West of Destiny (Book 5 of The Claimed Series)

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Chapter 29


I couldn’t help the grin as it spread out over my face as Doc Denario gave us the positive pregnancy test result. Who could blame me, really? Six months ago, I was struggling to see myself with any female, and now I had one of my own with the beginnings of a family on the way. It had surprised Lucy to be sure, and she was still rendered mute as we made our way back to the house amidst random pack members waving and nodding their heads hello. And if they thought my sweet girl was acting odd, they weren’t wrong.

Too shocked to say anything at all for a while, I let the news sink in until I started to become a little worried.

“Baby, are you okay?” I had slipped into bed with her right after she mumbled something about taking a nap and stripping down to her underwear and a long t-shirt.

The silence that greeted me was unbearable, but I heard her sigh before whispering a soft response that was nearly impossible for me to discern. I had to have her repeat it.

“Mind saying that again for me, love?” I pushed the hair that was muffling her voice away, her eyes hidden from me behind blushing eyelids and thick lashes.

“I’m…I’m in shock.” She gave a slight smile before I breathed a sigh in relief.

“Are you not happy?” I held my breath and had to force myself to expel the air as she shifted on the bed before looking up at me with those big, icy, grey-blue eyes of hers. Eyes that killed me every time they sought out mine for approval, gazed on me with lust, became sparkling with joy—any emotion. I curled myself around her and wound a hand through her hair to push it off to the side so I could nuzzle my nose into her fragrant skin and kiss her smooth neck.

“I…I don’t know,” she admitted. “I’m too filled with shock to feel anything else right now, I think. I went from having a mate to being rejected, to finding you, and then a month later pregnant? It…it’s all so fast.”

I understood—God, did I understand—but my only concern was for her happiness, and she wasn’t the beaming, glowing female I had envisioned in dreams of my mate.

Trying to put myself in her place, I thought about my slow retrieval from a dark place in my own mind after Carla had rejected me, the ensuing months of loneliness and depression, the sudden awakening of my soul when I found Lucy passed out on the borders years later, and finally the happiness of knowing she was mine, knowing I had a second chance at the happiness I always imagined for myself when I was gifted the other half of my heart.

What I came up with what this: I’d had five years of getting myself as whole as I could, and the only thing I had felt was relief when I realized I had been given another chance at a future. I didn’t have the trepidation from a recent rejection gnawing at the back of my mind, or the guilt of having to be marked in front of a prior mate. Add in the hormones that were probably wreaking havoc on her body, what I had to go through at the doctor’s office was nothing compared to what my sweet darling of a mate must have been feeling. She was overwhelmed.

And I didn’t have the knowledge of a living being growing inside me to wreck my head—there was that, as well.

“I thought I’d want to wait a bit before having children,” she asserted quietly. “But I guess that wasn’t what was meant to happen.” She sighed wearily, sounding exhausted. “Just…after this one, at least let me get them out of diapers before impregnating me again. I don’t think I could handle two little ones running around in their own dookie diapers.”

“I’ll help you every step of the way,” I promised her with my lips to her skin. “Midnight feeding, changings, the works. I swear it.”

She snuggled into me, her panty-clad ass wedged up against my groin before a jolt of ill-timed arousal stoked the need for her in my veins. I tried to tamp down my desire, but it was no use, and my cock hardened at just the proximity of my little beauty as she wiggled her cute little butt against my lengthening, albeit clothed, shaft.

I tried to still her movements with my hands gripping her waist. “You keep moving like that and I’ll fuck you to sleep, little mate.” The groan lingering beneath my words seemed to still her movements for a moment, and she gave a desperate little whimper. It seemed my girl wasn’t as averse to me talking dirty and giving her filthy little promises that made her wet, her slick arousal permeating the air until getting between her legs was all I could think about.

Biting back the urge to tear off her panties and thrust up within her, I instead rocked my groin into her, letting her have a taste of what could be. It tested her and she shivered, both arching her back and melting into me, pliant and needy.

And so fucking mine. The proof of that was nestled away in her belly only to pop out about 8 months from now on a shrieking cry and mixture of birthing fluids.

Something possessive, protective in me shifted, and I trailed my hands to her front, cupping her soft stomach and running my fingers over her warm skin. Her thighs parted slightly as if she was inviting me lower. Her hips did a full roll against me, pushing the air out of my lungs before I bit down hard on her earlobe. Her breathless cry at the action forced more blood to my dick, almost knocking me back with the sudden flood of excitement and need.

Pushing down the panel of her panties and seeking her wet heat, my fingers slid over slippery folds before rubbing her clit slowly, circling her until her chest was rising and falling rapidly.

“Is this what I have to look forward to with my pregnant female?” I felt I could beat my chest with how proud I sounded. Pregnant. Mine. Probably months of being horny as hell—not that I was complaining. “A tight wet cunt just ripe for the fucking.”

If I didn’t think it would get her off, I wouldn’t give her all the words I was thinking, but I felt her moisten further as her legs splayed open before she threw her left one back behind her and around my hip, drawing me closer to her until I nearly punched through my jeans with one swift thrust against her ass. My hand trembled as I went to release my cock from my jeans, pulling the zipper down on a rasp and nearly groaning with relief when the prison-like denim opened and I was able to squeeze relief into my aching shaft.

As easily as slicing through butter, I pushed her panties down her legs and gripped the base of my dick after sliding my boxers down enough to free it. With one swift thrust I was embraced by wet, quivering flesh that damn near sucked me in with its clasping heat. I continued to drive into her, whispering everything I wanted to do to her.

“I’m gonna ride your g-spot, sweetness, and you’re come hard for me until you can’t fucking stand it anymore. You hear me, little beauty? I want you squeezing my cock hard and I don’t want you to stop.”

I gripped her breast, imaging how they would get larger as the months went on. Flicking a nipple, I pinched it hard, all the breath leaving her as she whimpered. I then cupped and squeezed one as she leaned her head back against me.

Already, I could feel the tight clench of her sex squeezing me, making me pound into her harder, pushing her higher until I felt the flutter and pulse of her orgasm.

“Fuck, West! I’m—God, I’m coming!”

“I know you are, my good girl,” I ground out harshly, my teeth close to snapping against her flesh. I didn’t know what it was about knowing your woman was pregnant, but it made me want to claim every bit of her, though I thought I’d done a pretty damn good job of it already.

Forcing her to ride out her wave of bliss, I ground into her, drawing out the soft whimpers and choked breaths she was taking as she shook and shattered in my arms. I kept going, my own balls feeling heavier than lead as I continued to snap my hips deep into her, pushing her past the point of no return over and over again.

It wasn’t enough, and pretty soon she was begging—pleading—with me to come, her voice a rasp I could barely handle as her soft mewling words pushed me over the edge into oblivion.

I came. Hard. Grunting as my hips jerked against her, I felt her tangle her left leg with mine, a sinuous slither of smooth flesh against hair-dusted muscle.

Breathing into her neck as I slid out of her, I kept her close, so close, that we almost became fused as our sweat-slicked skin met and molded to the other’s. My eyelids drooped and her breathing became regular. By the time I had gotten out of bed to wipe our mess down, her breathing was even with the first hint of sleep.

After we were both clean, I pulled back up behind her and cupped one breast before dozing off with her for an afternoon nap.


As Lucy had predicted, her mother and father showed up with their brother in tow just before 4 PM the next day. Terse handshakes were given all around, hugs from Lucy to her family. I had only talked to Carver Wallace a couple of times over the phone, and the atmosphere had been a bit tense, not that I blamed him. He’d thought he had lost his daughter only to find her shacking up and mated to a man she barely knew. That had to grate on a father’s nerves.

I was sweating lightly as I offered the Carvers beverages, Lucy eagerly going off to fill their drink orders while I sat there, her family looking on me with indecision and curiosity. Only Emery, Lucy’s 15-year-old brother, seemed unaffected by the tense atmosphere and averted eyes. I had to hand it to the kid, if I had my Xbox out and dusted off, he probably would’ve been happy as a clam in front of the TV and killing off zombies or whatever crap he liked to do on the device.

Trying to break the ice with something that didn’t start out with oh, yeah, and I knocked your daughter up already, was difficult, so I turned to the youngest in the group and decided to win the parents over with questions about their son.

“Emery, have you gotten your wolf yeah?”

The kid grinned back, nodding his head before settling into the other side of couch across from me.

“Yeah, about four months ago was my first shift.”

“Like it?”

“Loved it,” he admitted. “Mom practically had to pull me by the tail to get me to come in from running around. If I wasn’t so hungry for dinner I probably would’ve put up more of a fuss.”

I nodded sagely. I remembered my first shift as well, though it was years ago. “It’s exhilarating, isn’t it? Freeing. The way your senses heighten is a bit overwhelming to some, but others find their path soon after their first shift. You know what you want to be yet?”

That’s right. I pulled the old senior citizen card. What are you gonna do with your life, kid? However, I didn’t know anything else to say, and the future was on my mind, even if it didn’t have to do with Luce and our little secret.

Emery shrugged back at me coolly, and he glanced over at his father before deciding to answer. “Pops wants me to go into medicine, but I’m thinking I might like being a warrior better.”

The older man stiffened, and Marta’s hand came down gently on the top of his knee. It was a warning and a soothing gesture all at once, and he relaxed his stance by spreading his legs and reaching over with his hand to entwine it with his mate’s.

“I thought we talked about this, son? You said you would think about going into medicine?”

With the two males talking career choices, Marta glanced over to me and smiled. “West, you and I haven’t had much of a chance to talk. Lucy said you’re a Beta. How are you handling the responsibility?”

I sighed, thankful to think about anything that wasn’t babies or the fact that Carver Wallace—a man of medicine—scared the shit out of me. I never met a girlfriend’s parents before as I didn’t date prior to meeting my first mate, and I had only known Carla’s because, as Beta, I pretty much had to know everyone in the pack. We weren’t a large one, at any rate.

“It’s been going fine as far as I know, and—”

That’s when a horrible, gut-twisting sound came from the kitchen. The nauseating sound of liquid splattering into the sink.

I closed my eyes and prayed Carver wouldn’t rip my genitals off my body for impregnating his 18-year-old daughter.

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