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A player dies taking down with him one of the seven ancient creation beasts. A sorrowfully end for a good man. But when fate gives him another chance. Will he use this to rectify his past mistakes or will he wallow in self-deprecation and blame.

Fantasy / Adventure
Boaz Carson
Age Rating:

Chapter one

"Clerics cast the healing spells!"

A figure dressed in a black-bluish leather armour called out. Immediately the white robed clerics cast the healing spells and the mana of every party member increased halfway.

"Shadow Serpent Strike!"

A blonde mage lifted up her staff and immediately a phantom Shadow of a towering cobra rose behind her. She swung the staff forward and the cobra phantom struck the adversary. It was a green chimera with the lion head having black a mane and breathed out a black fire that could deplete mana at a faster rate. It's goat head had two spiral bronze horns and it's tail which ended on the head of a serpent spewed black steaming venom.

The cobra phantom managed to land a hit on the chimera before it vanished in the shadows. A shield barbarian rammed on the side of the chimera making its mana to drop to three quarter of the initial mana. But this proved to be a misjudgement, for the chimera retaliated fast and the serpent tail struck the barbarian sending him metres away.

The black-bluish armoured man spread his palm and a blue glowing orb appeared.

"Frozen Phoenix!"

The temperature in the dungeon rapidly decreased and then he cast the orb. Suddenly a deep blue glowing bird appeared overheard and zeroed on the chimera. The bird was small, the size of an average fist and it was this that the Level 59 void beast underestimated. Suddenly it's red eyes widened as the bird crashed into it.

This was a rare skill that he had created at level 45. Frozen Phoenix

(A summoning skill that paralyses the adversary in an internal frozen binds)

Additional effects

+20% agility to the summoner Inflicts a morale eating damage to the adversary for 4 seconds Active duration:30 seconds

Mana cost :10

Cool down:1 minute

Added info; progresses with the summoner's levelling up i8

"Attack now with all the damage dealing abilities. Preferably ice-based as the chimera will be immobile for thirty seconds "

The mages and summoners who had ice affinity skills begun the assault.

Chimera:Void Beast Level:59 Mana:1600/2000

The mana begun going down.















Then the active duration ended and the team leader called back the damage dealers. This was a calculated move for as soon as they drew back, he spread out his palm again and another orb formed. But this time round the orb was red in colour.

"Blazing Salamander "

Blazing Salamander

(This skill involved summoning a beast. A Blazing Salamander, one of the guardians of the Fire god's temple. This was a void beast that had a fire affinity and could self destruct at the end of its mana)

Additional effects

+10% reflecting ability to fire induced attacks

Active duration:5 seconds

Mana cost:32

Cool down:20 minutes

Restrictions:(Can not be used in a water influenced environment and is vulnerable to intense water influenced magical attacks)

The summon was a beast the size of a komodo dragon with a coat of red raging flames forming a cover around it. It flung itself repeatedly at the chimera, not stopping even when it took a number of hits. The chimera opened its lion mouth and a black flame shot out towards the Salamander. Suddenly the flames rebounced and hit the chimera. It rolled on the ground as its mana took a huge dive.



Suddenly the leader shouted out a command.

"Mages a magical barrier formation!"

Suddenly the mages casted a number of spells and a bright blue dome formed around the group. They looked in anticipation but minutes later, cracks begun forming on the salamander. It gave a loud croak and flung itself at the chimera. A loud bang ensued and a raging inferno consumed the entire dungeon. The group was protected by the dome which was cracking under the strain of the powerful fire. When the fire cleared, the chimera was revealed it's red eyes bloodthirsty. It had a huge change in it's mana.

Chimera:Void beast Level:59 Mana:10/2000

" It is entering the Enraged state prepare for the fiercest attack of the chimera!"

The leader spread out his palm again and another orb appeared. This time round the orb was orange-gold in colour. He casted it and then he was covered in a glowing orange-goldish glow. When it resided, the leader was left standing in a gold breastplate and arm guards. On his right hand was a flaming sword.

"Dragon devouring the abyss!"

He slashed the sword towards the chimera and then a dragon phantom appeared with jaws wide open and rushed to the chimera. This was the most unique skill that he had and suddenly.

Chimera:Void beast Level:59 Mana:0/2000

The chimera ripped in a flare of light as loot fell off its body. This was the last void beast they had faced. They quickly picked up the loots and consumed mana restoring potions.

"Allaistar what comes next?"

A barbarian in a black armour with the same insignia as the one which the leader had. A sun glowing black.

"Don't worry Vector. Today we end the journey we started "

Five minutes later

"Ok guys time to face the real dungeon Boss "

Allaistar called out as he shouldered the glowing sword he had summoned. His raven hair was slick with sweat and plastered on his scalp.

"Yes leader we are gonna do this! "

"You got it Allaistar!"

"We are in all the way through!"

"We end it here!"

He smiled sorrowfully at the boisterous group before him. Joy and satisfaction of having reached the final stage of their mission made them glow with pride. But Allaistar had one question on his mind. Could they make it out of this dungeon alive?Would they manage to take down the final challenge?And if they did, how many would make it out alive?

"Allaistar are you still with us?"

A curvy brunette nudged his side with her hand. This was Heavenly Maiden, the second in command of their guild. The Falling Sun. She was the second person who had joined the guild, six years ago and the girlfriend to Towering Rage,Allaistar's barbarian friend.

"Yeah, I'm just wondering if I'll still be with you guys at the very end "

"C'mon Allaistar. Being sentimental is not like you. But I'm sure if only one person is to survive then it would be you. You are the best player I've ever met "

"Didn't you say that your star was Fiery Goddess?"

"What I meant was ,female star"

"Really, I can...."

They were cut short by a shout from the group.

" It is opening!"

"The dungeon is opening !"

Allaistar ran and took his place at the head of the group.

"Mages prepare your strongest stunning spells. Summoners call upon the strongest binding summons !"

"Tanks prepare for barrage assault after the spells and summons have been cast!"

The wall finally crumbled and on his order, the summoners and mages acted. The first thing he saw was a lot of high quality gear and equipment around the most terrifying beast he had ever encountered. The shiny abyss black dragon staggered as the constant bombardment hit it. The current spells and summons were strong, thanks to the levelling up and upgrading achieved from defeating the Void beast. Allaistar quickly checked the Boss' stats

Chaos Dragon:Millennium Beast World Boss Level:300 Mana:50000/100000

The previous team had shaved half its HP at the cost of their demise.

"Attack with the best that you've got but make sure that the cool down period of the skill you use is not more than 15 seconds "

The Tanks, mainly barbarians and paladins ,delivered hits after hits at the immobile beast. When three seconds of the immobility spells remained, he called them back into the protective magical barrier shield.

Chaos Dragon:Millennium Beast World Boss Level:300 Mana:46509/100000

"Not that bad!"

Allaistar dipped his head and spread out his palm. The red orb formed.

"Blazing Salamander!"

He infused half of his mana into the summon and cast it. The salamander hurled at the dragon, its blazing flame armour now twice stronger and hotter.

"Clerics I need a healing spell!"

His mana was back to full even before the command was fully issued. The immobility spell ended and the dragon sprung head on at the salamander. A bang ensued where the Salamander self destructed leaving a one very angry dragon.


The dragon opened its jaws and a black flame shot down at the group.

"Mages infuse the magical barrier with your mana. Clerics rapidly cast healing spells on the mages !"

The black flames filled the dungeon and covered the barrier-dome in a pitch black darkness. Thirty seconds later, the flames burnt out and the mages collapsed down overwhelmed.

Chaos Dragon:Millennium Beast World Boss Level:300 Mana:40000/100000

"Paladins use divine formation. Summoners, cast only Holy summons . This is a creature of the darkness. Its weakness is Holy Attacks!"

Allaistar was a clever strategist and a capable general. The only chink in their plan was that half of the mages had died. They had used a lot of their mana in the barrier magic.

The dragon retaliated clawing, smashing and hitting with its tail as the Holy attacks begun bombarding it.

Chaos Dragon:Millennium Beast World Boss Level:300 Mana:31000/100000

"Close combat pull back!"

"Frozen Phoenix!"

The dragon was momentarily stunned and the frenzied assault commenced again. This time round even Allaistar summoned his best Holy damage dealers.

"Twin Seraphim Daggers!"

He activated the Jade Rabbit Footwork and charged into war. Time was running out but Allaistar made the best of it. His after mirages were visible as golden streaks of light as he ran around the dragon slashing and piercing at any surface of the dragon he could reach.

The effect of the Frozen Phoenix ended and the group pulled back. Three quarters of the paladins were dead and almost half of the summoners down to their last mana.

Chaos Dragon:Millennium Beast World Boss Level:300 Mana:10098/100000


The dragon flapped its wings and reared up its red eyes glowing with malice.

"No!! "

Allaistar shouted as he realised the dragon's intention.

"Clerics full healing spells on me!"

"Allaistar what do you think you are doing ?"

"No time for questions Heavenly Maiden. Make sure that you guys safely get out of this place !"

"Allaistar you don't...."

"Lisa the vow you took was to obey every decision and order of mine without questioning "

"Yes but Allaistar this is a Millennium Quest. If you die here you will die in the real world or least be in coma for a very long period of time "

"I know all the odds and I'm ready for anything. Take care of the guild or I won't ever forgive you "

Then turning to the rest of the group.

"I'm sorry guys but I just have to do this. It is inevitable. It's either this or everyone dies. Mages, cast the strongest rebounding shield spells. Clerics concentrate on healing the mages "

With those, Allaistar stepped away from the group and spread out his arms.


Suddenly a potent aura which shook the entire area emitted from him. His armour glowed entirely golden as draconic wings morphed on his back. A huge white sword appeared on his hands and then he faced the dragon. Everything happened fast as if it was a movie being forwarded. He flapped the wings and flew towards the dragon. The Chaos dragon saw the approaching tribulation and for the first time in its Millennium existence it felt fear. It tried to flap its wings faster and escape from the approaching carnage but fate was fate.

Allaistar stretched the sword infront of him and pushed himself faster. The action bringing him closer until the sword pierced the chest of the dragon. The last thing he felt was a numbing pain as the dragon's claws racked his chest piercing through the armour. They burst in a mixture of abyss deep darkness and heavenly light which shook the whole continent as meteorites fell down and buildings toppled over. That was the end.

Allaistar. Guild leader of Falling Sun and one of the top ranked players of Celestial's Fate died taking down the Millennium Beast:CHAOS DRAGON

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