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4. Shock

Kiara woke up with a cold spot next to her, like it has been every morning. Dominic had been waking up early everyday since three months. Sighing, she sat up in her bed and ran her hands over her face. She stopped midway down and looked at her dislocated arm. She stretched her arm and bended it again.

The pain was gone.

That was weird...

She immediately made the link with her uncles. 'Helix?'

'What's up?' He immediately answered.

‘You said that the curse took my ability to heal, right?’ She linked him as she still looked at her arm. 'Yeah, why?' Helix answered.

'Because it's completely healed.' Kiara linked. ‘Why would the curse take away my ability to heal, only to give it back the next day?’ Kiara asked them.

It remained quiet for a while. ‘I don’t know.' Helix linked her with a sigh.

'Meet us downstairs.' Titanas said.

Kiara closed the link and got out of bed. She dressed herself in some sweatpants a T-shirt and ran downstairs where her uncles came walking in.

Lia, Ryan and Daniel were sitting on the couch and looked at her with a questioning look. Kiara ran straight to her uncles who stopped as they reached her. Helix immediately inspected her arm and frowned as he didn't know what to think of it.

'Do you guys have any idea what's happening?' Ryan whispered to Daniel.

'My arm healed.' Kiara answered him. He looked at her and scratched his head as he chuckled embarrassed before the three of them got up and walked to the group of Pure Lycans.

'How is that possible, the curse took you're healing ability right?' Lia asked as she also looked at her arm. Kiara sighed and also looked at it. She thought about what happened yesterday and her thoughts immediately went to Selene.

'Selene...' Kiara said softly. The three uncles immediately looked at her.

'What about the Moon Goddess?' Ancyor asked. Helix released her arm as they all were waiting for her to explain herself.

Just when she wanted to do exactly that, Dominic walked in with a sweaty body as he was just wearing his training shorts. Kiara gulped and forced herself to look away. He stopped immediately as he saw the group. 'What's going on?'

'Your mate's arm healed.' Ancyor said with a hard voice. It was known that Ancyor was angry at Dominic for what he was doing to her and so their relationship has been a bit bumpy.

Dominic walked forward and looked at Kiara's arm. 'Okay, how is that possible?' He asked her with a surprised look.

'I don't know.' Kiara said truthfully.

'Why were you thinking about Selene then?' Titanas asked.

'Did something happen?' Helix added.

Kiara sighed as she ran a hand through her hair. She had planned to tell her uncles about their mates today but she didn't expect it to be the first thing in the morning. 'We need to talk.' Kiara said to her uncles. 'That includes Kai, Kyle, Portheus and Dominic as well.' She gave a quick apologetic look to the other three who nodded in understanding.

'What includes me?' Kiara looked to the stairs and saw her father. Her heart broke as she saw him. He had never looked worse and you could see he was still hurting because of Emma.

'There is something I need to tell you all.' Kiara said as she looked at her father. He gave her a small nod before they went to Dominic's office.

It didn't take long for Kai and Kyle to get there as well. Everybody settled down and looked at Kiara. 'Selene came to see me yesterday. She came to me to ask for my help.' Kiara started.

'With what?' Helix asked.

'Finding her daughters.' Kiara said. There was absolutely no way to bring this without them freaking out. 'Why?' Ancyor asked as he was starting to get irritated.

Kiara took a deep breath as she closed her eyes to ready herself. 'Lycaon has taken control over Emma...' She said before she stopped and looked at Portheus. He clenched his jaw but didn't take is eyes off of her. 'And because of that her daughters are in danger. Long ago Zeus had become jealous of Endymion and Selene and took it out on them and their daughters.'

'Yeah, he cursed Endymion to an eternal sleep and took the powers from the Menai.' Titanas said. She scrunched her eyebrows at his last word but didn't want to dig into that right now. Things were tense enough as it is right now.

'Yes and in order to save her daughters she turned them into werewolves.' Kiara said. The four male Pure Lycans looked at her with shock in their eyes. That was something they didn't know apparently.

'But something changed as they didn't become normal werewolves. They turned into wolves that were stronger than the other werewolves but weaker than us.' Kiara said. 'Selene searched for the same bloodline in others.'

'Did she find any?' Portheus asked.

Kiara gulped as she nodded. 'Yeah, she did. She found two other bloodlines that held the same power.' She closed her eyes before she turned towards Dominic and opened them. 'One of them runs in you.'

Dominic froze at her words. 'Come again?' Dominic said. Kiara could see the shock in his eyes.

'A normal werewolf cannot be mated with a Pure Lycan.' Kiara said. Dominic gulped as he evaded his eyes from hers and looked at his desk. Is that why he was feeling like this?

'That still doesn't answer the question of why.' Titanas said to remove some tension in the room. Kiara looked at him and knew that it wouldn't last.

'Selene and Endymion lost one daughter right after she was born. While Selene was still grieving she heard a lost girl cry on Delos. She took the girl in and raised her as her own. When the time came of Portheus to be mated to someone Selene chose her.' Portheus' froze and his mouth fell a little open as he listened to her words.

'But now that Lycaon has taken control over Emma she fears for the others. That's why she asked me to tell you to find them.' She said as she looked at the Pure Lycans. 'Wait, we have to find them?' Ancyor said as he took a few steps towards her. Kiara nodded. 'Why?' Helix asked.

'Because they are your mates.' Kiara dropped the bomb and she could literally hear three hearts stop. 'Because they were still weak after the change she mated her daughters to the only ones compatible with them. You.'

'W-w.. H-h..' Titanas couldn't find any words to say.

'Selene said that they will be strong when the mate bond snaps into place and that's why you need to find them. It's the next shackle in the Chain.' Kiara explained some more.

'Where are they?' Ancyor asked with a small voice.

'They aren't far, she said that you just need to look for them.' Kiara said. Ancyor nodded at her.

'Fucking hell, Kyriaki.' Helix breathed as he ran his hands trough his hair.

'Well, that decides what I'm going to do today.' Titanas said determent and got up. 'Mind if we go look for our mates?' Titanas asked as he looked at her. She gave him a small smile and shook her head. 'You'd be crazy if you didn't.' She answered.

'Wait, why do you think Selene is the one who healed you?' Helix asked.

'I just think there may have been some connection there.' Helix hummed at her response.

'That's one thing we will need to find out once we're back.' Ancyor said as he walked to the door. Helix looked from her to Ancyor and Titanas and back. Kiara smiled at him. 'Go, I'll try to find out anything I can.' He smiled at her and nodded before the three of them walked out of the door.

Kiara looked at her father and saw the shock and tears still on his face. She walked towards him but he stopped her with one look and shook his head as he also walked out of the door.

She turned back around and saw Kai and Kyle with worried looks on their face as Dominic said frozen with his head in his hands. 'Go.' They both nodded at her and left the office. Kiara sighed and walked up to him.

'Trust me, I know this is a lot to take in.' She said as she crouched down next to him. 'But if that is the reason you're acting like this than you need to tell me, Nic.' He looked up at her before she got up and looked out of his window. She also got up and looked at him.

'I'm going to find out what you are, Nic. With or without your help.' He looked at her before she turned and also walked out of the office. She saw her uncles shift outside of the house.

’Be safe, my oikogéneiaShe linked her family, her oikogéneia. She heard three howls and a shiver went down her spine.

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