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9. Queen

Kiara sat on the edge of the lake and looked at the water. After her run Leto was so exhausted that she shifted. Now here she was, at the lake where basically everything began with the Change Error.

Because she had gotten used to the fact that she and others will be naked some times she let her hair grow longer. If she had to shift to human in front of others her hair would now hide most part of her body as it reached her ass right now.

Kiara sighed as she looked at the tree. If she had known everything back then would everything have gone differently or wouldn’t it have mattered at all?

‘Seriously Mason, stop hiding.’ Kiara said as she heard a twig break behind her. A low whine was heard from behind her as Mason came out of his hiding spot and walked to her. Kiara looked at the water as she heard bones break. Not long after Kyle sat down next to her with the leg closest to her up so she wouldn’t see his dick. She had nothing to worry about as her hair hid everything he wasn’t supposed to see.

‘You saw his death again, didn’t you?’ Kyle asked as he looked at her.

‘Yeah.’ Kiara answered. Everyone around her knew about the fact that she had seen Leon, Portheus, Socleus, Corethon, Acontes and Lycaon die. ‘I knew that seeing them would conjure up those feelings again but I didn’t know that it would be that bad.’ Kiara added as she looked at the trees on the other side of the lake.

‘I know.’ Kyle said. ‘But you can’t just run off into the forest. Not with the others lurking around the border. If they see you alone they won’t hesitate to get you, Ki. Your a Luna and a Pure Lycan so things are a little more important if it involves you.’

‘First I can’t go in the forest alone because you don’t know what I am and now I can’t go alone because I’m hunted.’ Kiara snorted at her own comment.

‘Stop complaining, Ki.’ She looked at Kyle. ’Yes, your life is hard and something no one else wants to have but it is your life. Don’t you think it’s time for you to start living it like you should instead of waiting for others to fix it for you?′ She sighed as she looked in front of her again. ‘You’re a badass, Ki.’ She looked back at him. ‘Trust me when I say you are, but if you remain stuck in your own life it will be for nothing.’ Kyle added.

‘What would you have me do?’ Kiara asked.

‘You’re waiting for Dominic to get his shit together and let you in, I get that, but he won’t be the one who is going to break the curse. You are, and that will only be possible if you take action in your own life and start being the badass you’re already are inside. Loose the weak human skin you still have and evolve into the Pure Lycan Luna you are.’ Kyle said. She smiled at him as she really saw the Beta aura in him come forward with every word he said.

‘The Menai are here because the Moon Goddess asked but she also said that it will be the next shackle in the Chain, right?’ Kyle asked. There was that word again. Apparently it was another words for the daughters of Selene but what it meant was lost on her.

‘She said they are.’ Kiara said.

‘What if they can help you with the first step to become who you are?’ Kyle asked.

‘You really think they can help me?’ Kiara asked.

‘They are the next shackle in the Chain for a reason right? I think they can help you.’ Kyle said truthfully. She nodded in understanding. He did have a point. One that, indeed, made a lot of sense.

Kyle got up and pulled her with him. ‘Let’s go back. You can’t sit here for the rest of you life.’ She really didn’t want to yet but she knew that she couldn’t evade Corethon for ever. Kiara sighed and nodded again. ‘Fine, let’s go.’ They both shifted and ran back towards the packhouse.

Right when they entered the village it started raining. They ran a little faster before they both shifted on the porch and ran into the packhouse. As Kiara ran in she was greeted with a long haired blonde girl that she almost knocked over. They both yelped and Kiara grabbed her arm to pull her back upright.

‘I’m sorry!’ They both yelled in unison.

The girl looked at her and within an instant shock appeared in her eyes and she fell to her knees. Kyle and Kiara looked at each other as Kyle wrapped a scarf that hung at the door around his junk.

‘I’m so sorry, my queen.’ Kiara looked back at her and she finally recognized the girl that was with her uncles. ‘Ehm, you know it was my fault right?’ Kiara said.

‘I was in your way, my queen, it was my fault.’ She said.

‘Okay, stop.’ Kiara said as she gently grabbed the girls arm and pulled her up. She looked at Kiara with a shocked expression. ‘One, call me Kiara, Ki or Kyriaki and not queen. Two, it was my fault so don’t worry about it. Three, don’t bow like that to me again, it’s really unsettling. I’m just a normal girl who happens to have a lot of titles but nothing more.’ Kiara added with a smile as she released the girls arm.

‘With that said, Hi, I’m Kiara or Kyriaki.’ She held out her hand to the girl. She smiled as she looked at Kiara. ‘Danai. Daughter of Selene and Endymion and one of the Menai.’ There was that word again.

‘Nice to meet you, Danai. So, to which of my uncles have you been mated.’ Danai chuckled as she looked to the couch where everyone else sat and looked at them.

‘Titanas.’ Danai said as she smiled at him. Kiara saw Titanas also smile and wink at his mate.

Kiara smiled as she looked back at Danai. ‘Don’t be too happy. You don’t know him that well yet.’ Titanas growled at her remark while all the others chuckled along with Kiara and Danai herself.

‘I’m gonna go put on some clothes.’ Kiara said as she walked past Danai to the stairs and went to her room.

She entered and found Dominic on the bed with his arm over his eyes. Kiara softly closed the door and walked to the bathroom. Dominic would always be a pain in everyone’s ass if he had just woken up.

‘I’m not sleeping, Ki.’ Dominic said which made her freeze and look at him. He removed his arm and sat upright. This time he froze as he saw that she was completely naked.

He understood the reason why she allowed her hair to grow that long but right now he hated it as it covered the best parts of her body.

A low growl escaped from his chest as he looked at her completely. Kiara gulped and closed her eyes as she tried to contain herself. ‘Please don’t, Nic.’ She breathed as she looked at him again.

He saw the hurt in her eyes and knew that he really needed to talk to her about what Apollo said. ‘Get dressed, I need to talk to you.’ He decided to say.

Kiara nodded and walked into the closet. She also wanted to take a shower but that could wait for now. After she put on some clean underwear and a long blue shirt dress. She tied her, still wet, hair in a bun and walked out.

Dominic sat on the edge of his side with his head down and she knew that something was up. ‘What’s wrong, Nic?’ She asked as she walked up to him and sat down next to him.

‘Apollo came to see me.’ She looked at him with shock clear in her eyes as he also looked up at her. ‘Why?’ Kiara asked as she feared the worst.

‘To tell me to get my shit together.’ He said with a small chuckle before his face turned serious again. ‘I’ve been telling you that for a while now, Nic. That is no big deal.’ She said as she got up and wanted to walk away.

Dominic immediately got up as well. ‘If I don’t, I will destroy you before the curse, Zeus or Lycaon can.’ Kiara immediately turned around.

‘What?’ She asked. Her voice trembled as he walked towards her. She saw a tear roll down his cheek. ‘If I don’t accept help with whatever it is I’m becoming and if I keep pushing you away I will destroy you myself before anything else can.’

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