Story of Caelius

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The world was once rich with spirits power and magical talents. But with power came Chaos. This story is about the fate that humankind is bound to. This is not the story of 1 person but of genarations who fought for humankind. The world is now peacefull and no discrimination of power is seen . Everyone trusts in karma (process of doing their duty which they should fullfill) THERE WAS A PAST FOR THIS . A PAST WHICH GENARATIONS WERE SACRIFISED. THE STORY IS ABOUT THAT PAST

Fantasy / Thriller
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VARMORA:spiritual world

Varmora the world of spirits was bright as usual. spirits meditated and waited for their prophecy of their karma . Varmora was a place that is as bright as light and only spirits lived not even air was found . The karma of the spirits was to go to the living relam and ger harvked (the process of getting defeated and getting merged to human soul) by a human and live the rest of his life with the human in the human relam .

Every spirit would have a purpose for them in the living relam . The purpose was revealed to them by years of their meditation . After their purpose has been done they die with the human after feeling earthly life.

There were 3 spirits that never went to the human realm . They were the most powerful spirits that ever existed . They from the beginning of time look at the human realm and waited

The spirit Alger was a dragon spirit who looked like a dragon . In the bright light his hard skin glowed like gold.He said looking into the human realm

'we waited from the beginning of time for us to travel to the human realm but nor once we saw our purpose ' how long should we have to wait '.....

With his hard voice the words that came out him sound like the growling of a fearce animal that was in pain .

The water spirit Aquiline who had the body of a mermaid and head of a sea horse turned to Alger and said with a sweet agreeable voice

' we can't lose hope we all are created for a purpose . We know that the longer we wait the more we will have to do with our life ' i think mother has something for us that will be marked in the human history '

She said this to make herself that she will have a purpose but in her mind she had the dought to herself

The earth spirit Agmundr who was the form of a snake was silent and looked at the human realm like Algar and said in a deep voice of sorrow and lonliness

' i have been thinking for many years what would be our role in the human realm , with our overwhelming power we cannot be handled by humans . He continued as his lonliness increased reflecting through his face .

' we are just the disastrous endresult of mother creating spirits and humans '

The three of them still didn't look each other because these were thoughts that always crossed through their minds

Then like an idea had struck him Agmundr rised his head and look at the two spirits and asked

' if we can't do anything for the human relam we could be used by the varmora '

now Aqualina look at him confused he continued

' we have more power for humans and even for us, we could give away our energy to the spirt realm and every spirit in the realm would be powerfull '

Now the three of them looked at each other and said nothing but it kept them thinking about their purpose of life .

Alger was the most curious one about the human relam he always observed the humans . He now raised his head and spoke.

'i have been observing the humans from the beginning of time they are the ones that gives us purpose of existence in exchange of that we give them spiritual power that they cannot harness by themselfs '

Even though he said these words the sorrow of realising the sad reality of his existence was reflected in his face

He continued

' it is our power that made humans who they are now . Our powers made them to evolve beyond their level' ,

Alger's face no longer reflected sorrow but of strong will

' i am here by going to give away all of my energy to the spiritual beings so i can live within them a make humankind even more powerfull '

The 2 them of them were surprised to here these words from Alger because he was the one that always thought one day they would go to the human relam but now it was as if he found a new purpose for his existence not only his but for the three of them .

Aqualine with a glimpse of admiration looked towards Alger and said

' Our purpose of existence have been at question for many years we would also like to be a part of this together we three could make humankind as powerful as they will ever be '

With these words they understood that they made their decision

So they started meditating and slowly give out their powers they were made with immense energy that they could not give out it all at once it took them many decadess to give out their power as they gave out their powers spirits got stronger as a result it reflected on the human relam they became powerfull that small disputes among humans turned into chaos it created war among clans and kingdoms were created. Kingdoms started war and the whole humankind became chaos . The peacefull world were spirits helped humans for creation and evolution stoped instead it turned spirits to be used as wepons.

As war happened rate of death and birth incresed more fastly so spirits were forced to return to the human relam and back more steadly giving spirits less time to meditate and find their purpose so they could only act as a weapon to the one who harvked them

This effected the balance of the spiritual world.

The three of the spirits were still giving out their energy. Other spirits could not wake them up because they were still very powerful

Then as the spiritual world was at the verge of colapse the divine power appeared .

The divine power only appeared when it was on the upmost need the power had no name because no one could see it even spirits have not seen it . Even it appeared spirits could not see it because it was of immense light .

But the three spirits felt her presence and woke up from their meditation and looked at the spirit . even though they could only see the yellow eyes and the immense light from the spirit they knew the feelings of the spirit . The spirt was hurt .

Algar asked even though he was scared of the divine spirit

' mother what happened for you to appear before us '.

The three of them couldn't think of anything that resulted for the appearance of divine spirit they were unaware of the chaos happening in the human world

The spirit was great light they could see anything except the eye the spirt replied them ' look at the human world that you once craved to belong '

The three spirits heard these words from all around them not from the source of light for a second they thought about this and they looked at the human world

At that moment they should have been wiped from existing they saw the chaos and pain caused by their actions

Three watched the chaos and looked at the divine spirit . They looked at it with great fear and more than fear regret for what they did

But as they looked at the spirit they saw calm and kindness instead of anger and wrath

Aqualine said with shaking voice ' o mother we have done a grave mistake a mistake that almost distroyed the worlds please punish us erase us from the existence '

The other 2 did not spoke a word but remained silent . A silence in which showed that they would accept any punishment for their mistake

The spirit without any change with it calm voice said

' Mistakes are part of life . Your mistakes have indeed made the worlds at great chaos But from chaos i am born i am born when chaos is born . But i am not here to punish you . I am here for the well being of all existence because i am among all living and non-living '

The whole varmora became calm by hearing this they all offered themselves towards the spirit and felt their pained eased .

Alger asked with great admiration

' mother please can you tell the purpose of our existence this is the only question that we have been in search for '

The divine spirit with a calm but strong voice replied

' Heed my words . Every one is born for a purpose of existence .The purpose of existence is not only done when you are doing something your whole existence is the purpose . Every creation is doing its karma you only realise it with enlightenment . Three of you were created for sustaining the energy that humans could not have . But by giving away the energy you effected the balance of life and spiritual enlightenment .

The three of you wish to go to the human relam so it will fullfilled but it will be for correcting your mistakes and you will pave ways for the evolution of human kind . Three of you will not harvked but will be born with human and a part of me will be there to guide you . This will separate the humans from spiritual world and the three of you will have to suffer for correcting your mistakes . Three of you will go to human world together , Three of you will live together , Three of you will fight each other ,Three of you will kill each other,Three of you will return together. This chaos is not only created by you but humankind will also have its chance to be corrected . Yours life will end by clensing this world and making genarations for clensing . So three of you wait for your time you will be with humankind .'

By saying this the divine spirit vanished . The whole Varmora was full of hope but the three of the spirits knew that it was upto them to cleanse the world, to undo their mistakes ,to make for humanity to a better life

So they waited....waited.... And waited.... for their birth in the human realm

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