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3. Moon Daughters


He heard a soft voice and felt someone touch his face. Dominic opened his eyes and saw Kiara in front of him. She was wearing a sling and he was immediately thrown into reality by it. He removed her hand from his face and got up off of the ground. He heard her sigh as she also got up.

‘Are you okay?’ He looked at her.

‘I’m fine.’ Just by seeing the look on her face, he knew that she didn’t believe him. He sighed and ran a hand over his face.

‘Ki, I’m fine.’ He walked to her and snaked his arms around her waist. He heard her breathing change as the sparks erupted on their body.

‘Truly.’ He added as he enjoyed the feeling the sparks gave him.

She looked up at him and he knew she still didn’t believe him. He looked in her midnight blue eyes. He wanted to tell her everything. He wanted to tell her how lost he felt but he didn’t.

‘Nic, you’re my mate but we were closer when we didn’t know that we were. It feels like I’m losing you.’ His heart broke at her words. He closed his eyes and rest his forehead against hers.

She was right but if she only knew…

‘I’m sorry, Kiara.’ He whispered.

Dominic opened his eyes and saw a tear fall down. He hated himself for hurting her like this.

‘If this was your plan all along than I wished you had rejected me.’ She whispered as she pulled away. Kiara turned to walk away.

Dominic grabbed her good arm and pulled her back. She looked at him and he could see the hurt in her eyes. ‘I didn’t plan anything, Kiara. I would never hurt you.’ She gave him a sad smile.

‘Remember when I had my change error?’ He closed his eyes as he remembered throwing her against a tree.

‘And the day I got this?’ He opened his eyes and saw her showing her scars which he gave her in her office when she tried to calm him down after she commanded him. He gulped and looked away from it.

‘I would never hurt you on purpose.’ He said as he looked back at her.

‘Why are you like this then?’ Kiara asked as she took a step closer to him. He sighed and walked away from her.

She sighed as well. ‘I could command you to tell me.’

Dominic snorted and looked at her. ‘You just reminded me of what I did to you. Do you also want to be reminded of the last time you commanded me?’

‘Fucking hell, Dominic.’ She breathed. He sighed as he saw her hurt look. ‘What is wrong with you that you need to keep it from everyone?’

If only she knew...

‘Just let it go, Kiara.’ He said as he picked up his chair and sat down on it. Kiara walked up to him and sat on his desk in front of him.

‘No. I may be still learning about all of this but I didn’t endure everything just to be pushed away. If something is going on with you, please tell me.’ He clenched his jaw as he looked at her. ‘I can’t.’

‘If you can’t tell your own mate, the one who is made for you and who shares your soul, who can you tell?’ Kiara said as she placed a hand on his cheek. He grabbed it gently and placed a kiss on her wrist before he removed it from his face and got up. ‘I’m sorry, Ki.’

A tear slipped out of her eye as he walked away from her. ‘I am too.’ She whispered right before he walked out of the office. Tears streamed down her face as she heard the door close. All she wanted was to help him but if he didn’t let her in how can she?

‘I’m sorry, Kyriaki.’ She heard a soft voice as a female laid a hand on her shoulder. Kiara turned to look at Lia but jumped up in shock as she saw a female with a white dress. She had white hair and wore a silver crown with a shining crescent moon and her eyes were blue. It wasn’t hard to guess who she was.

'Selene.' Kiara breathed.

Selene nodded and gave her a small smile. 'Why are you here?' Kiara asked.

'To give you some lead why Dominic Lupine is acting this way.' Selene said. Kiara gulped as another tear fell down her cheek. 'And to aks your help.' Selene added.

'Why would you need my help?' Kiara asked. Selene walked up to her and wiped a tear away.

'Because there are others out there, who are the same as Dominic, who need your and your uncles' help.' Selene said with a serious voice. 'Others like Dominic? Selene, you're not making any sense. Dominic is a werewolf. There are other werewolves that need my help?'

'Dominic isn't a normal werewolf, my sweet Kyriaki.' Her heart stopped as she looked with shock at the moon goddess. Dominic isn't a normal werewolf?

What the fuck is he then?

Is that why he is acting like this?

'W-what?' Kiara said as she fell down in the chair. 'A normal werewolf can never be mated to a Pure Lycan.' Kiara's eyes shot to hers. 'What is my mother then?' Selene gave her a small smile. Kiara got up as she took a step towards Selene. 'Is my mother the same as Dominic?'

'In a way, yes.' Kiara couldn't believe this. Just when she thought she understood her life and everything in it, a god or goddess drops a bomb on her that throws her back.

'Does my dad know?' She asked.

Selene shook her head. 'No, neither do the others but it's time for them to know. They have mates, Kyriaki.' Kiara looked at her with shock clear on her face. 'Say what?' Kiara said.

Selene sighed. 'After I mated Emma and Portheus everything was fine as it went with the timeline that was destined, until Zeus took his jealousy out on me and Endymion. He put Endymion to a eternal sleep so we could never be together again. To make it even worse he took away the powers of our daughters. Forcing them to a state where they almost died. I had to do something to safe them and I turned them into werewolves but they weren't normal ones. Because of their own power they changed into a different kind of werewolf we never even knew could exist. After their change I searched for a trace of that kind in other werewolves and found out that there were two more lines that held the power. One of them runs in Dominic's veins. It lies dormant, until a centrain change in their life occurs and it breaks free. Making them who they truly are. A much stronger kind of werewolves; a kind that will be perfected once you give birth to your first pup.' Selene said. Kiara's hand shot to her abdomen and looked to it.

'Even though they were changed, my daughters were still weak and in much danger. I mated them to the only ones that were compatible to them and the other way around. The Pure Lycans.' Selene added.

'How many did you mate?' Kiara asked.

Selene chuckled softly. 'It was almost too good to be true. Endymion and I getting fifty daughters as Lycaon got fifty sons.' Kiara's eyes went wide as she realized what she was saying. 'You mated your own daughters to the Pure Lycans?'

'Fourty-nine of them, yes. One of our daughters died at birth. While I was still mourning for the loss of a child. I heard the cries of a lost girl on Delos. I took Emma in and raised her as she was my own. Once she turned fifteen I offered her the powers of my late daughter and she couldn't be more proud. She was so happy, until everything happened.' Selene explained.

This was so much information that it made her dizzy and she fell down in the chair again. Selene crouched down in front of her and laid a hand on her knee.

'Kyriaki, the Pure Lycans need to find them. Lycaon has Emma under his control and it will be a matter of time before he finds the others. Even though they lost their power they are still stronger because of what they are. I worry for them. If they meet their mate the bond will snap into place and they will be stronger to withstand Lycaon's influence. Tell your uncles about this and send them out to find them. They are closer than you think.' Kiara looked at her and saw the worry and seriousness in her eyes. 'I will tell them.'

'Thank you but I must warn you as well. Once they are here the next schackle in the Chain will be formed, which brings Lycaon closer to regaining his body.' Kiara gulped as she nodded in understanding.

'Good luck and thank you.' Selene said before she disappeared in front of her eyes.

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