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5. Luna

‘Fucking hell, Lia.’ Kiara groaned as Lia pulled the drapes open and the sunlight filled the room. She walked over to Kiara and removed her blanket.

‘You’ve slept through breakfast and lunch. You need to get out, Kiara. As a Luna you can’t do this.’ Lia said.

Kiara groaned again and sat up in her bed. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the alarm. 14:34. She sighed and removed her hair from her face. ‘If I’m a Luna, why does it feel like I’m one without a mate and a pack?’

‘You'll always have a pack.’ Lia said as she sat down in front of her. ‘The pack loves you with everything they have. You’re the Luna we’ve been waiting for but you’re never there. You feel like you’re nothing to us because of how our Alpha is treating you but that’s not how we see you.’ Kiara gave her friend a small smile.

‘I just don’t know how to act like one. I’ve always been a human who was getting tortured and abused by her pack instead of being taught how to be the best version of myself. And even if I was taught, I wouldn’t have been taught the same way as a werewolf.’ Kiara said.

‘Well now that you are a freaking Pure Lycan and a Luna, you need to know.’ Lia stated. She crossed her legs and looked Kiara straight in her eyes. The way Lia looked at her made her feel like she was going to sit here and listen to the girl for the rest of the day.

‘A Luna and Alpha need each other. A pack needs them both to have balance. They can’t go long without a Luna or the other way around. Not only will the Alpha or Luna lose their mind but the pack will fall out of balance and different packs have seized to exist because of it. While our Alpha is the brain and muscle of the pack, who deals with other packs like a diplomat and leads their warriors into battle if need be, our Luna is the heart and soul of the pack. She cares for everyone in her pack and she listens if someone needs to talk. She notices it if a pack member is dealing with something bad and helps them however she can. Don’t get me wrong, a Luna can be just as bad ass as an Alpha but mostly it’s like that. A pack sometimes only needs to see their Luna to feel better.’ Lia finished.

Kiara never knew a Luna was that important to a pack. What she had experienced was nothing like that.

A Luna the heart and soul.

An Alpha the head and muscle.

Heart and head.

Two things that never agree with each other and makes life hard because of it.

Two things that could ruin everything if not being listened to both separately and together.

‘It seems that Artemis and Selene played a cruel joke there.’ Kiara said as she ran her hands through her hair. Lia gave her a questioning look. ‘Head and heart never agree with each other. So a Luna and an Alpha will always be at each other’s throats when they disagree, which is often.’ Lia snorted and nodded her head.

‘True but when they find a way together, their bond will be powerful and their rule just and right.’

‘Did anyone ever found that way?’ Kiara asked her. Lia sighed and looked away. That meant no, just like Kiara presumed.

The first ones who will find that way will be the most powerful wolves that will ever exist. A way to join head and heart together is one that is even impossible to do with your own.

‘You will.’ Kiara was pulled out of her thoughts by Lia. She looked at her friend who was also looking at her again. ‘You and Dominic will find a way.’ Kiara snorted and started laughing.

‘Right, he won’t even be one with me but we will find a way to join our duties as Alpha and Luna together.’ Kiara said after she was done laughing. Lia gave her a sad smile.

Kiara sighed and got off of her bed. ‘I’m going to take a shower, be right back.’ Lia nodded at her as she walked to the bathroom.

After a short shower she dressed herself in black underwear, jeans, a simple black blouse and her combat boots. She let her hair hang loose after she had brushed it.

Kiara opened the door to her room but before she knew it she was knocked over by a fast Lia who ran into the bathroom, kneeled by the toilet and threw her entire stomach contents in it.

Normally, a person would go to the sick one to soothe her but the smell of the vomit was so strong that it almost caused Kiara to join her. She walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. ‘I’m sorry, Lia. It was either leave or join you.’ She said through the door.

Lia chuckled painfully. ‘Don’t worry, Ki.’ She said quickly before Kiara heard her throw up again. She walked over to the bed and sat down on it. After a while the bathroom door opened and a pale and sweaty Emilia walked out of it. Kiara jumped up and ran towards her.

‘Are you okay?’ As soon as Kiara touched Lia’s arm an electric shock went through her body and a strong scent filled her nose. One that was like Lia’s but stronger and more potent.

One she knew as soon as she smelled it.

‘Holy shit! Lia are you..?’ Lia’s eyes widened as she realized what Kiara was getting at. Her hand shot to her abdomen as she thought about the heat from last night.

‘No…’ Lia whispered. Kiara gave her a worried look.

‘This can’t be…’ Lia whispered again.

‘Lia?’ Kiara asked and as soon as she did it was like Lia was pulled out of a trance. She grabbed Kiara’s arms and looked her straight in the eye. ‘Kiara, please tell me you got it wrong.’ Kiara saw the begging look in her eyes.

She slowly placed a hand on Lia’s abdomen and reached out with her senses. As soon as she did the strong scent filled her nose again but this time she also felt something inside of herself. It was like her blood knew; like it was making place for something. Kiara looked Lia in the eyes and nodded.

‘Fuck!’ Lia yelled as tears streamed down her face. Lia walked past Kiara to the bed and sat down on it.

‘Please tell me you spent last night with Kai.’ Kiara said as she saw the broken Lia. Lia looked up at her and nodded while sobbing. Kiara walked over to her and sat down next to her.

‘Then, what’s wrong?’ Lia looked at her hands and didn’t answer for a while. Kiara was really starting to get worried and she knew she was going to have to make her friend talk to her.

‘Lia, talk to me. Why are you this upset?’ Lia looked at her as another tear rolled down her cheek. Kiara gave her an ensuring smile and brushed Lia’s hair from her wet face. ‘You know you can tell me anything.’ Lia sighed and looked at her hands again.

‘Kai doesn’t want pups.’ She finally said.

‘Are you sure?’ Kiara asked.

Lia nodded and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. ‘Every time I started talking about having pups he always shuts me down. Saying that we’ll talk about it later but we never do.’

‘That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them, Lia. Maybe he’s just afraid or insecure to talk about them. I mean he was a rogue for so long and maybe he’s afraid that he isn’t up to the task because of it. You’re pregnant, Lia. I’m a Pure Lycan and I know that I’m insanely fast with picking up stuff but eventually others will start to notice your changes too. You need him beside you Lia, not behind you. Tell him, talk to him. Don’t let him find out on his own. It’s worse when that happens.’ Kiara said to her as she soothingly rubbed her back.

‘I know I have to but I can’t just yet. Please keep this a secret for a while, just until I figure out how to tell him.’ Lia begged her.

She sighed and nodded. ‘I will but you do have to tell him, Lia.’ Lia nodded and hugged Kiara.

‘I will, thank you Luna.’ Kiara smiled at her title.

Was this what it meant to be a Luna?

After Lia had calmed down and cleaned herself up, they both went downstairs. Ryan sat at the table with his head on it and in his training gear. Dave sat next to him with a bottle of water in his hand and his clothes drained in sweat. Daniel was completely out on the couch.

What the hell happened to them?

Kiara and Lia looked at each other and back to the males. ‘Are you guys still alive?’ Daniel shot up at hearing Kiara’s voice and groaned as his muscles ached. Ryan tried to move his head to look at them but the effort was in vain.

'I think we are.' Ryan said as he still had his head on the table. Kiara and Lia chuckled a little as they walked to the guys.

'What happened to you?' Kiara asked.

'Our Alpha decided to give our training an upgrade.' Daniel said. Kiara's smile fell. 'Please tell me he didn't hurt anyone.'

Ryan moved again and looked at her. ‘Define hurt. Hurt as in wounded or hurt as in we’re so exhausted that we can’t even walk anymore and everything in out body aches?’ Kiara sighed as she ran her hand through her hair. She never should have told him about what Selene said.

‘Luna?’ Dave asked.

'Where is he now?' As she asked the door opened and Dominic walked in with a sweaty body and bruises. Her breath hitched as she saw the state he was in.

This needed to stop.

Kyle and Kai also walked in and fell on the couches with Daniel. Lia immediately ran to her mate and tried to comfort him. Dominic walked passed her and wanted to go upstairs. Kiara immediately grabbed his arm. He clenched his jaw at the sparks he felt.

'I know you are conflicted and confused but stop doing this, Nic.' He looked at her. 'You're not only hurting yourself but you're hurting your entire pack this way.'

Dominic removed his arm from her grasp and leaned a little forward. 'I train my pack how I see fit. With those three assholes still out there they need to become stronger and that means they need to train harder. Don't tell me what to do.' Kiara clenched her jaw before he walked away. She sighed as she heard a door upstairs close. What is she going to do with him?

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