Body of the Dead

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' I love thee with a love that shall not die, till the sun grows cold and stars grow old. ' ~ William Shakespeare It'd burn less when walking through through fire than it did when I was around her. With every gaze that landed, every beat her heart did, every breath that came out and every word she said- there was fire. Not the one that you'd seek on a snowy grey day, but the kind that praised the lord and burnt to death. Not only fearless and careless, Madonna was also mate-less and hopeless. Now after centuries , Madonna re-signed searching for her mate and was instead focused on absolving her curse. But time was closing on her, without a mate and her powers, she was of and with little help. But I shall, with my very being, protect what's mine and keep her away from the ruins of my dark. No matter what gets to stake, there's a battle I was going to win since I laid my eyes on her. My Queen in my realm and I shall go to any extent and do what a king does.

Fantasy / Romance
D. R.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

" Madonna Hastings, you're going to wake up and you're going to wake up NOW."

Danielle had had enough of her sister. If she hadn't known better, she'd have thought Madonna's dead. The last time she saw her talking was accurately three days ago. Danielle even remembered Madonna's last words verbatim before drowning into sleep.

" I've put the sign for hiring workers, if anyone turns up for the job, wake me up. Goodnight Dannie."

It's been three days since and thanks to the God, finally someone decided to show up for the job. She'd not blame anyone for it though. Whitby is a small town and the last thing one'd imagine here is a Car Wash & Repair run by chicks. When the two of them decided to move here Madonna was all resolved on her forever dream of running of working in a Car Wash. For the courtesy of their father and the evil look their mother shot them after the announcement, Madonna added the word Repair to her idea. But nothing could persuade her about not hiring men as her employees. Madonna believed that'd not help her with focussing on the job and she was serious about this.

As if.

She looked down at her sister stirring to life slowly. And those lips of her parting to utter her first words after this rebirth.

End of the Silence and her Peace, thought Danielle.

Madonna opened her eyes only a fraction which was enough given her vampire senses were quite heightened.

" Danielle you're not dying and I definitely do not sense Daniel Radcliffe standing in the room. Yes, I can sense him because I can't forget his cologne even if I try to. Why in the fvck would you wake me?" yelled Madonna in her accusing tone.

Madonna mused for a moment to relive her memory of meeting Daniel Radcliffe in California while he was shooting for some advertisement. He kissed her left cheek!!!

Madonna knew it's been four days since she opened her eyes. But the world wasn't ending anytime soon and so she decided she must preserve her energy for the coming centuries.

Madonna moved aside the creamy sheets of the canopy of their king size bed to have a better look at her elder sister. Danielle was every way Royal.

Had Elizabeth Tudor seen Danielle, she'd have adopted her.

Her hair was charcoal black and waved it's way down her waist, tickling the hips. Danielle seemed a lot taller with her arms wrapped around her slim waist. The only thing giving away her skin colour was her face. Dusky. Just how Madonna liked it. She momentarily looked at her own pale fingers. Then looked at Danielle again - her dark eyes, shiny pink lips drawn in a taut line and her little pointed nose flaring with every release of air. She was wrapped in a purple silk robe where the only traces of colour were the silver ribbon that tied it across her torso and the embroidery at the end of the sleeves in the same colour.

Danielle had the calmness of the sea, one that can't be trusted and won't last long.

" I wouldn't argue with you about half of the stuff that comes out of your mouth Maddy. There are girls waiting outside to be hired for the job. You might want to get that cherry ass of yours out for once."

That did it. Madonna sprang to life and jumped on the floor in a disgraceful inhumane speed. She seldom forgot that she was a vampire and would always be at risk for exposure to the human eyes.

In an unhurried manner, she swinged her head sideways to get the hair out of her face. And began rushing for the door that must open to the side of the house where her Car Care Center would be.

Or she thought.

She didn't know her way around the house because the day they shifted here she was busy exploring the night-life of Whitby only to return at dawn and then sleeping forever only to wake up today.

" Ummm Maddy, you might want to put something on before you see the girls." She could hear Danielle saying before she disappeared in the supposed to-be kitchen of the house.

Madonna looked down and frowned. There was nothing wrong with her pink camisole but everything wrong with her panties.

There was nothing covering them.

She opened her bag and wore the pyjama that met her fingers first. With that done, Madonna was all ready to hear applause or atleast whistles on her entry but when she opened the door all she got was a gasp from the girl standing next to the wall on her left and a staredown from the girls standing to her right. Their scents gave it all way - the one to her left was slightly shocked and highly embarrassed whereas the one in the right was simply amused. Madonna would take it one notch up and say she liked it.

Madonna pretended to be a cold employer - tried not to smile and all but failed immediately after three seconds. She was too excited for this to do roleplay.

"Hey gurrrllllllsssssss!! Welcome to my reign. Wow I do sound cool. Anyways, are you two prepared to give the audition of your lives? Because I'm warning you to be prepared for anything."

The girl to the left, finally turned, and with some newly found courage said, " Actually we're looking for Madonna Hastings here. For the job, you see. I need this jo-"

" Well, Excuse me. Girl, I've Madonna Hastings written all over my body. How hard for you is it to guess?", frowned Madonna at the brunette and folded her arms across her torso then looked at the other girl, " you might want to pitch in and get yourself a score here, girl."

The dirty blonde to her right, who was quiet and observing till now, felt the need to speak finally.

" Your pamphlet said you wanted A girl for this job. And clearly there's two of us. How are you planning to choose between us?"

" Smart. I'm going to go easy on you two. It's going to be a one-on-one fight. The one who survives will work here. I'm strictly going by nature's law. You know- survival of the fittest." , finished Madonna and moved her eyes from one girl to the other, waiting for atleast 'a hell yes'.

"You can't be serious!"

"Are you kidding?"

Those were the only replies she got. Madonna sighed. She should really start working on promoting her philosophy in this abandoned world. The brunette wouldn't still meet her gaze. And the blondie wouldn't stop staring. Duh. She needed names of these girls.

"Alrighty. We can find other possibly BORING ways of sorting this out. But you got to give me something here. How about names?"

" Rhonda Gerbert." said Rhonda aka the brunette.

Rhonda was a petite green-eyed girl with hair in soft curls falling on her shoulders. Her arms folded behind her back and with that rhythmic scratching sounds that came from there, Madonna could tell her nails were chipped and she was anxious. Her posture gave off vibes that loved keeping people like Madonna at arm's length.

She's going to love Danielle, thought Madonna.

" I am Eclipse."

" That's it?" asked Madonna.

" Yes. That's it. Is that going to be problem?"

" No. No. No. No. No. Absolutely not." chanted Madonna.

Eclipse was so far very-welcoming. She could imagine herself and the blondie going to bird watching together. Madonna could sense the energy coming off Eclipse, she was having a hard time pretending to have a serious facade. Her straight blonde hair was in a high ponytail. She also had rings in all of the fingers of her left hand.

Both the girls were beautiful in their own way.

Rhonda and Eclipse were both taken aback though.

Madonna Hastings was nothing they'd expected. She was really young, hardly a day over 22 maybe. Her blonde hair was in beach waves, tumbling down her shoulders to the front of her body, stopping at her waist. The pink camisole did little to hide her body which was really uncomfortable for Rhonda. It also exposed the toned lines of her stomach. And below the stomach this woman was all miracle and dream to naked eyes. The flare of Madonna's hips was exhaustible and the joggers she wore were stretched to infinity. Her thighs were as voluptuous as her lips. Thick and full. She had really long legs and was barefoot. Eclipse noticed that Madonna had emerald gems for eyes which were shining in the early sunshine.

Standing before them was some sort of Goddess or a nymph. But she was definitely not a human. Even her voice was all velvet rolling off their skins. Whitby really found a siren for itself.

" So there are a bunch of things that you've to do before I hire you. A test of sorts. But first of all Miss Rhonda will you tell what's wrong with you? Why are you turning all green?"

Madonna put her hands on her hips and flexed her waist to gain a few inches and walked down the couple of stairs into the porch. It was when the gravel touched her foot, she found she was barefoot.

Way to make an impression, Madonna. Real Smooth.

Rhonda paled and looked at Eclipse who was really worried for Rhonda. The brunette was sweating a little. " I-I am just… you're not wearing much and it's…"

Madonna looked down at her chest and eyed Rhonda back with a smirk. She pointed to her right nipple and said, " you mean brat," and then smiled at Eclipse and pointed her other nipple, "and twat. They're my rewards for being a woman."

Eclipse couldn't help but break into a smile at that. Rhonda huffed and felt a little out of her element. She didn't hate Madonna though. She just found her weird. Her accent was off. She'd heard that two really gorgeous women have entered Whitby last week and planned on opening a BnB and a Car Wash & Repair here. She needed this job badly for many reasons. It definitely didn't help that she had to win this job and that too against Eclipse. They shared some classes in the Community College and well all she could say about their acquaintances was that they had different friend circles.

" So do you girls have any prior working experience with cars?" enquired Madonna.

Eclipse was the one to answer.

" I can answer that question for the whole of the town. No."

Madonna looked at both the girls. Rhonda seemed to agree with what Eclipse said.

"Okayyyyyy. Seems quite farfetched Eclipse. Why? Don't they hire girls anywhere? Or girls aren't interested? What am I getting wrong?"

"You're right. Girls are not really into the mechanic stuff here. And the ones who are - nobody would hire them. I mean the owner of Whitby Washer's, Thomas Jenders, thinks and a lot loudly that women don't know their way around hammer and nuts. He's kind of our enemy in this profession." answered Rhonda. Her voice was strangely thick and rasped. By now, she seemed to have recovered from whatever attack she went through and was perfectly fine now.

Madonna smelled coffee and turned in time to greet her sister with a really flushed and excited smile. Danielle approached the scene with caution. Last time she saw this expression on Maddy was while watching Sacred Games.

" Did you hear that Dannie? I already have a nemesis. I am so fucking excitedddddddd." gushed Madonna all at once.

Danielle appeared in the threshold. This was the second time Rhonda and Eclipse were taken aback.

This sister was no joke. Had they not known what the Queen looked like, they'd have believed her to be the Queen. They already felt like bowing down in her presence.The sisters were poles apart from each other yet somehow something gave away that they're related. And the fact that Madonna spoke to her sister before she was anywhere in her sight was suspicious and showed that the sisters definitely shared some weird psychic bond.

"Girls, you're not supposed to tell Madonna things like that. You're not doing anything but calling trouble onto yourselves." instructed Danielle. Her voice was the softest of the sounds they'd heard.

"Whatever. But Rhonda, the last time that is a few nights ago when I was with Thomas Jenders, he did say that I'm quite good around his hammer and nuts." Madonna said that with a disgusted look. The memory was not all beautiful. She in fact regretted sleeping with her nemesis.

" Are you Jenders' fiance?" asked Rhonda with a shock on her face.

" He has one?" countered Madonna. Rhonda gulped.

TMI for poor Rhonda, thought Madonna.

Eclipse couldn't help chirping in the conversation with a smirk on her face.

" So you two are just sleeping around?"

" Ugh. Noooooooooooo. Slept. Once. Singular. I've no further plans of seeing him again in my life. Eclipse, he's good enough for a one-night stand. Don't even think about dating him"

Danielle knew it wasn't long before Madonna was done with half of the male population of Whitby. Madonna was insatiable personified. With a sad realisation that it was all because of the fact that she couldn't find her mate, Danielle looked longingly at her younger one. Technically they were twins but Madonna was the later born.

By the time Danielle was finished relishing the memories of their childhood, Madonna had scared the girls with her awkward questions and tasks.

"Can you girls twerk? I recently learnt it from Cardi B when I met her few weeks ago. She spent the entire day with me. I'm definitely going to heaven. Anyways, I can teach you what she taught me."

Yes, Madonna had recently met Cardi B. Her spirit celebrity as she called her. That'd explain her way of talking these days. Madonna wished to meet the Kardashians-Jenners next.

" Can't you ask us to do some actual work to test our skills? Whatever this job has to do with our sex life or twerking." protested Rhonda.

Eclipse nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah. We could actually use some real tests. The tension is killing me."

Danielle felt the shift in air. Madonna's mood was drifting. She was in thought already. Danielle fled down the steps and placed her hand on her shoulder.

" Maddy-"

" Yes I know that, girls. These questions were meant for chitchat. You're the only two people who came for the job in three days. What took you so long was putting up your I can do this pants on. Because you and I both know that you've what it takes to work here. Or else you'd not come here. So you're both hired. Already."

"But the pamphlet said only one girl was needed and-" Eclipse was stopped before she could finish by a silencing palm that rose in alarm.

"I'm the boss and I make the rules here. Danielle will instruct you about work ethics and your shifts. Farewell, ladies."

With that said, Madonna turned around and climbed the steps swinging her hips left and right and disappeared inside.

Everyone was a little stunned to speak after Madonna left. Rhonda was the first one to break the silence.

"What did just happen? Is she pissed off or something?"

Danielle sighed down and looked at their curious faces.

" No. Actually Madonna really wanted to make a boss-ish impression on you girls and hence the act. She might be squealing in joy inside the house on her fabulous exit-as she'd call it. Be prepared girls, you just said goodbyes to your Normal lives."

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly for both the sisters. While Madonna was busy unpacking in her room upstairs and seldom breaking stuff and crashing into walls; Danielle busied herself with the final touches to her BnB.

The inn was all Victorian style and had turned out to be epic right out of a Shakespearean work. It had ten suites in total and a huge dining hall enough to hold a hundred people. The dining hall was also open to the locals. It made it a quasi-café.

It took almost three months for the entire construction of their house and the BnB to finish before their arrival. Their house was a little secluded from other houses.

For obvious reasons.

The house was huge and the BnB was attached to it which made it one of the largest buildings in the town. The entire construction was made of stone - basalt & trap, sandstone, slate, marble, granite, just name it. And the rich mahogany wood was used for every piece of furniture in the precinct.

Danielle made a palace for herself.

Pietro, their helper and a fellow vampire, accompanied them to this part of the world. He was only few of those reliable men that Danielle trusted around herself and Madonna. He looked like a lad in his early twenties. All beautiful in his dark brown curls and silent demeanor. Of course Madonna gave him a hard time for the latter part.

He must have felt Danielle's gaze on his back, alas he turned and sneaked a glance at her face then resumed looking down.

"Do you need anything, Miss? Your constant attention is making it hard for me to work." Pietro said in his strong Italian accent.

"Actually no. I just want you to calm down, Pietro. I know you're worried for us but we're here for answers and no fights. And if at all anything happens, you no what we're capable of." Danielle sipped her nth cup of coffee silently, observing the young man closely. She was getting addicted to coffee. Drinking coffee was helping her calm the blood sparks. In her natural state, Danielle needed to feed every second day unlike any ordinary vampire because of who she was.

"I've no doubt on your strengths, Danielle. I am just scared of the newness. You two are the most volatile creatures on the face of this earth at the moment. You've to cut me some slack here."

Before Danielle could break a smile to that, the flickered eye inside her mind rose to life. Someone was approaching - as tense and innocent as a butterfly. That didn't help ease Danielle's anxiety. The guest was uncalled for and a vampire.

When their guest was covering the gravel on their driveway, Pietro must have heard his steps. Without any signal, he approached the door to the inn, waiting for the knock.

Madonna had stopped doing whatever she was doing and was waiting for the scenes to unfold.

Do not come down unless I call for you. Danielle warned the younger one through their psychic thread. It was one of the most desired and peculiar threads two vampires could muster up between themselves. Luckily, the sisters were born with it.

I'm coming down if I sense you in danger, Danielle, retorted Madonna.

With a sigh from Danielle and a knock in front, the door opened. A man old enough to be her father, stood in front of her.

Danielle pulled the sacred parda around her stature. This was another peculiar gift with Danielle. The Parda helped Danielle hide all that was going inside her mind and her face. So that, if at all there was someone who could read her mind would find nothing but instead fall dizzy. The Parda also made people acknowledge that she wasn't a normal vampire and was out of bounds for any games. The man who came inside looking up at her face, after making eye-contact with her dared to never look her in the eye.

This girl...woman who stood before Larsen was some sort of authority and he must not look at her in the eye ever again for she was definitely a higher state of being. Her figure was covered in a purple robe and the silver tied around her waist exactly matched the striking silver in her eyes. Her feet were covered in a very different footing, one that Larsen was unfamiliar with. She held a earthen cup in her palms that contained thick and dark caffeine. Larsen, without knowing what made him do so, bowed before her and spoke his choiced words looking at the lush and cold granite of the floors.

" Miss, it's a pleasure to finally see you. I'm Larsen. I work for the Quangaroos. Mistress Quangaroo had asked for the Hastings's company for supper tonight. It'd be a pleasure to have you amongst us."

She heard release of air from Madonna and Pietro merely managed to breathe through the entire message. Danielle placed the cup on Pietro's palms who returned to her side in a blink and took a step or two forward in Larsen's direction. After all, there was no point hiding anymore. Not in front of their own kind.

"Very well, sir. I'd be pleased if you call me Danielle. And I insist," Danielle paused at that. Larsen simply nodded. " I also accept the invitation which I am very thankful for. We must assure the well-being of ours."

The rest of the conversation fleeted from the general questions about the town to the whereabouts of Danielle's parents, which she answered briefly. Danielle did send Larsen back with a basket of homemade cinnamon bread and few handwritten niceties remembering how her mom wouldn't approve of this acquaintance otherwise.

Several hours and thousands of bickerings laters, Madonna was all ready to meet the Quangaroos. She ought to be honest about this - she didn't give a rat's ass about this meet & greet. Madonna chose who she wanted to meet, being beckoned like this was not going to settle well with her and it might show out tonight.

While her sister was in room downstairs, getting ready, Madonna decided to get a few pictures clicked for her Instagram feed. The Gram was a hard bargain for Madonna as it meant risk losing her identity to the world as simply deleting the ID might not do. But she already had 7K followers. Madonna was acing the Gram Game.

"Pietro you need to take the snap from a lower angle. Go down! You're going to ruin my Kendall impression with your skills. Or lack thereof."

Pietro gulped. Poor Pietro was always stuck with taking pictures for this one, who'd not stop at anything unless the perfect of the perfect shots was taken. At the moment, Madonna had perched her left foot over the other leg, accentuating her left hip. Her tini-tiny denim skirt was hoisted all the way up, one could see the edge of her cream coloured panties along the ridge of her skirt. She put forward her frontal frame by pushing her elbows backward on the wooden counter of the inn and laid her right leg straight.

She looked tall and inviting just like a glass of champagne.

Pietro was sweating inside his clothes.

Only if she knew, what she did to men around her, thought Pietro.

After taking the snap, she seemed to approve, Madonna kissed both of his cheeks, real slow.

"Pietro, if only you learn half of the things I teach you…"

Meanwhile, Danielle entered the room in a floor length floral dress, that had a long slit along her left thigh. The off-shoulder dress highlighted her collarbones and camel-like neck.

Danielle was a visual delight.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us, Pietro?" Danielle looked at him, asking him the same thing for the last time. Madonna didn't unnotice that and groaned quite audibly and left for the driveway. She knew his answer as much as Danielle did, but the latter one waited.

Pietro looked at the retreating form of Madonna with worry. Danielle knew Pietro has always had a soft corner for the younger of the sisters. He turned around and answered, " No miss. I'm resolute on staying here for the night. In case, if anyone tried to come in."

"Pietro... fine. The Inn is not opening until two days later. So as long as there are any visitors, you know what to do with them."

With that said, Danielle marched out of the house towards unknown lands and people.

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