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7. Scolding

Kiara walked back into the packhouse with the folder still in her hand. She walked up to Dominic’s office and marched in without even knocking. Dominic looked up from the files he was reading and his eyes immediately shot to the folder she smacked on his desk.

‘Explain this.’ Kiara said with a hard voice. Dominic clenched his jaw as he looked at the folder.

‘I don’t need to. You’ve read everything I did.’ He said as he looked up at her. ‘Have you had Kai and Kyle do anything else for you behind my back?’

She couldn’t believe this. ‘Behind your back?!’ She raised her voice at him. ‘Are you for, fucking, real?! If there is anyone doing stuff behind the others back it’s you, Dominic. Not me.’ He clenched his jaw as he glared at her.

‘Explain to me why you decide to send out another party when the last got a warning from a god.’ Kiara said as she leaned with her hands on the desk and looked straight in his eyes. ‘Explain to me why you would send members of your pack to their death while everyone around you is warning you not to do it!’ Dominic growled lowly at her.

‘They killed members of the pack without even thinking twice about it. They must be brought in and killed. Only then, we will have justice. That warning they got could easily be a trick they made to scare the party.’ Dominic said with a hard voice.

‘I agree that they must be hold accountable for their crimes, believe me I do, but you can’t just ignore things that may or may not be the real deal. They have the protection of Zeus, Dominic. It doesn’t matter who the warning gave. It’s still a warning.’ Kiara said, hoping that she could talk some sense into him.

‘Another party is set to be leaving tomorrow. Warning or not, it will happen. They are to dangerous to be allowed to walk freely.’ Dominic said with a hard voice.

‘What the fuck is happening to you.’ Kiara breathed as she gave him an unbelieving look.

‘I’m an Alpha, it’s my duty to bring those who wronged my pack to justice.’ Dominic said as he resumed reading the files on his desk.

‘Yes it is but not while risking the lives of your pack members. Only an Alpha that doesn’t care about his pack would do that.’ Kiara said as she stood upright. ‘The Dominic I know would never choose revenge over the lives of his pack members.’

‘People change. Roll with it.’ Dominic said as he kept looking at his files. She felt Leto rise inside of her as a tear of anger and hurt rolled down her cheek. Like hell, she was going to roll with it.

Kiara grabbed Dominic, pulled him out from behind his desk and threw him against the wall. He growled as he looked at her. Both of their eyes had changed. ‘Don’t you dare growl at me, Dominic.’ She warned him.

‘You don’t tell me what to do.’ Dominic said dangerously.

‘If you hurt the pack and yourself, I will. As you didn’t listen before, maybe you’ll listen now.’ Kiara said as she came to stand in front of him, grabbed his throat and pushed him hard against the wall. ‘Stop this madness and get your shit together. You may not accept me as your mate or Luna but that’s still what I am and I wont stand by and watch you ruin the pack and yourself.’

Dominic pulled her hand of her throat and grabbed hers. Before he could switch roles she punched his abdomen. He groaned as he didn’t expect her to fight back. She removed his hand from her throat and threw him against the wall again. Kiara walked up to him but before she could grab him again he quickly moved to stand behind her. Dominic wrapped his arm around her neck. She groaned as he restrained her. Kiara grabbed his arm and elbowed his stomach. Dominic groaned again. Kiara grabbed his arm, removed it from her throat and tackled Dominic to the ground. He yelped as he fell on his back. Before he could move Kiara sat on top of him, grabbed his throat again and elongated her nails. He groaned as he felt her nails pierce his skin.

‘I know you’re not feeling like yourself but you need help with this. Stop shutting people out and let someone in. You can’t do this alone. Get your shit together, Dominic. Or, so help me, I will make sure that you do.’ Kiara said as she removed her hand, got up and walked out of the office.

Dominic ran his hands over his face before he got up and looked at the folder on his desk. Why, just why does he have to be a fucking moron and an asshole?

He is supposed to be an Alpha but he’s so unstable that his own Luna could beat him in combat.

He is supposed to be a mate but he doesn’t know what’s happening to him and pushes the other half of his soul away.

He is supposed to be a werewolf but everything inside of him feels like he’s changing into something else.

For the first time in years he was afraid. Afraid of what’s happening to him and of what he is becoming but he’s even more afraid of losing her. He needs to do something to pull himself together before this gets worse. Kiara told him that Selene said that a normal werewolf can’t be mated to a Pure Lycan so what is he?

All these questions are killing him and he needs the answers.

‘Hello Dominic.’ His head shot to the right and saw a male he had never seen before. How the hell did he get into his territory?

Wait, how the fuck did he get in is office?

‘My name is Apollo. Son of Leto and god of the sun.’ Oh, that’s how.

Dominic looked at him with surprise clear on his face. He knew Kiara and the other Pure Lycans could talk to the gods and see them as well but he never thought that one of them would show himself to him. ‘Kiara just left.’

Apollo chuckled. ‘I get why you think I came for her but I’m here for you.’

‘Why?’ Dominic asked.

‘Because of the same reason she was kicking your ass, you need to get your act together.’ Apollo said with a harder voice. Is he seriously getting scolded by a god?

'Seriously, I just got scolded by my mate, I don't need to hear it from a god too.' Dominic breathed as he sat down on his chair.

‘I’m just telling you what you already know.’ Apollo said.

Dominic sighed and ran a hand through his hair. ‘How am I supposed to get my act together if I second-guess everything I do? I’m fighting with myself. Not even with Mike but myself and I don’t know what’s happening.’

Apollo nodded in understanding. ‘I know it’s hard but you have to find a way. The timeline of Kyriaki’s life used to be clear but because she sped up her destiny the ending has become uncertain. The vision tells one story, Zeus’ curse tells another and then there is still Kyriaki’s own will. We fear that if your change goes sideways, neither the curse or the vision will come to pass because she will already be destroyed by you.’ Dominic felt the color drain from his face and his heart stopped of a second. ‘What?’ He whispered.

‘You need to find out who you are Dominic. For all of our sakes.’ Apollo said.

‘How am I going to do that? I don’t even know what’s happening to me and I don’t know where I have to start looking.’ Dominic said defeated.

‘There is only one person who can help you through your change.’ Apollo said. The way he said it gave Dominic a dreadful feeling. ‘I’m not going to like who it is am I?’ Apollo shook his head. ‘No and finding him is even worse because of Zeus.’

Dominic sighed and leaned with his head against the chair. ‘I need to find my dad.’ Apollo nodded.

‘You guys really have a talent for making life easier for us, don’t you?’ Dominic said sarcastically.

Apollo chuckled a little. ‘You’d be surprised how much we don’t influence but yes, you need to find Alaric Lupine because he is the one that was mated to the same being you are.’

Dominic immediately looked at him. ‘My mother was the same as me? But she was a werewolf!’

Apollo chuckled at his lost face. ‘She wasn’t but you need to hear it from Alaric. I can’t tell you more. One other thing, listen to Kyriaki. Alaric is the one who can help you with the change but you need Kyriaki with everything else. She was right when she said that you need to let someone in.’ Dominic ran his hands over his face and sighed.

‘Good luck, Alpha Dominic.’ Apollo said right before he disappeared.

‘Fuck…’ Dominic breathed.

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