West of Destiny (Book 5 of The Claimed Series)

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Chapter 22


My legs spread reflexively, as if West’s proximity had pushed them open. It was a good thing too, because he was lowering down over me, kissing my tummy and making me shiver as his tongue licked out to taste my flesh.

He said something almost too low to be heard. Sweet, or sweetness. I didn’t know if he was calling me his favorite little nickname or commenting on my skin’s flavor.

Not that is mattered, and I opened wide, wider for him, allowing his lips to do whatever sinful things he wanted to me. As my hands pushed through his hair, I felt his whole body vibrate with a groan, and my fingers sought, explored his silky locks as my nails scraped along his scalp.

He trailed his mouth lower before sinking his teeth into the skin below my navel, and licked the pinch of pain away, the way only a mate could.

As his hands pushed my thighs farther apart, his breath tickled along the downy thatch of pubic hair. I had never thought to shave, but all of the sudden, I wanted to feel every caress of his breath on my skin, and not just the tease of his exhales against my short, curly nether region.

A light flicker of tongue taunted me, and West pulled up and looked at me, breathing heavy as my heartbeat escalated with every second that passed. If he wanted me to growl in frustration, he was damn close to accomplishing it.

“West,” I groaned out. “Please.”

He gave a slow smile, and the provoking tilt of his lips had me gripping his hair in torment. He buried his face between my thighs and I let go of the clench I had on him, instead stroking his head and threading my fingers as he moved. A heat I’d never felt before burned in my most sensitive places, and I knew it wouldn’t take him long to get me coming in his mouth.

Goading swipes of his tongue aside, he soon latched onto me and sucked, the loud wail I gave reverberating off the ceiling and walls and rocketing me higher, almost to the cusp of release.

“God…oh, God…fuck!”

He murmured something, but I had no clue what it was. The pounding in my head as my blood roared in my skull was too loud, so deafening, I could barely hear myself and the curses I bit out as he pleasured me with long swipes up and down the length of my slit.

As his arms wrapped around me, he moved deeper, and I felt his tongue breach my center with drawn-out, eager licks.

I tightened around him, everything heated and tight and so, so intense. Scraping my nails along his skin, I burst forth, a blinding burst of light nearly choking me with its potency as my hips lifted, grinding into his face as I sought more pleasure, more penetration. And though I had come, I also felt empty, like a void—an abyss that needed to be filled by only one person.


“Please…please, West,” I begged, the high whine of my voice making me sound needy and desperate. “Fill me. Fuck me. God…just, please.”

He nearly shot up and over me, kissing my lips, my own wetness smearing across my mouth and chin, the blunt head of his cock prodding against the slickness of my sex as I tried my best not to move. He was so close, right there, that if he would just shift a couple inches higher, he would breach me, fill me, and our bond would be complete. Irreversible.

“Sweetheart,” he murmured when our kiss broke. “I’m going to be gentle this first time. Our first time.” He paused and his eyes locked with mine before continuing. “But make no mistake—I’m going to wreck you sometime in the near future.”

I felt my veins flood with pleasure, with scalding fire, and I gave him my best semblance of a wobbly smile.

“Sounds good to me.”

His dick split my folds, and the tightness was almost too much. I could feel the squeeze of my sex around him, and the resulting grunt as he tried to push past my innocence.

It hurt, but the hurt was a distant, temporary thing. Something I could never get back, just like…

No. I wouldn’t think of the past. Not when my future seemed so bright, so full of promise.

“Please.” It was almost a whisper, and I felt him shudder as he moved slowly, stretching my insides. I couldn’t remember if I had gotten a good look at his cock, but I remembered feeling it. How hard, how thick, how long he was.

Wreck? He’d probably do more than that, eventually. I just hoped to have walls left once he decided to take me as he pleased. West may have been sweet on the outside, but like ripe fruit, a pretty veneer made for a sinfully delicious bite.

I couldn’t wait.

As he broke through, I cried out, and his face creased as if he felt my pain too.

“You okay?” He was seated deep inside me, though I didn’t know how much further he could go, given his massive size.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Please…please move. I want to feel you.”

He groaned, pushing up deeper until I could feel him nudging against something internal. It stung, but it also felt so, so good at the same time. And then he reared back slowly, taking his time as every bit of his thickness slid against sensitive inner flesh and massaging my aching core.

With the initial pain passed, I stroked my hands into his hair, pushing back messy, black locks and looking into his eyes. They were a darker brown than usual, but just as deep and soulful. And he was studying me, looking at each inch of my countenance as if he was trying to figure me out.

“That…God, that feels good.” He relaxed, the crease of his forehead even smoothing out as I assured him I was doing okay.

Well, better than okay. Miles above just okay. Okay was so low on the totem pole of things I was feeling that it didn’t even register.

Leaning down, he took my lips with his, slipping his tongue into my mouth and locking us together. Tangling, stroking, then finally devouring all of my sounds as he rocked into me with more assurance, more power.

The mating bond didn’t force love, but I felt it bubbling up from a place I thought I had lost forever after being denied my first soulmate.

Closing my eyes, I tipped my head back on a groan, and he kissed down to my mark, sucking on it until I felt a quiver in my belly. A mate’s claim was always more sensitive, nearly as reactive as their erogenous zones, and I felt a whimper push past my lips as my body seized up, ready to explode around him.

“Shit, you’re squeezing me so tight, little beauty.”

I choked on a sound as his hips collided with mine, the angle of his penetration rubbing something that made me raise my hips and beg for more.

As he drove into me eagerly, I felt him shift his weight, his pelvis tilting back and riding my g-spot until I saw stars and cried out my release.

He moved slower until he finally pulled out and I was able to clearly see him for the first time. My mouth wanted to pop open as his erection jutting out at a 90-degree angle from his body, though I was a little in awe of how that much mass could stay aloft.

With a swat to my ass, he nudged me onto my side, then finally onto hands and knees where he pulled my hips back against his pelvis.

His cock slid between my ass cheeks, and I almost wanted to ask him if he was going to simply take me from behind, or take my behind. There was a big difference, and though I wouldn’t have said no to either, I was already a little sore in one hole and would have preferred to be able to sit down the next day.

As if reading my thoughts, he chuckled and spoke through the link we had formed. Besides the bloodborne family link, it was the strongest there was.

I’m not taking your ass, he told me. At least not today.

I almost withered at the rasp in his voice, and I submissively leaned down until my chest pressed up against the warm sheets of the bed. He continued to rub his full length up and down while his hands gripped and opened my ass, and then he pushed his way back between my slippery folds and mounted me from behind.

He pulled me back against him again and again, forcing his way deeper until I felt every inch of him threatening to split me in two with his massive size. His hands reddened my ass with sharp spanks, but surprisingly the pleasure overrode the sting, and I was crying out in another climax that spun me out of my head and had me calling out to God, Buddha, and the damn Energizer bunny.

He didn’t bother to slow down, and he hauled me up so my back was against his chest, now slicked with sweat as he kept riding my pulsating sex.

Lips trailed down my shoulders, sucking and biting, a snarl every once in a while slipping past as he grunted with exertion. Then his hands were trailing down my abdomen, cupping my pussy until he started rubbing around my clit in circles that had me clasping tightly around him. When he growled in my ear as I seized and pulsed around him, he bit down, shockingly setting me off like an explosion as I came on him.

Another few strokes, and he gave a longer groan, his hips bucking wildly as he emptied himself out his long, pulsating jets of his fluids. His hips smacked against my ass one last time before he pulled me down with him onto the bed, slipping out of me but still as close as he could get without taking me again.

We breathed in moist, heated air, our slowing heartbeats in rhythm with each other’s as I felt the bond slowly ripple and lengthen before becoming nearly solid. It encompassed every bit of us after a while, and I found I could probe at his mind. What I found was reassuring.

Perfection, was a lot of what he was thinking, and I smiled. He was pretty damn perfect to me as well.

We were hot and sweaty, but still he kept hold of me, branding his fingertips into my hips or nuzzling the back of my neck.

“I’d say let’s do that again, but I know you must be sore,” he murmured in my ear.

I huffed out a breathless laugh and shook my head. He was right, but I was sure that I could make do with getting him off in other ways. Even though I’d just lost my virginity, it didn’t mean that I didn’t have other useful skills.


Slipping into the packhouse the next day, I saw a face of someone who looked lost, almost sullen. Some of the others were roaming about the large house, but she was sitting in the bay window, looking out with a mug of something hot in her hand.

Walking up to her, I thrust my hand out as gently as I could until she looked down at it, like she’d never seen a fully functional appendage before.

“I’m Lucy,” I told her, and watched as she shook my hand wanly before dropped her own back on her lap.

“Sienna, but everyone back home calls me Faith.”


She looked like no one had ever asked her the question before, so I elaborated.

“Why would they call you Faith when your name is really Sienna?”

I sat down across from her on the bench in the window and wondered when she had gotten out of the hospital. Possibly that morning, as West had been called away by Paul through the pack link just after breakfast.

“I was named after my mother, but she died and no one wanted to call me that anymore.”


“Because it hurt to think of her?” I could imagine that, but I felt that maybe Faith had gotten the short end of the stick. After all, it wasn’t her fault she had been named after her mom.

“Yes, and because they blamed me for her death.” Her voice was almost blank, dead-sounding.

This was a girl who had seen a lot, and I bet a majority of it wasn’t happy.

“May I ask how she died?”

Faith looked away again out into the dense forest. For a while, I didn’t think she was going to respond, so I made to leave the area and let the poor girl alone.

“She died trying to save me,” she said just as I was about to walk away.

“Hunters?” I asked.

She shook her head, and I was wary to ask for more information.

“When I was ten years old, we went camping in the woods. There were mountain cats in the area. I was told not to wander off, but I did anyway.” She looked earnestly into my eyes, and I could feel the pain radiating from deep inside them.

I thought she looked younger than me, but she had probably seen more hurt since she was ten than I had in the past couple of weeks. It made me feel for her.

I nodded, urging her to go on.

“I was almost mauled by a mountain lion.” The plaintiveness in her voice sought some assurance—mine, maybe—and I couldn’t help but feel a wave of emotion rippled outward from my chest. “It was only a small one, but it was still scary. She shooed it away, but its mother was close.” She swallowed thickly and looked away from me again. “The mama cat ripped my mother’s neck out.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so I took a deep breath, hoping for some divine intervention. When it didn’t come, I asked something a little easier to manage.

“Are you going to stay here at Destiny?”

Again, I had surprised her, and her head snapped over to me.

“Do you want me to?”

I was flustered. I had just met the girl and she wanted to know if I wanted her to stay? Hadn’t anyone spoken to her as of yet besides the Alpha and the doctors?

My incredulity must have shown on my face, because she explained further.

“No one at my old pack wanted me there. Not my father, nor my brother. They all called me a murderer, said it was my fault that she died. When I got pushed off my land by hunters before going over into the river, I was out in the woods far from the center of the community. It’s the only place I felt…safe.”

Who was this pack that she belonged to? How could they be so cruel to her?

I bristled and gritted out a question as my proverbial hackles rose in indignation.

“Which pack do you hail from originally?”

Looking back at me, she answered.

“Emerald Pack.”

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