Half of me.

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She loves him but does she know him?? He loves her and would do anything for her except to tell her the truth.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


Im late!! God why did i pray so much for this interview if i was gonna potray a bad first impression but its not like i had control over the hectic traffic. I mentally slaped myself, no one cares if i was stuck in traffic. I make my way to the elevator hoping it will fly like the wind to the 19th floor where the interview is taking place. When the elevator doors open im greeted by a few pear of eyes looking at me making me more self conscious of my lateness. I make my way to the receptionist while looking at the empty chairs, i think the interview is over, i feel so stupid, why did i even come here. God i need this job.

*Good morning miss* the receptionist pulls me out of my curseful thoughts. I try to work up a smile even though i know im a fool.

*i came here for the interview* she looks at me up and down and signs.

*i know* she states plainly *thats why i didnt say can i help you miss, like i always do because i cant help you. You are late and i cant do anything about that. Mr Graygov is having the last occupant of this interview. So if i was you i would go. * Wow that was like a punch on my face. Yeah mabye shes right i should go guess i should find another way to pay my papas hospital bills. I feel my eyes stinging, shitt now im gonna cry infront of this mean but truthful lady. I turn on my heels while i still have a little pride on my side. Suddenly the doors open and what seems like the last interviewed is coming out and misery written all over her face, and anger too. *He has the nerve. Im worthy of this damn stupid job* she says and im just standing looking at her. I guess i wouldnt have even gotten this job even if i made it. I look at her and me, she seems of high standards but still she didnt get the job.
*Ms Winter* the receptionist called *you are to make your way to Mr Graygov office if you still want the job. Ohw and you can thank me later now go. His waiting for you*
*whattt hh-ow di.. But you said?! * she just looked me and pointed at her wrist, guess the time is ticking. I gulped and made my way to the doors. I opened them and dddaaammnnn this is a big office. It can fit my scrappy apartment and still major space will be left. Its beautiful too, way to beautiful i feel like im gonna dirty it somehow. I think i drooled for eternity because i heard and impatient troat clearing. God im so stupid.

*Good morning Mr Graygov. Im sorry for wasting your time drooling at door its just that your office is amazing. *

*i didnt notice you wasted it so dont start now with your blabbering* God his cold and impatient too not that i want him to await me or something. *Name? *
Luna Winters sir i answered back. Still no eye contact i just want a little peak at his eyes dont know why i want to see them. *Why did you apply for this job in this company *
*i need the money and your company pays a little more income than the others so thats wh.... Holy fuuuu fun i meant to say. * dammn this man is hansome. You might be wondering why i nearly swore infront of my mabye boss in the after life cause in this one i blew it. He looked at me amusement written on his face. I have never seen such a handsome face in my life. He was just staring at me with those grey ocean blue eyes, his strong hard but handsome face, really intimidating and his pale white skin. I wonder how it will feel when i touch him and trail my hands on his lips, god those lips. This is God punishing me.... *Ms Winters when you done mentally molesting me please come back to earth* kill me, someone please. *umm noo i wasnt* yeep i said that trying to convice Hercules over here but im not even convinced with my own lie. He asks me questions and i answer truthfully and hope i do get this job. When the interview is done i stand up and he walks me out to the receptionist im not sure why but i dont think he should be doing that but i hold in my protest and walk with him. *Anna i think she will do your job just fine* i look at the girl and she smiles at me. *well bro* wait did she just say Bro, come to think of it they do look kindah the same * i think my job here is done. Welcome to Graygov House. I will teach you everything you need to know. I hope you treat my brother right* i just stand there dumb struck.The day progressed well im the new assistant of the big man himself. Hope i dont fuck up.

I got the job cant wait to tell mom.
Thank you for reading this book. Its my first and i hope i did good for my starters. And again thanks peeps. Please comment and let me know your thoughts. Love yourll🌻

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