Saviours or Deadly Warriors Among Us

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If your kingdom gets invaded by sick and twisted, power hungry ghouls what would you do? Well when this happens to the youngest prince of the Kingdom Shaviel. His choice seemed to shock the people of the kingdom including the king and his elder siblings. He chose to fight fire with fire. He went searching for the Seven Sins demons who were so evil they were cast from hell. He decided to fight the twisted spirits with the vilest demons. That is, if he can even find them.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - The Start Of It All -

"Your highnesses!" A guard ran into the royal throne room his breathing ragged and heavy as he gazes upon the confused looks upon the royal families face.

"Samuel? What is so urgent as to burst in on our conversation?" King Askar asked, his voice deep yet kind. It carried a tone that demanded respect and radiated power.

The guard gazed upon the older man as he fought to catch his breath, his eyes quickly covering the five different faces. King Askar and his wife Queen Makariah gave Samuel a expectant and yet patient look.

"The- the ghouls your highness! They've breached the protective wall and have started attacking the houses on the outskirts of the kingdom! We need to get you all to the panic rooms before they get to the Castle!" The young man clad in armour spoke, quite loudly at that.

"Samuel what are you speaking of? The wall was enchanted by Kian the Great, years ago and is regularly checked up on by our greatest magic users." Queen Makariah asked in haste as guards ran into the room holding the five cloaks.

Makariah quickly grabbed ahold of her royal purple cloak and wrapped it around her tight fitting pale purple gown. And started to help her eldest child, Princess Arkane wrap hers around herself, as Samuel rushed to explain.

"The magic users must've used a weaker spell or have slowly stopped using as much energy and magic as they have been using over the past couple of weeks or months, it may actually have been going on for years. So please hurry-" a deeper voice cut off Samuel's as Prince Maziar spoke up.

"Samuel we are all just awaiting on you." With a 'of course sir' and the click of his shoes the six of them started the walk out of the castle and around the back.

Piercing purple eyes quickly turned gazed out towards the horizon and widened in horror at what they landed on.

The large wall that once stood tall was cracked and broken nearly split in half as rubble fell to the ground with thuds, within the split hundreds of dark cloaked figures flew in, covering the once pale blue sky with void black.

The sight was obscured slightly by a tufts of pale gray hair

This boy is the youngest child of the king and queen, Prince Ashkan.

The quiet one, the one who is mostly a loner tending to stay in the royal library then go play in the field with his siblings and the guards kids.

Feeling a hand grip his upper arm he quickly twisted his head to be met with Arkane looking up at him with her golden colored eyes filled to the brim with care and kindness.

"Ashkan we need to hurry." With a soft nod the boy quickly turned his back on the gruesome and the poor sight of which used to be a kingdom he would one day help his sister rule over being her advisor, and followed the guards to the panic room, or as he calls it to annoy his parents, the underground mansion.

Approaching the hidden stairway Samuel quickly followed them down the ancient carved in stone steps, making sure to carefully cover the stairway with vines and branches, leaving the rest to the guards who weren't coming down with them.

Coming upon the door at the bottom of the rather long stair case, they threw them open making dust clouds gather and fly through the air. Quickly shutting and barricading the large gold engraved doors the six quickly began the walk to the dining room.

"What are we going to do?! There was thousands of ghouls out their!" Maziar spoke his voice becoming higher and higher as he begins to panic, he was always like this.

Puts on a tough exterior and pretends to know everything and will pretend to be able to beat a person up when in reality he know very little of what to do in an actual emergency. That is why Arkane is the heir to the throne and Ashkan will be her royal advisor, apart Arkane knows what to do in the trouble of war and is easy for people to get along with due to her kind personality.

And Ashkan has always been the most knowledgeable of the three, knowing when to get involved as well as the best way to get out of a lot of horrible situations.

Within seconds of hearing Maziar speak Ashkan begins to pace back and forth entering his mind and zoning out of the conversation.

'If we are being attacked by ghouls considered to be the most deadly and persistent monster among the ones of the world how do they get rid of them.

They were probably tasked with this job by Satan himself. And there is no way on any account were we'll be able to fight this battle alone with our knights. I mean the only known creatures to have gone against him are the Seven Sins-'

"The seven sins!" Ashkan spoke loudly startling his siblings and parents as Samuel gave him a strange look.

"What do you mean Ashkan? The seven sins were captured and turned to stone by various kingdoms theres no way they did this-" Ashkan immediately cut his father off.

"Exactly! So Satan had to have did it, but the sins are the only ones capable of going against him and surviving! I'd we find them we find the solution to our problem!" His voice quickly picked up speed as he stopped pacing and glanced at his parents before continuing to speak.

"We have to find the sins and release them! They're our only hope for our kingdom to survive this attack!"

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