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6. Secrets

Kiara sat on the front porch and looked at the kids who were playing in the grass in front of the packhouse. It had become dark already and she figured that if she missed breakfast and lunch that she also could skip dinner. She had no appetite after today.

She hated that she couldn’t get through to him. She is his mate, she is the one that is supposed to be the only one who can always get through to the other but there was nothing she could do to reach him.

Kiara sighed as she closed her eyes and leaned with her head against the rail.

She needed to figure out what the bloodline of Dominic is and what it’s changing him into but she had no clue of where to begin. There was also the issue of her own healing ability and the curse.

Wow, she really was right back where she was eight months ago when she needed to figure out what the fuck was happening to her and what the curse was.

Why does her life have to be a game of “what can we do to make her life even worse the next time”?

‘Luna?’ She held her eyes shut and didn’t look up at the male that was talking to her. She really wasn’t in the mood to be talking to anyone right now but she didn’t want to be rude.

‘Can I help you?’ She said, still not looking at the male.

‘Maybe, I’m looking for the Luna who has eyes like the night sky and a wolf that has a pelt that is pure white; I’m looking for my niece.’ With that Kiara opened her eyes and looked at the male in front of her. She saw his midnight blue eyes and his black hair. He was wearing ragged clothes and no shoes. He must have been looking for her for a long time. She looked at him with shock clear in her eyes. He smiled as he saw her eyes. ‘There she is.’ He said. Kiara got up, wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. He chuckled and hugged her back.

‘I finally found you.’ He whispered before he placed a kiss on her head. Kiara smiled at his gesture and pulled away.

‘How long have you been looking for me?’ She asked him.

‘About a month now. When I woke up I had to dig my way out of a hole in the ground and didn’t know where I was. Turns out I was in the Netherlands. Only the gods know why I was buried there since I can’t remember being there when I died. Having no money and no resources I started travelling on foot and as wolf and after a week or two I finally heard of a female Pure Lycan living at the Silver Pine Woods pack. That’s when I traveled here as fast as I could and now I finally found you.’ Kiara smiled at her newly found uncle. ‘Are any of my brothers here?’ Kiara nodded at him.

‘Portheus, of course, Titanas, Helix and Ancyor are here already. Although Titanas, Helix and Ancyor aren’t in the pack’s borders right now.’ Kiara said.

‘Where are they?’ He asked. Kiara sighed as she realized that she would have to tell him about his endangered mate who is out there.

‘Don’t freak out.’ He gave her a questioning look. ‘A lot has happened here. I don’t know if you know anything about it but I can’t explain everything right now. What I can explain is that Selene came to see me and she told me something that involves all of you.’ Kiara said.

‘I know everything that has happened to you. Right before I woke up, it came to me in a vision. What did Selene say?’ He said.

‘You all have mates.’ His mouth fell open and his breathing and heart stopped. She waved her hand in front of his face but he was completely frozen. She sighed and continued talking. ‘She came to me to ask for help to find her daughters. A lot has happened to them and it comes down to the fact that her daughters are weak and vulnerable to be influenced by Lycaon and that’s why they need to be found and be with their mate to be strong.’

‘By the gods.’ He said as he buried his face in his hands and sighed.

‘Titanas, Helix and Ancyor are looking for them right now. Selene said they were close by.’ He looked up and nodded in understanding.

‘Will you link them and tell them I’m here? After looking for you for over a month I’m exhausted and it didn’t help with regaining my abilities as I haven’t been able to mind-link anyone.’ He said.

Kiara smiled and nodded. ‘Of course but who will I tell that has arrived?’

‘I’m…’ He started.

‘Eumon.’ Both of them looked behind them and saw Portheus on the porch. Eumon got up and looked at his brother as he had seen a ghost. To be fair, it did look like he was a ghost since he looked terrible, still.

‘Portheus.’ Kiara saw a tear fall down both of Eumon’s and Portheus’ cheek and after six months she saw something she thought she would never see anymore.

Portheus smiled.

They grabbed each other and hugged. A smile appeared on Kiara’s face as she saw Portheus’ smile and a tear slipped out of her own eye.

‘Eumon has come home and Portheus is smiling.’ She linked Titanas, Helix and Ancyor.

‘Holy shit.’ Helix linked back.

‘It’s about time that he would wake up and show himself.’ Ancyor linked with a chuckle.

‘I’m guessing they were, are, close?’ Kiara linked.

‘Eumon and Portheus have always been the best of friends. They are brothers in more than just flesh and blood. As Portheus woke up he knew Eumon had died and he had been broken for weeks until he met Emma.’ Titanas linked.

‘And now he has lost Emma and Eumon comes back.’ Kiara linked them. The silence was the answer that she was right.

‘Titanas, how did you know that? He hasn’t really talked to me since the attack so how could you know that since you were already dead when he woke up.’ She linked him.

‘Portheus told me shortly after the attack. It was before he completely shut down. He said that he had lost both of them and that the more he gets attached to you the more it will hurt once the curse finishes the job. He didn’t want to feel the pain of a loved one dying again and that’s why he kept his distance from you.’ Titanas linked back.

‘What the fuck, Titanas! Why didn’t you tell me that before?!’ She yelled through the link.

‘Because Portheus can’t kill me for telling you now.’ Titanas said with a small chuckle.

‘Maláka.’ Kiara breathed as she ran a hand through her hair.

‘Who is an asshole?’ She looked up at Eumon.

‘Your brother.’ Kiara said.

‘What the fuck did I do?’ Portheus asked hurt.

‘No, one of your other brothers.’ Kiara said. Both of them snorted and nodded in agreement.

‘True.’ They both said. Kiara snorted and shook her head at their synchronization.

She focused back on the link with the other three. ‘Fine, thanks for telling me six months after the fight when he told you!’ Kiara linked. ‘How is the search going?’ She added.

‘Tiring, we have no idea where to look for them.’ Ancyor linked her.

‘Selene said that they weren’t that far. Maybe you’ll run into them without even noticing it until you get eye contact with them.’ Kiara said through the link.

‘Let’s hope we do.’ Helix answered. Kiara chuckled lightly before she cut the link.

Eumon and Portheus were talking to each other without paying attention to her. She was glad that her dad had him back but she couldn’t help but feel hurt that he shut her out because he didn’t want to feel the pain of loosing her.

‘Ehm, Kiara?’ Kiara turned her head to look at Kyle.

‘What’s wrong Kyle?’ Kiara asked as she saw his worried face.

‘Can we talk?’ Kyle said as he nodded his head towards the forest. Kiara looked at Portheus and Eumon. Her dad gave her a small nod. Kiara looked back at Kyle before she got up.

Kyle walked towards the forest and she followed. They walked towards the lake and she saw Kai waiting there for them. He looked up as they walked towards them.

‘Guys, what’s going on?’ Kiara asked anxious. It felt like they were going to plan to kill someone. Kyle and Kai looked at each other before Kai handed her a folder. ‘What’s this?’ She asked as she opened the folder. As soon as she did she saw a photo of Blake. She gulped as she moved the photo to reveal the ones underneath them. There were pictures of them all. Blake, Alaric and Jared.

‘Guys, what the fuck is this?’ She asked as she looked up at them.

‘It’s one of the reasons why Dominic is acting like this. He’s been hunting them for the past six months and every time he get’s close they disappear. It’s now at a point where either Blake, Alaric or Jared suddenly appear near the border and disappear soon after.’ Kyle said. ‘They are taunting him. They are so close he could touch them but they would never let us get that close. It’s like they became something else.’ He added. She looked back at the folder which contained several files with reports of the patrols and hunting parties.

Kiara sighed and closed the folder. ‘They didn’t become something else. They just have the protection of Zeus. Why are you telling me this?’

‘Because you are our Luna.’ Kai said. ‘Dominic is our Alpha and we still respect him but he’s losing himself with every day that passes. They indeed have the protection of Zeus but Dominic doesn't care. He ordered another party to be departed tomorrow and we're afraid that they won't come back.’ She gulped.

‘Why are you afraid that would happen? The last…’ She quickly looked inside the folder. ‘Thirty-five times…’ Kiara closed the folder and sighed. ‘By the gods, he has sent a hunting party after them for thirty-five times already?’ She asked as she looked up at them.

Kai nodded. ‘We’re afraid it would happen now because they got some kind of warning the last time. The air around them had suddenly disappeared and a voice said “the last time” right before the air returned. We also informed Dominic but he didn’t react to it.’

Kiara sighed. ‘Fucking hell…’ He had really lost it. Dominic really needed to get his shit together!

‘What do we do?’ Kyle asked.

'If he sends out another party tell them to stay here. A warning of a god cannot be taken lightly.' Kiara said.

'We will but what about Dominic?' Kyle asked.

Kiara looked up at him and she knew that her eyes had changed. 'Leave him to me.'

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