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8. King

'Are you okay?' Eumon asked. He and Portheus sat on the couch in the living room. Kiara sighed as she fell down on it and laid her head on her fathers lap.

'You heard me scream and fight with my mate. How do you think I am?' Eumon chuckled.

'Not a good relationship with your own mate, huh?' Kiara closed her eyes and ran her hands over her face. 'It would be good if that asshole would just let me in.'

'He's really been hunting the others behind your back?' Portheus asked.

Kiara removed her hands and opened her eyes. 'Yeah, I knew that he propably wouldn't let them go but not that he would go to lengths where he wouldn't care who died to get them.' Portheus hummed in response.

Kiara sighed as she sat upright. 'Oh well, should get used to the fact that people shut me out.' Her dad stiffened next to her and she knew that he got the fact that she also meant him with that.

'Titanas, I'm going to kill you.' Portheus whispered.

'What the fuck did I do?' Titanas linked the three of them.

'You know what you did.' Portheus linked him as he leaned with the back of his head on the couch and ran his hands over his face. Kiara snorted and shook her head.

'A lot but that doesn't explain why you want to kill me.' Titanas said.

'Don't blame him for something you should have told me, dad.' Kiara said as she looked at him. He sighed as he lifted his head and also looked at her.

'Thanks, Ki.' Titanas linked her. She snorted and rolled her eyes at Titanas, before she froze and realized something.

'Titanas, how the fuck did you know what I just said?' Kiara linked him. Portheus and Eumon also realized what she meant and sat upright as they waited for an answer.

'Look outside.' Ancyor linked her with a chuckle. Her eyes shot to the window and she saw her uncles with four females and one other male walking towards the packhouse.

All three of them got up as they entered the packhouse. One of the females entered and both Eumon and she froze as they saw each other. Kiara and Portheus smiled as they already knew that they were mates. Eumon immediately walked up to her and kissed her deeply. Kiara chuckled as did the others. A male walked in and Kiara froze.

'Corethon.' She breathed.

Everyone gave her a surprised look except Portheus who already knew how she knew who the male was.

'Yes, how do you know me already?' Corethon asked surprised as he took a step forward. The image of him burning from the inside out reappeared in her head as his screams filled her ears. She took a step backwards as a tear fell down her cheek. Corethon looked at her with a worried expression.

She knew it would be a shock to see them come back but she didn't imagine it to be like this.

She didn't imagine seeing him die all over again.

'Kyriaki?' Corethon asked.

Another tear fell down her cheek and she shook her head. She ran past them out of the packhouse to the forest and grabbed a tree to hold herself upright as she cried. The images of him burning and screaming kept replaying in her head like she was back in Acontes' body.

It was too much for her.

She couldn't go through that again.

Kiara pushed herself away from the tree and started running further into the woods. She gave the reins to Leto and shifted while she ran.

Leto didn't say anything as she felt the exact same way and she just kept on running.


Everybody looked with a shocked expression to the door. 'What did just happen?' Helix asked as he looked at Portheus. He sighed as he sat down on the couch again.

'You guys see a lot right before you wake up again but there is one thing you don't see.' Portheus started.

All of them looked at him as he looked at his hands and prepared to tell them what Kiara told him right after the attack where she killed Jamie.

'Dad, can talk to Kyriaki.' He said as he looked up at his brothers who looked at him with shock on their faces.

'When she first shifted, and she didn't have Dominic yet, she was weaker than she is now. Lycaon took advantage of her weakness and pulled her out of her own body.' He said with a sigh.

'Great, dad doesn't have his body yet, but he is way too powerful already.' Eumon said with a sigh.

'He's more powerful than you think.' Portheus said as he looked at him. 'He pulled her soul out of her own body and trapped her inside of Acontes, right when we were released by the wolves and attacked by the hunters.' Corethon paled and immediately understood why she reacted like that.

'She saw me die.' Corethon said as he closed his eyes and sighed.

'Yeah, she did.' Portheus said. Corethon looked at him again. 'Just like myself, Leon, Socleus, Lycaon and...' Portheus sighed and he let his head hang.

'She felt Acontes die.' Everyone looked to the side and saw Dominic. 'Every arrow that pierced his skin also pierced the skin of her own body that laid in the infirmary. She felt everything he felt and she was pulled out of Acontes by Artemis before she died with him.' Dominic explained as he remembered seeing her wounded body and the way she reacted when she came back.

'Fucking hell.' Titanas breathed.

'I've already send Kyle after her so she won't be alone in the forest.' Dominic said as he looked at Portheus who also looked at him. He nodded in understanding.

Dominic looked at the four females who stood there, not knowing what to say. 'Welcome to the Silver Pine Woods pack. I'm Alpha Dominic Lupine.' The females smiled at him and bowed their head in respect.

The black haired female next to Helix stepped forward. 'My name is Korinna and these are my sisters Agathi,' She pointed to a female with long brown hair.

'Andromachi' The female with short black hair smiled at him.

'And Danai.' The female with blonde hair that reached her knees gave him a shy smile as she clinged to Titanas.

'Thank you for letting us stay in your pack, Alpha Dominic.' She said as she looked up and smiled.

As soon as their eyes met something inside of him clicked what he couldn't explain. It was like he already knew her.

He shook the feeling and forced a smile on his face. 'No problem at all. It's not like I can deny the mates of the Pure Lycan's who live here.'

'Well, you actually can as it is your pack.' Danai said softly.

Dominic chuckled slightly. 'I'm not an Alpha who forces mates to be separated.'

'No, you just push your own away.' Ancyor said. Dominic had to keep in the growl that threatened to escape his throat. The conversation with Apollo flashed through his head. He, mentally, shook the thoughts out of his head as he looked back at Ancyor.

'Accy!' Dominic, Portheus and Eumon looked surprised at Korinna who punched his shoulder as the others chuckled softly.

'Did she just call you...' Eumon started while trying to hold his laughter.

'Yes, she just called me Accy, get over it.' Ancyor said irritated as he looked at his mate. 'Please don't call me that in front of others, Nina.' Korinna glared at him as she placed her hands on her hips.

'Then don't be an asshole! The queen may be your niece but if he is her mate that makes him your king, show a little respect will you!' Korinna said with a hard voice.

Dominic looked at her in shock as he finally realized that Kiara was indeed the queen of the werewolves and Pure Lycans alike.

'Holy shit...' Dominic breathed as he looked outside.

'Finally realizing it, huh?' Portheus said as he looked at Dominic. Dominic ran both of his hands over his face before he looked at the others who were also looking at him. 'Yeah.' He did realize it but sadly it didn't make things any better. For all he knew it made things worse.

Yeah, he was going to need help with this, which meant only one thing.

Alaric has to come back.

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