Wild: Under The Moon

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This man and his friends are wild. The wolf is strong in him, but I stay away from the dominant ones, they usually come with more baggage than I can carry at the moment. Or is it just the right time? Warning: Explicit Content. Mentions of; Depression, Suicidal Themes, Verbal Abuse Ongoing Editing; Lots of Errors

Fantasy / Erotica
Queen Noddle
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I wanted to push my ear plugs in further but if I did I would probably touch my brain, and I wouldn't be able to hear these drunk idiots mumbling their orders.

This job was shitty but tips were fairly decent as it was a higher end club in Los Angeles. It was also very face paced so the nights went quick.

Especially my long shifts on weekend nights.

If I was a wolf this noise constantly would be unbearable but since I am human it is just annoying. I knew I'd probably be paying for it once I turned 60 but for now, my bills need to be paid.

Of course, this wasn't my only job. Ha, in LA you have 2 or 3 jobs to have a studio apartment or 2 bedroom with roommates. I have a small apartment with my older sister and her mate, but will be in the market for a new place soon since they wanted to return to the pack.

They followed me to LA to help me settle and experience city life. In the pack, some wolves need to live in the city to ensure this section of the border is secure. Many can't stand it so they attempted the task for a year. Elijah and Julie wanted to see if they could be here for me and live as working members of the pack in this way.

They bailed. Or at the least, they are bailing.

I needed to find an even smaller place that I could afford on my own on my paychecks and savings. Or face the music and move back into the pack with my family.

That was an option sure, but I would feel like a disappointment, more than I already do.

"Can I get a Sex on the Beach, pleeeeaase? You have been ignoring me for 10 minutes! I was in front of him!" The blonde at the end of the bar yelled leaning far behind the bar.

She was not.

But what she was, was cut off. My coworker, Brian cut her off ten minutes ago. She was way too intoxicated to be here still.

"Hey, bitch, I'm talking to you!"

I rolled my eyes to Brian as he smirked while making another person's drink. When our other coworker Jen got back from her break I'd be sure to tell her blonde girl needs an escort out, since she'll be outside the bar she'll have easier access to the bouncers.

I just swiped another card and turned to give it back to the man when she was crashing into him. Shit.

She fell into this poor guy just trying to get his overpriced beer, trying to be a privileged bitch who wanted more alcohol. I lowkey hate my job because I see the worst of the worst in people sometimes due to the alcohol.

The men hit on me, or tell me I don't know how to make a drink and tell Brian to remake them. Nothing against Brian but he is much less experienced than I am and he doesn't put enough alcohol in the drink most times. The women generally are nicer but when they get cut off; hell hath no fury.

Overall not my favorite job. My favorite of my three jobs is at the cafe, I sometimes barista, but mostly work register at the book half of the store. Its simple, sweet and customers are usually 20x nicer. The pace is much slower and drags at times but it is much appreciated.

My other job I don't care for at all but pays much better, a server at a hotel restaurant. The Ritz Carlton was very high end so the restaurant was expensive and tips were great. Two of the three shift leads are assholes and thise are the two I usually get to work under.

It was almost 3 in the morning and my shift would be over soon. I need to clean and sanitize my area before clocking out. LA at 3 was... interesting. It wasn't quite dead but not as pusling since the partying is slowing or you are too drunk and need help from your group. Also last call meant many people from clubs were long gone so that was nice at least.

"Hey guys, I'm done, I'm going to get going. I'll see you tomorrow." I waved with a yawn to my coworkers in the break room chatting before they all finished their final duties for closing.

There was a chorus of 'Bye Lana's' as I waved once again and closed the swinging door to the employee only area.

I had my mace in my hand as I made my way to my car, you can never be too careful as a woman in a big city especially at 3 AM. As a human, my family was even more concerned for my safety in the city and made sure to get me many packs of mace, a pocket knife, and a taser. The taser was certainly fun but I felt uncomfortable carrying it around since it was a big bulky one, "For maximum effect, Banana," as my dad told me.

Only used it once. My friends got drunk and wanted to see how badly it hurt. Poor dumb, drunk Jacob thought he could take it. He was a wolf just visiting from the pack, he wanted to show off to my human friends how "inhumanely strong" he was. Dumbass.

I chucked at the memory. He had such a bad bruising in the area and went down like a rock. Out cold.

He forgave my friend Rebecca who felt so bad for tasing him, despite him begging her to. Once again, dumbass.

Oh, I miss him, I should give him a call soon.

I got in my car and did a discreet look in the backseat before sighing and getting my phone out to text my sister I was safe and on my way home.

She pinged back that food was in the microwave waiting for me. God bless her.

I was home in less than 20 minutes and eating a chicken taco.

I sighed, I was going to miss my sister's cooking, I was such a shitty cook I'd have to learn to make more than ramen and frozen shit without her.

Or I could move back to the pack with them...

I gulped and pushed back a set of tears as I looked out into the lights outside my window. Los Angeles isn't for everyone but living so close to it all my life, barely visiting just gave me the taste. Living here is something else entirely. I love my life here, among the humans.

Many members of the pack are fine with my inability to shift, a human in a wolf family, but some were more than cruel. Believing I should have been given up for adoption when it was discovered I couldn't shift at six. Werewolves usually shift from ages four to six into little pups. Unfortunately, I was not a late bloomer. I was human. Completely. An anomaly that is rare in wolf and wolf matings. My parents and siblings loved me regardless but sometimes made comments they didn't realize could be harmful.

The gifts for my safety as a woman, no. For a wolfless werewolf who was unable to protect herself.

I can't go back to the pack, their pity was not what I needed in my life. I had just learned to love myself, their eyes would tear down my new found confidence in days of being back.

Especially by people like Lolita, she's no one special in the pack. No rank, just an entitled bitch. Sure, she was gorgeous and fierce but that is no reason to be a bitch to someone without a wolf. She was intolerant of humans im general, no clue why but she made my high school years terrible with her rumors and shoulder bumps.

It's been years and her social media still mocks me at times.

Eh but fuck her.

My group of friends taught me self love and worth. We all struggle with it but all help each other with it as well. Its a process and sometimes you fall off the wagon into the painful words.

I sighed closing the shades in my room and settling under the covers of my bed for a few hours until my next shift in seven hours.

Hopefully I get more than five hours of sleep tonight.

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