Something Immortal

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Aria is living the life of a normal person and yet her world is about to change when she met Austin. The connection between them felt peculiar as they started to get along. Aria keeps dreaming of past events and Austin was there. She needed answers to every question, "Why was Austin there?" She had this feeling of knowing this man for so long but their tragic fate keeps her from knowing the truth.

Fantasy / Romance
Checee Marie
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"I'm afraid you'll end up seeing me the way I see myself." He mumbled while I felt the agony between his breath

"Oh Austin" I stopped. Tears start to fall down and everything felt like another world

He grabs my chin and wipes my tears as he stared deeply into my eyes. I could almost see his beautiful sea green eyes reflect many sorrowful events that I wish to carry with him.

"I can't stand seeing you like this." I look down

"How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?" He cracked at the end

"Austin.. I love you so damn hard. There's nothing in this world will ever change that"

"Don't ever forget me, Aria."

The world stopped breathing that night. I was in awe in front of this peculiar man whom I dwell so much of my naked soul. The moment he caressed my lips I felt blissful. That's when I realized he wanted more of just being with me. He wants it eternally.

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