.

Kiara released Acontes and looked at Socleus as she wiped her tears away.

'We've been looking for you guys for a while now.' The one next to Acontes said.

Kiara looked at him and he looked at her as well. She smiled as she also recoicnized him. 'Leon.' She said. He smiled at her as well and nodded.

'We all woke up shortly after each other and while we were looking for you we found each other and a few that we never thought we would find.' Leon said.

Kiara looked at the females who looked at her with a shy expression. 'Danai, could all of you come outside?' She linked Danai as she knew that the Menai were inside with the pups.

'Yes, my queen.' Danai linked back.

Danai, Agathi, Andromachi and Korinna walked outside and stopped immediately as they saw the females.

The females that were with the other Pure Lycan's looked shocked at them before they all ran towards the other and as they reached each other they clashed together as a group and didn't let go.

'You found your mates.' Kiara said as she looked at Leon with a smile. 'You already knew.' He said.

She smiled and nodded. 'I also knew that there were more of you alive. Artemis told me that the first half of the Chain was already completed.' Kiara said which caused all of them to look at her. 'I just didn't know that it also meant you two.' She said as she looked at Acontes. 'How did you find us?'

'Bucolion and some of the others had already seen what happened to you and they knew that you were somewhere in this area and we came here.' Acontes said.

Something immediately clicked inside of her and she looked at Belle who was looking at the ground and obviously trying to avoid the gaze of the Pure Lycans. She walked towards her. 'You attacked now because you had no choice.' Belle looked up at her with tears in her eyes. 'Any werewolf who has a clear mind knows that the best time to free someone is at night when there are less wolves outside. Your attack was sloppy and clearely not planned further than the diversion.' Kiara added.

Belle clenched her jaw as she looked at Kiara. That was the only conformation she needed. Kiara looked at the rogues around her and her eyes changed. 'Shift, all of you.' Her command rolled through the air and the rogues whined before they were forced to shift back.

Belle looked shocked at the rogues who were forced to shift back by her command.

Soon, humans were standing in the place of the wolves and their wounds were more clear than ever. 'There is only one kind of wound that won't heal when it's inflicted on a werewolf.' Kiara said as she looked back at Belle. 'A wound that is inflicted by a Pure Lycan.' Her glare disappeared and regret took over as she let her head hang.

'You attacked them, didn't you?' Kiara asked as she looked back at Acontes and the others.

'They were camping near the border and were talking about attacking the pack. If we can stop it, we always will.' Acontes said.

Kiara sighed as she looked back at Belle. 'Are you wounded as well?' She looked back up at Kiara, but didn't answer.

She walked further towards Belle and sat down on her knees next to her. Belle looked at her with a surprised expression. She clearly didn't expect that Kiara would get so close to her.

'Where?' Kiara asked as she already knew that she was indeed wounded.

'Why would you care? Your family is the one who inflicted it.' She said as she looked at her.

Kiara sighed as she looked at the girl. 'If I didn't care about any of you than you would be dead on the ground already.' Belle gulped at her words. 'And to be fair, you did attack the pack and killed wolves because you were afraid to get killed. I don't agree with that decision and you still are going to be punished for that but you are also the mate of Kyle. Even if he rejects you, the least I can do is keep you alive.' Kiara said as she looked at Kyle who was on the verge of crying as he met her eyes.

Belle looked at her with confusion. 'I lead an attack on your pack and you still let me live?' She asked.

'Blake drugged me and almost killed everyone you see here, yet he is still here and very much alive.' Kiara countered as she looked at Blake who looked at her as well before she looked back at Belle. 'Things aren't as black and white as you think around here.' She added.

Belle looked at Dominic who looked down on them with crossed arms and a glare. 'And you agree with her?'

Kiara looked at Dominic who chuckled a little. 'No, I don't.' He said as he also looked at her. 'But she is right.' He added. Kiara gave him a small smile.

A tear rolled down Belle's cheek as she couldn't believe that she would be treated like that by the king and queen.

Kiara looked back at Belle. 'So I ask again, where?' Kiara asked.

Belle looked back at her as well. 'My abdomen.' She said as she carefully lifted her shirt and showed Kiara the wound that almost caused her to vomit. Her lower abdomen were sliced open and her intestines were barely being contained.

'How the fuck are you still able to walk?' Lia asked as she also saw the wound.

Belle gave her a strained smile but didn't answer as she didn't know the anwser herself.

'Be careful, Ki.' Dominic said.

Kiara looked at him and gave him a small smile. He was afraid that the wound would be too great for her to heal. She was too, but she couldn't let the girl die. She let her nails elongate and made a small cut on the inside of her hand. Belle looked at her every move.

'This is going to hurt.' Kiara said as Belle gave her a small nod. She sighed as she looked at Kyle who was also looking at them. 'And she'll need help.' Kiara said.

Kyle gulped as he looked at her, but didn't move.

Dominic sighed. 'Move your ass, Kyle.' He said which caused Kyle to move and slowly sit down next to his mate.

Belle and Kyle looked at each other as Kyle gently grabbed her. They both gasped as the sparks flew and Kiara smiled a little as she knew exactly what they were feeling.

She took a deep breath and placed her hand on Belle's abdomen. Their blood linked and Belle screamed in pain as the black veins appeared on both of their bodies. Kiara clenched her jaw to keep herslef from screaming and closed her eyes shut.

Dominic and Blake looked at each other as they remembered the time she healed Lia right before Jamie attacked.

The black veins went up her arm and down her torso until they reached the exact spot where Belle was wounded. There also appeared a spot on her wrist and she knew that her broken wrists was also healing.

Kiara felt the skin under her hand starting to close and soon the veins disappeared and so did the pain.

Kiara fell to the side but was caught by Dominic who held her. Belle looked with shock and tears at her abdomen and at Kiara.

'Thank you.' She whispered.

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